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Police officers kill U.S. Army war veteran with mental health issues 


War veteran saved lives; deputies investigate how no one was able to save hers


SUNRISE, Fla. - Kristen Ambury was a U.S. Army explosive ordnance specialist and an emergency medical technician. The 28-year-old war veteran also worked for the American Heart Association and was a critical care paramedic for the American Medical Response. 


She was passionate about saving lives and she also loved dogs. She died when the Sunrise Police Department could not help her Friday.


Broward Sheriffs' Office deputies said SWAT broke into her home to try to save her life. Sunrise police officers responded to the Water's Edge apartments because she was suicidal. Relatives said she appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and struggled with her mental health. 


Veda Coleman-Wright, a BSO spokeswoman, said Ambury was home alone. When police officers couldn't negotiate with her, SWAT team officers entered her home. Neighbors said there was a tense standoff and they heard five to six shots about 7:30 p.m. Ambury was pronounced dead at the scene. The Sunrise Police Department handed over the case to BSO deputies who were still investigating the incident Sunday afternoon. BSO confirmed police officers shot at Ambury. 


Ambury's death comes at a time when the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is asking for more funding. President Donald Trump appointed Dr. David Shulkin, whose father served as a U.S. Army psychiatrist, to reform the troubled VA. Veterans returning from Afghanistan, Iraq and other hostile areas of the Middle East "are not only at high risk of homelessness, but at high risk for suicide," Shulkin said during an interview with Local 10 News earlier this year. Shulkin also said he had the support of Trump to improve health services for veterans. The president signed into law new measures meant to accelerate the appeals process for disability claims, make it easier to get rid of ineffective VA employees, and improve access to emergency mental health assessments.


Women veterans are more likely to have to deal with the added trauma of sexual and physical abuse suffered during their service. Post-traumatic stress disorder patients tell horrific stories of sexual assault, and the military struggles to punish non-active duty and retired personnel responsible. 、

相对男兵而言,女兵在服役期间更容易受到性方面和身体方面的创伤。根据创伤后压力征候群(PTSD) 患者的自述,军中存在可怕的性侵犯事件,而且军队在处罚不作为和已退役的事件责任人的时候受到重重阻挠。

Sunrise police officers didn't know much about Ambury's struggles when they responded to the medical call Friday. When they couldn't help her, they got some of their best trained officers to get Ambury to leave her apartment.


Ambury's family and neighbors said they knew she was in emotional pain and was going through a tough time financially. When law enforcement arrived, Sunrise officers told BSO deputies that she was holding on to her gun, and in the end, she turned to her gun.  


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