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A pregnant woman in China committed suicide after her family denied her a C section.

中国一位孕妇在家人拒绝她剖腹产后自杀身亡 .

Under Chinese law the woman's family have to give doctors the go-ahead for a cesarean and in this case her relatives said no reports Huanqiu an affiliation with the People's Daily Online.

据人民网旗下的环球网报道 按中国法律 必须经过这位孕妇的家人同意 医生才能给孕妇做剖腹产 但是她的亲属不同意 .

The 26-year-old surnamed Ma repeatedly told her family on August 30 that she couldn't bear the pain anymore after doctors told her a natural birth would be risky.

这位26岁的马姓孕妇在8月30日被医生告知她继续自然分娩可能会有风险之后 她反复要求她的家人 她无法再承受分娩的痛苦.


Doctors had advised the 26-year-old undergo surgery as natural birth was too dangerous

Ma was admitted to Yulin No 1 Hospital on August 30.


According to doctors the fetus' large head circumference meant that a natural birth would have been risky to the health of the mother.

据医生说 胎儿的头围较大 以至于自然分娩对孕妇的健康存在风险 .

Doctors told Ma that in order to be safe she should have a caesarean section.

医生告诉孕妇 为了安全她应该接受剖腹产 .

However under Chinese law family members have to give permission before medical staff conduct the surgery.

然而根据中国的法律 医务人员在实施手术之前必须经过患者家庭成员的许可 .

Her family said no and that they would prefer a natural birth.

她的家人不同意进行剖腹产 他们更想要自然分娩 .


Chinese law: The woman's family denied her the opportunity to have a cesarean

Huo Junwei a doctor at the hospital told reporters: 'The pregnant woman twice walked out of the ward to tell her family that she wanted a cesarean because she could no longer bear the pain but the family were reluctant.'

该院医生霍军伟告诉记者 :"孕妇两次走出产房 告诉她的家人她想要剖腹产 因为她实在承受不了分娩的疼痛了 但是她的家人不同意 ."

Despite medical staffs' effort to convince the family they still did not agree to the surgery.

尽管医务人员努力说服她的家人 他们依然不同意进行剖腹产手术 .

On the afternoon of September 4 the pregnant woman fell from the 20th floor of the hospital to her death.

9月4日下午 这位孕妇从医院20楼坠下死亡 .
*原文如此 实际上是8月31日 医院5楼

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Rey Skywalker
What was wrong with that family?


This is insane! What an ignorant selfish family.

太愚蠢了! 真是无知而又自私的家人啊.

My god! Her body her baby! That archaic law needs to be banished- world wide women still not respected and continue to be persecuted. Obviously there was problem with the baby. Ignorant family. Serves them right. Prayers for young woman.

天! 那是她的身体 她的孩子! 这样过时的法律应该被取消了 在世界范围内妇女依旧得不到足够的尊重 依然在受到迫害 . 显然这个婴儿有难题了 . 无知愚昧的家庭活该如此. 为这位年轻的女性祈祷.

The FAMILY needs to give PERMISSION???????? And why on Earth would they say no???

手术需要"家人"的许可?????? 他们为什么会不同意?????

That is bizarre. At 3 weeks post-term the doctors should have been able to petition the court for an emergency C-section.

这真奇怪 . 过期妊娠3周 医生应该可以向法庭申请紧急剖腹产才对啊.



我不是专家 但是......

Poor thing excruciating pain can put people into a manic psychosis making them very desperate to find relief. It is not logical and don't judge this victim and her baby. Rather ask why an oppresive practice of family permission still takes place.

可怜人 剧痛会使人陷入狂躁 让人绝望 想寻求解脱 . 这并不是遵从常理的 别去评判这个受害者和她的孩子 . 应该质问的是需要严苛的经过家人的许可才能手术的事情为什么还会存在 .

How horrible its 2017 and people are still unable to make choices in regards to their own bodies!!

太可怕了 这都2017年了 人们依然不能在关乎自身身体的事情上由自己做出选择 !!

Admitted August 30 and still hasn't given birth by September 4?? Does China admit sooner or was she in labor the whole time? Poor woman! And baby.

8月30日住院 到了9月4日依然没有分娩?? 在中国是会更早的住院还是这么长时间她一直在临产?
*实际上是8月30日住院 8月31日坠亡 . 这里的报道写成了9月4日坠亡 .

42 weeks pregnant and the family said no? What the heck is wrong with them??

怀孕42周 他的家人竟然不同意? 他们的脑子究竟有什么毛病??


Geri Atric
What a stupid law! And what a cruel selfish family. A woman's body is not the 'property' of anyone but herself.

这法律真是愚蠢! 而且这家人也是太残忍 太自私了 . 一个女人的身体不属于任何人 独属于她自己 .

Woman's body. Woman's choice. Unless she is physically and mentally unable to decide herself she is the one who should make the decision.

女人的身体 女人自己说了算 .除非是因为她身体上和精神上的原因无法自己做出决定 否则她才是应该有权做出决定的人.

What a disgusting law made by men without any regard for women. Her family are despicable. She probably felt so unloved and desperate.

这由男人们制定的法律真是恶心透了 一点都不尊重女性 . 她的家人是可耻的 . 她可能觉得未感到丝毫的关爱 绝望至极 .

My question is why is the family allowed to decide her medical fate? Midevil medical beliefs!

我的疑问是 为什么是由家人决定她要接受的医疗 ? 简直是中世纪医生的职业信念!

General Public 4 U
She must have been very desperate.


Why would the family have a say? Was is to ensure payment? Tragic. RIP both.

为什么要经得家人的同意,是因为要确保家人支付费用吗?悲剧 . 愿母婴都能安息 .


Where is the logic in that law?


How archaic and pathetic. A woman with no choice at 26.

多么过时的法律 真可悲 . 一个女人都26岁了还无权自己做决定.

Hard to believe that in this day and age we still have countries with ridiculous laws.

难以置信 都什么时代了,还有这样的法律 .

This is so sad. I've been 42 weeks and two days pregnant. It is miserable!! Poor thing had not end in sight for the pain and discomfort! There is blood on her family's hands.

太让人伤心了 . 我经历过42个星期外加两天的孕期 . 这是很受罪的 !! 可怜 无休止的疼痛和不适! 她家人的手上沾满她的鲜血 .

That's a law that needs to be changed. If the medical professionals recommend a caesarean for the health of the mother and baby the extended family's opinion should be irrelevant.

那样的法律是应该改一改了 . 如果专业的医务人员出于母亲和婴儿的健康而建议剖腹产 那家人的意见就应该是无关紧要了.


Wth? The family gets to choose over the hospital?? That poor girl. Guess she showed them!

什么鬼? 家人有比医院更高的决定权?? 可怜的女人 . 我猜她是向他们亲身示范了!

that is one of the best/worst pixelations I have ever seen. What was the point?

这是我看到过的最好/最糟的马赛克了 . 有啥意义?

WTH? There must have been more to it than just what's been reported here..

什么鬼? 这里面一定还有事情是没有报道出来的 ..

Now they lost two people. Idiotic family.

现在他们母婴两人都失去了 . 愚蠢的家庭.

Words of reason
Archaic crap cost the lives of two.... she was 26... why should her family be able to deny her a medical procedure.


She didn't just kill herself she killed her baby too. Sadly 2 lives lost.
她不仅仅是结束了自己的生命 她同时还结束了她孩子的生命. 为逝去的两条生命悲哀 .
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