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The Navy Now Has a New Way to Kill Russian, Chinese or North Korean Submarines


The National Interest•November 26, 2017
Kris Osborn


Kris Osborn


A better torpedo


The Navy Now Has a New Way to Kill Russian, Chinese or North Korean Submarines


Lockheed will deliver about 250 torpedoes over the next five years. The Mk 48, which is a heavy weapon launched under the surface, is quite different than surface launched, lightweight Mk 54 torpedo fired from helicopters, aircraft and surface ships. The Navy’s Mk 48 torpedo is also in service with Australia, Canada, Brazil and The Netherlands. A Mk 48 torpedo is 21 inches in diameter and weighs 3,520 pounds; it can destroy targets at ranges out to five miles and travels at speeds greater than 28 knots. The weapon can operate at depths greater than 1,200 feet and fires a 650-pound high-explosive warhead.

洛克希德公司将在未来的5年内交付约250枚鱼雷。Mk48鱼雷(Mk48鱼雷为美国早期研制,70年代装备美军。洛克希德·马丁公司于2015年开始对鱼雷称升级改造),它是一种从水下发射的一种重型武器,它与从直升机、战机和水面舰艇发射的轻量级的Mk 54鱼雷截然不同。海军的MK 48鱼雷也在澳大利亚、加拿大、巴西和荷兰的海军服役。一枚MK 48鱼雷直径为21英寸,重3520磅;它可以摧毁五英里范围内目标,并以28节以上的速度行进。这种武器可以在大于1200英尺的深度工作,并装备一颗650磅的高爆弹头。

The U.S. Navy is now engineering a new, longer range and more lethal submarine-launched heavyweight Mk 48 that can better destroy enemy ships, subs and incoming weapons at longer ranges, service officials said.

美国海国现在正在装备一种新的,更远射程更致命潜射重量级武器Mk 48,它能更好的毁灭敌方的船只,潜艇和更大范围内的来袭武器,服役部门表示。

Many details of the new weapon, which include newer propulsion mechanisms and multiple kinds of warheads, are secret and not publically available. However, senior Navy leaders have previously talked to Scout Warrior about the development of the weapon in a general sense.

这种新武器的许多细节,包括新的推进机制和多种弹头,是保密未公开的。然而,高级海军将领之前曾与Scout Warrior(美国一军事网站)就这种武器的开发进行过一般意义上的交谈。

Naturally, having a functional and more high-tech lethal torpedo affords the Navy an opportunity to hit enemies at further standoff ranges and better compete with more fully emerging undersea rivals such as Russia and China.


Progress with new torpedo technologies is happening alongside a concurrent effort to upgrade the existing arsenal and re-start production of the Mk 48, which had been on hiatus for several years.


Navy officials did add that some of the improvements to the torpedo relate to letting more water into the bottom of the torpedo as opposed to letting air out the top.


The earlier version, the Mk 48 Mod 6, has been operational since 1997 – and the more recent Mod 7 has been in service since 2006.

在早期的版本中,Mk 48 Mod 6鱼雷从1997年就开始装备 - 而最近的Mod 7自2006年开始服役。

Lockheed has been working on upgrades to the Mk 48 torpedo Mod 6 and Mod 7 – which consists of adjustments to the guidance control box, broadband sonar acoustic receiver and amplifier components.

洛克希德已经开始了对MK 48鱼雷的Mod 6和Mod 7型升级工作,其工作包含调整制导控制箱,宽频声呐接收机和放大器组件。

Lockheed developers told Scout Warrior last year that Lockheed is now delivering 20-upgrade kits per month to the Navy.

洛克希德开发者去年告诉Scout Warrior网站,洛克希德公司现在每个月交付20个升级包给美国海军。

Part of the effort, which involves a five-year deal between the Navy and Lockheed, includes upgrading existing Mod 6 torpedoes to Mod 7 as well as buying brand new Mod 7 guidance control sections.

其中部分工作,涉及海军和洛克希德公司之间一个5年的交易,包括升级现有的Mod 6型鱼雷到Mod 7型,以及购买全新的Mod 7制导控制部件。

The new Mod 7 is also resistant to advanced enemy countermeasures.
Modifications to the weapon improves the acoustic receiver, replaces the guidance-and-control hardware with updated technology, increases memory, and improves processor throughput to handle the expanded software demands required to improve torpedo performance against evolving threats, according to Navy information on the weapon.

这种新的Mod 型鱼雷也是对抗先进的敌人的对策。对武器的修改改进了声呐接收机,使用升级的技术更换了制导和控制硬件,增加了内存,提高了处理器吞吐量,来而扩大的软件需求,最终提高鱼雷的性能以应对不断变化的威胁。据海军有关武器的信息描述。

The Mod also provides a significant reduction in torpedo radiated-noise signatures, a Navy statement said.


Alongside Lockheed’s work to upgrade the guidance technology on the torpedo, the Navy is also preparing to to build new Mk 48s.

随着洛克希德升级鱼雷的制导技术的工作,海军也准备建造新的 Mk 48。

Upgrades to the guidance control section in includes the integration of a system called Common Broadband Advanced Sonar System, or CBASS – electronics to go into the nose of the weapon as part of the guidance section, Lockheed developers explained.


This technology provides streamlined targeting and allows the torpedo to transmit and receive over a wider frequency band, Lockheed engineers said.
The new technology involves adjustments to the electronic circuitry in order to make the acoustic signals that are received from the system that allow the torpedo to better operate in its undersea environment.
Upgrades also consist of movement to what’s called an “Otto fuel propulsion system,” Lockheed officials added.


This first appeared in Scout Warrior here .

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