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Pakistan’s Air Force (PAF) commander has reportedly ordered to take down drones violating the country’s sovereignty, including that of the US.


Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman also recalled a historic breach of trust incident over a batch of US-made F-16's which Pakistan paid for, but never received. The jabs against America, a key ally, came Thursday in a speech Aman delivered at a ceremony of aviation students gathered in Islamabad. The top military official praised Pakistan’s air prowess, saying their forces are prepared to defend sovereignty of the country.


“We committed a mistake in Osama bin Laden's case but now the country’s sovereignty will be protected at all costs,” he told an audience at the AirTech 17 expo at the Air University. Aman was referring to the CIA-led US commando raid in May 2011, which involved a cross-border flight of Black Hawk helicopters from Jalalabad, Afghanistan to Abbottabad, Pakistan. The Pakistanis were not informed about the planned assassination beforehand, which sparked outrage in the country.

“我们在奥萨马本拉登事件中犯了错,现在(我们)将不惜一切代价保卫这个国家的主权。”他在空军大学的AirTech 17博览会上对听众说。Aman指的是2011年5月美国CIA主导的突袭行动,其中包括从阿富汗贾拉拉巴德起飞的一架黑鹰直升机从阿富汗(闯入)到巴基斯坦的阿巴阿巴德。巴基斯坦人事先没有被告知事先策划的暗杀行动,这在巴基斯坦激起了愤怒。

“We will not allow anyone to violate our airspace,” Aman said as cited by The Times of India, adding, that he has ordered the PAF “to shoot down drones, including those of the US, if they enter our airspace, violating the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity.”


The US flies drone missions over Pakistan and conducts airstrikes on suspected militants in the turbulent tribal area on the border with Afghanistan. The practice has prompted outrage amongst Pakistanis because of the high death toll it effects on civilians.


Aman praised Pakistan’s aviation engineers and scientists, saying their expertise and brilliance means the country need not depend on foreign suppliers for military aircraft. He recalled the issue of the cancelled delivery of US-made F-16 fighter jets, for which Pakistan already paid a multi-million dollar down payment.


The episode illustrates the bumpy history of relations between Islamabad and Washington. In the ‘80s, the US needed Pakistani assistance to undermine Soviet troops in Afghanistan, pouring billions of dollars in cash and military aid into an “anti-Soviet jihad.”


This, however, conflicted with US non-proliferation goals, since Pakistan was actively working on producing a nuclear weapon to counter arch-rival India’s newly acquired nuclear capability. US law prohibits providing any aid to a potential nuclear proliferator, so in order to keep Pakistan on its good side, a stop-gap solution was introduced – the 1985 Pressler Amendment.


Named after US Senator Larry Pressler, the legislation enabled a US president to certify to Congress that Pakistan was not developing nuclear weapons, and thus qualified for aid. The administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush did so for five years, despite intelligence to the contrary.


But in 1990, USSR troops were no longer in Afghanistan, and Pakistan’s value diminished in Washington. The non-proliferation sanctions then kicked into force, putting a stop to the ongoing deal to deliver 28 F-16’s to the PAF. Pakistan was not only denied the planes, for which it paid Lockheed Martin over $650 million, but also audaciously slapped with a $50,000 per month storage fee. Ironically, the annual payments to the US defense contractor for the withheld jets continued until 1993, as Pentagon officials were telling the Pakistanis that the warplanes would eventually be delivered.


The F-16’s eventually went to New Zealand while Pakistan and the US settled the dispute under Bill Clinton’s presidency, albeit via a partial compensation. In Pakistan, the story is perceived by many as a national humiliation, and an example as to why the Americans cannot be trusted. Denied the American fighter jets, Islamabad relied on China to develop a replacement, the CAC/PAC JF-17 Thunder, which has been produced in both countries since the mid-2000s.

美国的F-16战机最终进入了新西兰,而巴基斯坦和美国在比尔克林顿总统的任期内解决了这一争端,尽管是通过部分赔偿。在巴基斯坦,很多人认为这件事是国家的耻辱,也是为什么美国人不值得信任的一个佐证。由于(采购)美国战斗机被拒绝,伊斯兰堡方面依靠中国来开发替代品,即CAC/PAC JF-17 Thunder,自2000年代中期以来,一直在这两个国家生产。

Chief Marshal Aman praised the JF-17 corroboration as testament to Pakistan’s technological capabilities, saying the aircraft is superior to the F-16 “in all regards”. He added that the PAF will soon produce a 5th generation warplane under Project Azm, and announced developments in a national space program and potential joint space exploration with China.


The anti-American tinted speech by Pakistan’s senior military commander comes amid a period of tense relations between Islamabad and Washington. President Donald Trump harshly criticized Pakistan in August as he was announcing his administration’s new strategy for Afghanistan. The accusations fueled Pakistani sentiment that Washington cannot be relied upon.


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The truth
My God, this is the best decision made by pakistan. The USA can never be trusted.


PAkistan should cut relations with US. You cannot allow US drones to butcher innocent pakistanis whenever there is wedding and gathering or anything moving on the ground.


Trump has yet to understand that the US has now lit a fuse that will destroy trade and diplomatic relations across all of Asia & the middle east. The US will go down with its twisted ally Israel


I sure hope that the CIA agents with a healthy conscience are reading this site's articles and commentaries


Pentagon be like: The Pakistanis have let us down, start trouble in Kashmir asap.
there has been 70+ years of pakistans human garbage flooding to europe as it is, leeching off welfare. no need to flush anymore of those rats here


Careful Pakistan - or you will be "regime changed". More to the point, the USA is desperate to get India out of BRICS. Going after Pakistan maybe India's pre-condition.


Too late for that. The beast is mortally wounded, cornered but furious, yet it`s still losing blood and strength. Plundering wars like that against Iraq are over. Punishing wars like on Vietnam are also over and so purely bragging wars like the invasions of Panama and Granada. All what they have left is their bluster and their puffing and huffing..


What you forget is the most dangerous animal is a wounded one , they can be truly unpredictable  but with no drones hunting the place will be a magnet for bad people with bad intent where is that going to lead ?


India and Pakistan need to talk and create second Asian power together.


too late
Too bad for pakistani lackeys who choose vvhoring for the CIA instead of respecting Soviet greatness. Uncle Sam is not getting out of there anytime soon.


Very well said. No one remember when Regan was welcoming the Taliban at white house and Pakistan in bed with US. Search Bhadabher Peshawar first US base against USSR


bUT Obama  had a room at the White House for muslim prayer


In a time of universal deception, a word of truth is a revolutionary act. Only unity can enable us save this planet from dark forces.
It's time we stand against the great evil USA.


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