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Why can't just ASEAN nations merge into one country and fight China and plus if they won the war, the South China Sea oil reserve could be distributed with the members states?


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Rinat Abdekadir, I'm a Kazakh-Chinese who was born in Xinjiang.
Answered Nov 26
A lot of people tend to have a lot of misconceptions about the whole South China Sea disputes and China’s relations with ASEAN in the first place. Most Westerners I know tend to have this incredibly naive view that “all Southeast Asians hate China and love US cuz China big evil commie empire” and all that jazz. The truth is inter-ASEAN relations are not actually that good.


For example, Vietnam and the Philippines seem to be united against China. But how united are they actually? Both the Vietnamese and the Filipino’s have conflicting claims amongst themselves. Vietnam and the Philippines claims the entirety of the Spratly islands, the dispute just doesn’t get as much coverage in the west because of the whole image of “China big evil commie empire”.


In fact, the Philippines actually once protested against the Vietnamese with China when they claimed the Vietnamese violated an earlier agreement to not disrupt the status quo in May 2009. This sort of under the rug competition between the Vietnamese and the Filipinos is swept under the rug precisely because China is so much more powerful than the two.


Then there is Cambodia and Vietnam, oh boy.Cambodians absolutely despise Vietnam, during the 17th and 18th centuries the Vietnamese progressively marched Southward from the North and colonized huge swathes of Cambodian territory in the Mekong delta. This was also combined with the fact that today Cambodians within Vietnam are also discriminated and marginalized, many Cambodians still feel a great deal of resentment towards Vietnam because of this. Cambodia as a result is the most pro-China country in ASEAN, Vietnam and Cambodia also have some minor border disputes that would never really be a big deal if it weren’t for the bad history these two have had.


Then there is Laos and Vietnam.Laotians also hold a grudge against Vietnam, during the Vietnam war the Vietnamese helped overthrow the non-communist government of Laos, leading to Laos becoming a satellite state of Vietnam for a long time. Vietnam also unilaterally occupied huge swathes of Laotian territory in order to transport soldiers to the south during the Vietnam war, this led to the US bombing and mining these areas heavily which causes death even today. Suffice to say, Laotians don’t have a good opinion of Vietnam. Laos is also a pro-China state in ASEAN.


The truth is, it’s not China vs ASEAN, it’s everyone vs. everyone.
The Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, ROC all dispute the Spratly’s, the only reason why ASEAN seems “united” against China is because China is just so much
larger than all others. If China just suddenly decided to leave the Spratly’s all of these countries would begin fighting amongst each other, it’s a simple principle of economics called the “Tragedy of the commons”.
Also there is the issue with ASEAN countries which are not party to the SCS disputes, but I will assume you didn’t actually mean to ask about them.
Basically, ASEAN is too fragmented with differing interests, territorial disputes amongst themselves and different histories to ever unite against China.


Chen Xu,Answered Nov 26
The fact is, before the disputes, ASEAN countries were building oil drilling platforms in SEA, even more than China’s, and this was part of the agreement they made with China.
The problem is, when Obama decided to “pivot to Asia”, they think they can get more because they had a big stick in their master’s hand, they refused to let China to get the fair share.
Now it seems that Trump doesn’t have too much interest to continue Obama’s policy, ASEAN countries realized that the big stick is no more, so they came around to support the status quo.What a farce.


Shen Hui, lived in China
Answered Nov 28
As a Chinese, I welcome such an idea. I think it’s a faster way to solve the South China Sea dispute without us bearing any moral burden.
China is, without doubt, the single most underestimated country militarily. Even without using nuclear weapons, China can easily defeat the ASEAN countries, Japan and Korea combined.
ASEAN countries should be glad that Mr. Duterte, rather than Aquino III is president of the Philippines, and that Vietnam also has a more pro-China government now. Trust me when I say that they are doing all they can to protect your national interests.


Erri Wibowo, worked at Banks,Answered Nov 25
They tried once. Against Kubilai Khan. The kings family married each other.
New military alliance in ASEAN will be much harder to be formed. No single religion, no single lnguage, competing each other in terms of economy.


C. Michel de Wilde, Know general history of China. I am an overseas Chinese after all.
Answered Nov 25
It’s a false assumption that every ASEAN members want to fight with china. not really, China has been a benevolent economic hegemon in the south east asia and unlike united states, it has not bombed other nations.Yes, south china sea is a big security issue here, but China will always look for a win-win solution ASEAN countries don’t wish any war in south eas asia since we are prospering economically. sure there have been diplomatic hiccups here and there, there are geopolitics of pro vs anti china in ASEAN countries, but we do much better than countries in middle east (where the individual country must choose between Saudi or Iran instead of co-existing together through trade)


Daniel Chew,Answered Nov 25
And if we lose the war?I agree with the merger. Good idea. Let’s do it.
Fighting China though, is a dumb idea. If the Americans wants to fight China, they can do it themselves. Nobody else is going to be doing the fighting and dying for them. Does OP even have any idea how much trade is going on between the countries here with China? America is not the only country that China trades with.


Gregg Gray, former MSgt at U.S. Air Force,Answered Nov 25
Because they have neither the manpower, money, or equipment to fight China. The disadvantages they would be at cannot be overcome.


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