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If Mongolia goes to war with China, which side would win?


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Julian Weiss, Just a teenager who would like to know as much as he can.
Obviously the mighty Mongolian Empire will crush any Chinese nation that dares to threaten their superiority out of raw fear alone. Even if China does have literally a billion more people, nukes and one of the largest economies on earth, the Khanate shall just resurrect itself to its former glory, crush China, invade with the Adgacarion weapons they have been horde-ing, Annihilate Russia, and then spread through the world and then the multiverse, expanding at a speed infinitely quicker than the Universes expansion, finally claiming the existence they always controlled for Mongolia once again.
Its the only sensible possibility.


Johnny Yu, studied at University of New South Wales
Mongols always win. You think america is the worlds superpower. That’s only because Mongolia lets them be a superpower. Mongolia is in charge, the rest of us are simply allowed to exist.


Ernesto Hunziker, 學生 (Studnets) at Xiamen International School
Mongolia, Mongolians have the strongest navy in the world right below the United States, Despite slightly being outnumbered by the Chinese, they'll breach China’s defense system in no time, since It is quite old and it’s been treated as a world heritage.


Rexx Shelton, Sargent of Arms at Marine Corps League (1973-present)
Mongolia has a herding and resource-centered economy based on agriculture and livestock. They also have extensive mineral deposits: copper, coal, molybdenum, but are heavily dependent on China to operate the mines and buy the minerals. Its current population is just over 3 million. China, on the other hand, has a current population of about 1,411,860,550, and has the world's second largest economy.


Obviously you know nothing of the two countries to have any doubt about the answer to your question. China!


Lan Yenchiu, Chinese
The USA and its allies! Mongolia is currently not an annexed territory of People’s Republic of China ONLY because of the Soviet Union (now Russia) which prefers keeping Mongolia in its own sphere of interest. China and Russia are otherwise deadly enemies (especially since the Tsarist Russia annexed vast areas from the Manzhu Empire), but right now they are pretending to be Best Buddies because both of them have a shared common enemy: USA. A Chinese military attack on Mongolia would immediately destroy the delicate diplomatic balance between China and Russia, and this is exactly the greatest interest of the USA. So, of such a war, the USA will be the single winner.

美国及其盟友 !   蒙古目前不是中华人民共和国的附属领土,只是因为苏联(现在是俄罗斯)更愿意把蒙古保持在自己的利益范围内。中国和俄罗斯是死敌(特别是在沙皇俄国吞并了满清帝国的大片领土之后),但现在他们假装是最好的伙伴,因为他们都有共同的敌人:美国。中国对蒙古的军事打击将立即摧毁中国与俄罗斯之间微妙的外交平衡,这正是美国最大的利益所在。因此,在这样一场战争中,美国将是唯一的赢家。

Asthana Dev
Sadly, Mongolia. Russia has diplomatic relations with Mongolia but it also has them with China. For the larger purposes of its own, Russia needs China. It doesn’t really need Mongolia other than a buffer between the two countries. So Russia is not going to come to Mongolia’s help. It will stop China from occupying the territory right upto Russian border but other than that, I am sorry to say Mongolia would be fair game. I don’t think any other countries would be running to help Mongolia either.


Liang Xiao
Most of the Mongolian people are Chinese.
The state of Mongolia has only two neighbouring countries.
Both of the two neighbouring countries are strong and friendly to Mongolia.
So Mongolia is one of the safest countries in the world.
No country can invade Mongolia.
The arms of the Mongolia army are relatively backward.
But the Mongols have a militant tradition, and there are a lot of reserve service in Mongolia.
They are geniuses in guerrilla warfare.
Because the population is too small, they can only be a very strong small country.


Haochen Xie
People are just fooling around with their answers to this question. Let me point out one fact: there are approximately eight to nine million mongols on this planet and six million of them are living in China as Chinese citizens. Only two million mongols live in Mongolia and over 90% of them live in the capital.
Also there’s zero chance there will be a war between China and Mongolia unless there’s a power like Russia backs up Mongolia


Marcus Lim
This should be a tough question. If during the ancient times, China might have lost the war due to highly corrupt country and their empire haven’t expend to the higher level. By today economists, China will defeating Mongolian single handle with nuclear warhead and their high flying aircraft.


VamsiKrishna Neelam
Do you think Chinggis khan Soul is still roaming in Mongolia


Then what about his descendants.


Since they have Chinggis DNA they may be as poweful as him


In short China can never win the heart of Chinggis khan even though they invade to the maximum.


Toma? Vargazon
The last couple of times Mongolia won. China even built a huge wall just to keep them out and even that didn't work.
It's one of the cases where history is unlikely to repeat itself anytime soon though.


Kaarthik S
Without allies China would win .
If you include allies then china would loose because US is willing to support any country againts china .
Even india , vietnam , taiwan would support mongolia .


Edison Wu, PH.D from Baruch College
Mongolia will win for sure. Mongolia had been hiding its navy from the world since the beginning of time. Legend says that Mongolia had alien technology before the existence of civilization.
Mongolia can simply wipe out any countries in the world
   1. they have technology surpassing mankind by 1,000 years.
    2.Mongolia had time traveling machine
   3. Mongolia are extraterrestrial vacationing on earth pretending to be typical human

    1. 他们的技术已经超过人类1000年了。
    3. 蒙古是地球上的天外来客,伪装成普通人类。

Mingtao Li, Agent at Strategic Fooyou Agency(华裔富人友谊市场战略协会)
Easy! It would be Mongolia!
We know how powerful their navy is!


The moment that we see THIS monstrosity coming, we, the evil commie Chinese, will surely bow down to our new (old) Mongol overlords!
And I, for one, welcome them!
Heil Chingghis Khan! Heil the Great Mongol Khanate!


Stoyan Shentov
Of course Mongolia would win.
That’s beyond doubt, and I think you shouldn’t ask such rhetorical questions on Quora.
The victory won’t be a landslide however, since there’s one great obstacle in front of the mighty Mongolian army, and that’s …… the wall. Unlike Donald Trump, Chinese did built a wall, but that didn’t stop the mighty Mongol horde entering at the end of the day.
They still keep the know-how of breaking in despite of the wall, and this time they are gonna use it. Of course, the reason why they broke in the first time was because the wall was made in China, and thus of suspicious quality, like all other consumer goods.
In addition to the mighty Mongolian navy, everybody knows that Mongols outnumber Chinese, and after the invasion, Chinese may not have enough resources and infrastructure to support the occupation forces, and might collapse, bringing down USA with them, because Americans count on Chinese to produce economy and keep their dollar valuable.
So when mighty Khanate overcomes the only obstacle aka “the wall”, America immediately gets devastated, and Arabs pissed off because they sell their oil for worthless dollars, there’ll be nobody to support them, and Russians will grasp their only chance of dominating the energy (oil) industry, and nuke the Middle East thus turning it into a giant glass crater.
But not before the pissed off Arabs get around Israel and level it to the ground. Without USA to protect them,
Of course, Russians take over Alaska, as their legitimate land, and why stop there? They get all the way to Texas and New Mexico. And by that time Donald Trump will already have built the wall, and Russians not having the Mongol know-how will finally stop there.
Europe will then become Russian puppets instead of American, and most probably won’t even notice the change of the higher power.
Mongols will then turn to Russia, and Russians being drunk won’t notice they’re coming once again will get caught unprepared, and fall to Mongols. After all, they might have fought off Hitler and Napoleon, but Mighty Mongols? Nah, they lost their country once, they’ll do it second time. But this time with Middle East and North America included in the package.
Other parts of the world will fall into neocolonialism having no other choice.
What will be the only country that will stand firm against all attempts of conquering it, and remain free?
Stoyan Shentov

毫无疑问,俄罗斯人会占领阿拉斯加,作为他们的合法土地,干嘛要停下?  他们会一直扑到德州和新墨西哥州。到那时,唐纳德特朗普已经建好了他的墙,而俄罗斯人没有掌握蒙古人的(破墙)“诀窍”,最终只能止步于此。

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