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China conducts 'island encirclement' patrols near Taiwan


BEIJING: China's air force has conducted more "island encirclement patrols" near Taiwan, its military said on Tuesday, after a senior Chinese diplomat threatened that China would invade the self-ruled island if any US warships made port visits there.


China considers Taiwan to be a wayward province and has never renounced the use of force to bring it under its control.


Numerous Chinese fighter jets, bombers and surveillance aircraft conducted "routine" and "planned" distant sea patrols on Monday to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, Air Force spokesman Shen Jinke said on the military branch's microblog.


H-6K bombers, Su-30 and J-11 fighter jets, and surveillance, alert and refuelling aircraft flew over the Miyako Strait in Japan's south and the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines to "test real combat capabilities", Shen said.


Taiwan Defence Minister Feng Shih-kuan said in a statement they had dispatched aircraft and ships to monitor the activity of the Chinese military and that the drills were not unusual and people should not be alarmed.

台湾国防部长冯世宽(Feng shih - kuan)在一份声明中说,他们已派遣飞机和船只来监视中国军方的活动,而且演习并不少见,人们不应感到惊慌。

China has conducted numerous similar patrols near Taiwan this year, saying such practices have been normalised as it presses ahead with a military modernisation programme that includes building aircraft carriers and stealth fighters to give it the ability to project power far from its shores.


Beijing regularly calls Taiwan the most sensitive and important issue between it and the United States. Taiwan is well armed, mostly with U.S. weaponry, but has been pressing Washington to sell it more high-tech equipment to better deter China.


In September, the U.S. Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act for the 2018 fiscal year, which authorises mutual visits by navy vessels between Taiwan and the United States.


Chinese diplomat said last week that China would invade Taiwan the instant any U.S. navy vessel visited Taiwan.


China suspects Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, who leads the independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party, wants to declare the island's formal independence. Tsai says she wants to maintain peace with China but will defend Taiwan's security.

中国怀疑台湾总统蔡英文(Tsai ing - wen),有台独倾向的民进党领导人,想要宣布台湾的正式独立。蔡英文表示,她希望与中国保持和平,但将捍卫台湾的安全。

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brainuser69 with brain
I am looking forward to the day China enforces its right on Arunachal. I will have Chinese passport then. Really looking forward to the day.


Nothing new. China is a well known bully and has a history of land grabbing!


andy jorgensen
This aggression should not be allowed to go unchallenged, and I am positive that Trump and Taiwan would not allow it to go unchallenged. The US-Taiwan treaty allows for the US to defend the integrity of Taiwan. Given half a chance, China would squat on Taiwan, just as they have taken over maritime trade in the South China Seas. Limpdik Xi feels empowered after his sham election which is even more fixed than the election of Rahul Gandhi to the Presidentship of the Congress. It is time Trump cuts him down to size.

这种侵略不应被允许不受挑战,我肯定,特朗普和台湾不会让它不受挑战。美台条约允许美国捍卫台湾的完整性。只要有一半的机会,中国就会阻止台湾,就像他们在南中国海(South China sea,中国称南海)上接管海上贸易一样。在他的假选举之后,他感觉自己被赋予了权力,这比拉胡尔·甘地当选国会主席更加稳固。现在是特朗普削减他的规模的时候了。

seems there will be a WW3 soon , and after that china will break up like USSR


In the face of China''s all-out efforts to contain and repress Taiwan, the government should vigorously inform the international community that democratization of the Chinese people will bring security and peace to the world and that Taiwan is the one entity best suited to bring about democratization of the Chinese people. It is imperative for the world''s democracies to support Taiwan in formulating and applying the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development.


Justice For All

I don''t understand, why in the past, US helped Pakistan into going nuclear against India, when it could have helped Taiwan doing so against China !!!


Saibaba Thadiboyina
Entire world must know what China is doing.
China suspects Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, who leads the independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party, wants to declare the island's formal independence. Tsai says she wants to maintain peace with China but will defend Taiwan's security.

中国怀疑台湾总统蔡英文(Tsai ing - wen),有台独倾向的民进党领导人,想要宣布台湾的正式独立。蔡英文表示,她希望与中国保持和平,但将捍卫台湾的安全。

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