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A Texas man was sentenced to 52 years in prison on Friday after he admitted to decapitating his wife in front of her children.


David Dauzat 24 pleaded guilty to the 2016 death of his wife Natasha Dauzat 21 who was found with dozens of stab wounds. Dauzat agreed to the plea deal after Natasha’s family requested it to prevent the children from reliving the horrifying incident if the case went to trial KWTX reported.

24岁的大卫·道扎特(David Dauzat)认罪了,他承认于2016年杀死了自己的妻子——21岁的娜塔莎·道扎特,她尸首上有数十处刀伤。据KWTX报道,娜塔莎的家人要求,如果案件开庭审理的话,不能让孩子们参加,以免他们再回想经历这起可怕的事件,道扎特是在这之后同意认罪的。

“They didn’t want to put the children through a trial and have them relive those memories” McLennan County Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett said.


Police went to the couple’s mobile home in Bellmead a town just northwest of Waco in August 2016 after a concerned relative requested a welfare check. Police officers spoke to David and Natasha Dauzat outside their trailer who appeared “calm and expressed their curiosity why the police were there.”


But two hours later the relative called police again saying he received a call from David Dauzat who told him he “killed his girlfriend” according to KWTX.


Police found Dauzat with blood on his clothing at the trailer. Dauzat had beheaded his wife while the two children ages 1 and 2 were in the trailer. He then placed her head in the freezer.


The children were not injured in the incident.


Police said the woman died from “sharp-force injuries including decapitation.”


Dauzat must serve at least 26 years of his sentence before he is eligible for parole.


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avid5 hours ago
how is this guy not gotten the death penalty?


Us4 hours ago
Jeez what would he have to do to get a full life sentence? The kids were 1 and 2 it is ridiculous to say they settled for this sentence to spare the kids from "reliving the memories in court." If he serves the 26 required years a maniac is going to be turned loose at age 50.


Kino5 hours ago
How the hell do they come up with 52 years for cutting off someone's head?! How about life or better yet save the tax payers and cut off his head instead!


HANA6 hours ago
The babies were 1 and 2 at the time. The lawyers should have been prevented from calling babies and went ahead and given him the death penalty. He would be under 50 at earliest released free to kill again.


Michael6 hours ago
I don't even have words. Poor woman poor innocent kids.


Saighdiuir4 hours ago
I've always believed in the Constitution and the part where it prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. That being said.... Sometimes I wish we could order painful cruel punishment for certain offenses. This guy needs to be dropped into a wood chipper.



Willy5 hours ago
He just needs to die forget parole.


tickdrickle5 hours ago
Poor kids. The cops should have just shot him.


Gork6 hours ago
Sometimes there needs to be an incentive in a prison for some people to just be left alone with a real bad guy in the shower.


richard t6 hours ago
How do you not get the death penalty in Texas when you behead your wife in front of your children?


O.J. Simpson6 hours ago
In the old days of the wild wild west this dirt bag would have been hauled to the judge immediately. He would have been told to be seated while the judge read the materials. The judge would have looked at the defendant and simply said "Guilty." He then would look over at the officers of the court and say "Hang him high." He would then be taken out back that afternoon and put up on the gallows. The public would have been invited to attend. Then the executioner puts the rope around the neck. A few moments later out the support from underneath the defendant is pulled out from below. He hangs high and swings in the wind for all to see. No deal no appeal. Just pure justice.


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