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China will overtake the US economy in 15 YEARS and India will leapfrogthe UK and France in 2018, global report says


· China will be the world's no 1 economy by 2032, ahead ofthe U.S.

· 中国将在2032年超过美国成为全球第一大经济体

· This is one year slower than previously expected, but'Trump-effect' less severe

· 这比之前预测的慢了一年,但“特朗普效应”不那么严重

· Report also showed that India will be ahead of UK andFrance next year

· 报告还显示印度将在明年领先英国和法国

China islikely to overtake the United States as the world's No.1 economy in 2032, andIndia will be leaping ahead of both the UK and France bythe end of next year, a new report shows.
The Centre for Economics and BusinessResearch (CEBR) consultancy's annual World Economic League Table put India infifth place, before France in sixth and the UK in seventh in 2018.
However, come 2032, India will be innumber three, Japan in number four, Germany in fifth and Brazil in sixth.


Previous reports had shown that Chinawould take the top spot by 2031, but the predicted negative impact on the U.S. economy of President Trump hasbeen 'less severe' than expected, CEBR said.


'Becausethe impact of President Trump on trade has been less severe than expected, theUSA will retain its global crown a year longer than we anticipated in the lastreport,' the report said.
India's ascent is part of a trend thatwill see Asian economies increasingly dominate the top 10 largest economiesover the next 15 years.


'Despite temporary setbacks ... India's economy has still caught up with thatof France and the UK and in 2018 will have overtaken them both to become theworld's fifth largest economy in dollar terms,' said Douglas McWilliams, CEBRdeputy chairman.

CEBR副主席道格拉斯·威廉姆斯说 “尽管由于暂时的挫折……以美元计算,印度仍将在2018年赶上英法成为世界第5大经济体.”

McWilliams said India's growth had beenslowed by restrictions on high-value banknotes and a new sales tax, a viewshared by economists polled by Reuters.


While Britain looks set to lag behindFrance over the next couple of years, Cebr predicted that Brexit's effects onBritain's economy will be less than feared, allowing it to overtake Franceagain in 2020.


Russia was vulnerable to low oil prices and too reliant on the energy sector,and looked likely to fall to 17th place among the world's largest economies by2032, from 11th now.


Oliver Kolodseike, senior economist andreport co-author, said: 'The interesting trend emerging is that by 2032 five ofthe ten largest economies will be in Asia while European economies arefallingdown the ranking and the USA loses its top spot.

资深经济学家、报告合作者Oliver Kolodseike说“有趣的趋势是,到2032年,全球10大经济体中有5个在亚洲,而欧洲将会减少,美国失去榜首的位置.”

'Technology and urbanisation will beimportant factors transforming the world economy over the next 15 years.'


A Reuters poll of economists in lateOctober suggested global economic growth in 2018 looks likely to quickenslightly to 3.6 percent from 3.5 percent this year - with risks to thatforecast lying on the upside.


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Dom Deluise, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago
If India overtake the UK will that mean wewill get overseas aid from them??????


Bloke in the Pub, RichSafeFairUK, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago
Are we still sending aid to china andIndia !!!!


Dirk Bruere, Bedford, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago
If you look at purchasing power parity(PPP) instead of artificially set exchange rates India is already well ahead ofthe UK and China is number one by a significant margin. PPP measues the realeconomic capability of a nation.


Abu Donner Al Kabab, New Sofa., Heard Island And McDonaldIslands, 18 hours ago
Haven't they aided you enough in the lastcentury?


smellmet, Goole, United Kingdom, 17 hours ago
We'll probably end up giving them moreknowing this backwards country.


Corona, Somewhere in the, United Kingdom, 17 hours ago
While UK aid provides Indians with basicsanitation and toilets their government spends its money on nuclear weapons,space programs and aircraft carriers. But don't blame India, blame our liberalelite politicians who hate this country, and it's people, with a passion. Ifthe situation is to change we need to get rid of the Lib/Lab/Cons.


RollsReus, London, United Kingdom, 17 hours ago
No, because India is not run by idiots.People have no idea how ridiculous the British government looks in the eyes ofother countries. Shambolic.


gary, London, United Kingdom, 16 hours ago
In the worst of the banking crisis in UKfew years back, India was not affected at all.


Nooky Bear, An Ice Berg, Antarctica, 15 hours ago
@Dirk Bruere UK GDP per capita (PPP)approx £42,000, India GDP per capita (PPP) £7,000. I know where I'd prefer tolive this year, next year and for the next 50 years and it ain't India. Thiscountry is bad and getting worse but its a long way off India and its 1.35billion rapidly population growing.

@DirkBruere 英国人均国内生产总值(购买力平价)约£42000年,印度的人均国内生产总值(购买力平价)£7000。我愿意在今年、明年和接下来的50年里在英国生活,而不是印度。这个国家很糟糕而且情况越来越糟,但不是印度能比的,印度13.5亿人口还在快速增长。

mike_Conner, Cincinnati, United States, 15 hours ago
Its money paid for spying, convert peopleto Christianity and other subversive efforts. Wait till India gets rich enoughand such "aid" will flow to UK too....


jake, fl, United States, 14 hours ago
Let us not forget all the aid (looting)done to India for 200 years.


cov72, coventry, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago
People don't realise that India had thebiggest GDP in the world before it was taken over by Britain and looted. The UKalso stopped traditional aid to India in 2015.


lady_with_a_bow, Blue planet, 印度, 11 hours ago
@Dom Deuise: Ignorance is bliss! PhoneyBrits like you make my blood boil. Your stupid country was a barren waste land.Where does the wealth came from? Pillaging my country and burning it to theground. Shame on you


paul, dublin, Ireland, 19 hours ago
If China and India are going to to ascendthen perhaps they should be the ones who take all of the migrants.


wgh999, London, United Kingdom, 16 hours ago
I don't remember seeing mass immigrationfrom China, to be honest. Only mass fee-paying students.


WyoRyno1994, TheGoodOle, United States, 13 hours ago
They won¿t. They care about themselvesfirst. Novel idea.


NO Name, Sacramento CA, United States, 2 hours ago
Reports last year and this year show thatChina's economy is slowing and possibly becoming stagnant. And the largesteconomy doesn't mean the most powerful country. The US had the world's largesteconomy since 1871 but was on par with other countries in overall power. Itwasn't until 1945 when it became one of two. And then 1991 when it became thesole superpower.

去年和今年的报告显示,中国经济正在放缓,并可能陷入停滞。最大的经济体并不意味着最强大的国家. 美国自1871年以来一直是世界上最大的经济体,但在整体实力上与其他国家旗鼓相当.直到1945年美国成为两级之一,然后1991年成为唯一的超级大国

Pammie, Seaford, United Kingdom, 20 hours ago
Of course India will leap frog the UK ifwe keep sending them aid.


georgea_9, Santa Clara, United States, 18 hours ago
The last time I checked the Kohinoor isstill with your queen.


lady_with_a_bow, Blue planet, 印度, 11 hours ago
@Pammie: Nice try you ignorant fool. Thewealth you enjoy are the blood and tears of my forefathers.


Truthiswhatmatters, London, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago
Stop living in disbelief pammie. Indiadoesn't recieve any aid from you !


Foxyloxy01, Londonium, United Kingdom, 20 hours ago
We need to stop sending India aid then!


Shail, Norwich, 22 hours ago
No plz don't they there will a famine inIndia if this aid stops.


NBM, London, 14 hours ago
There was famine when British were runningand looting India and non since then.


Truthiswhatmatters, London, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago
Stupid Brit!


RabD, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago
As both China Andy India have access towhat is basically slave Labour it is no wonder that they will become the majoreconomies of the world. Having recently returned from a India I was amazed theystill have vast areas in cities with no access to running water or toiletfacilities

中国和印度能够使用奴隶劳动,难怪他们能成为世界主要经济体. 最近刚从印度回来,我很惊讶他们在城市里还有很多地方没有自来水或厕所设施

Grit Savage, Noumea, New Caledonia, 22 hours ago
Slave Labour is the business model theTories are banking on, literally.....


lolla, the castle keep, United Kingdom, 21 hours ago
They go hungry if they don't work. There'sno sprogging for benefits there.


Ram Jaane, Kerala, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago
Innumerous holidays, celebrations dancefestivals, cheap food , homes for almost everyone ...a few things to beginwith...you living like a machine in little island have no clue about India!


gary, London, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago
There is no benefit system in India. Onemust work if one wants to eat. We are producing a generation who does not knowwhat hard work is all about. We are having a snowflake generation who wantseverything on their table with minimum effort.


NBM, London, 17 hours ago
British made trillions out of slave trade- money that is invested in British economy today.


Tim R, Manchester, United Kingdom, 17 hours ago
NBM: It's never mentioned in the MSM. Butby far the longest running and largest ever sl@ving empire, was actuallyconducted by the @ r a b i a n people. Their sl@ve trade was utterlystaggeringly around a 1000 years long. And was active from the 9th centuryuntil as quite sh0ckingly recent as the 1960s. Many hundreds of years back theyeven made many forays into Europe to captured and en$l@ve Eur0peans. Plus itwas common for them to utterly ruthlessly cut off the g3nitals of male sl@ves -but this was only ever practiced on bl@ck people. What do you have to say aboutthat?


lady_with_a_bow, Blue planet, 印度, 11 hoursago
@RABD: Youare just a filthy liar!


whatever4, london, United Kingdom, 16 hoursago
Someof the richest people on the planet are from India, yet they have some of theworst poverty at the same time!? Dreadful country.


Gad Zooks, London, United Kingdom, 21 hoursago
Not unlikethe UK then. Child poverty and working people needing to use food banks in theUK boosting one of the biggest economies in the world? What a joke!


Completely Average, Somewhere, United States,21 hours ago
All theresult of British colonialism. India today is the result of over 300 years ofBritish control and rule. They have the country you left them with.


gary, London, United Kingdom, 20 hours ago
Therichest and most educated middle class immigrants in UK are Indians (as a shareof population) and they never shovel their culture on us.

英国最富有、教育程度最高的中产阶级移民是印度人(占人口的一部分) 他们从不把他们的文化撒在我们身上。

There's a bizarre double standard with the mediawhen it comes to dealing with India. India is currently building a wall withBangladesh, and in areas where it isn't feasible (such as marsh land), theywill be using lasers to prevent people from infiltrating the country. They alsorefuse to take any Rohingya from Myanmar. If this was any western country, themedia would be apoplectic.


SuperiorGoat, KNUTSFORD, United Kingdom, 19hours ago
Thisis not GDP per capita and really is not relevant, Indians are still pooing inthe street.


Pedro66, Dubai, UAE, 18 hours ago


Mr Angry, Mars, United Kingdom, 18 hours ago
The gapbetween the rich and poor in India is staggering.


Sher, JAX FL - USA, United States, 14 hoursago
Sofunny how you write the articles. "Trump has had a less negative effect onthe US economy than expected". In other words, he's had a positive effect.The GDP has been higher this year than in any of the O'bama years.


jake, fl, United States, 14 hours ago
Allthe wonderful people talking about aid to India after looting them for 200years.


BAZZA 123, WICKFORD, United Kingdom, 17 hoursago
Willthis mean we will not be sending either country anymore overseas aid ?


Hard truth, York, United Kingdom, 18 hours ago
Andthe UK STILL gives aid to India, and they enter the UK by the thousands eachweek. Are we bloody stupid!


Sandblown-un, Blackpool, United Kingdom, 17hours ago
Great,so India can give International Aid to the UK, next year!


Jerseybird1, St. Helier, Jersey, 16 hours ago
Timefor the west to stop buying cr@p from China, we are hooked on 'cheap' insteadof supporting manufacturing here in the UK


accdan, Accrington, United Kingdom, 19 hoursago
Notif we banned cheap dangerous Chinese knockoffs from entering our countries theywouldn’t…


NederW, Hersham, United Kingdom, 18 hours ago
Typed fromyour iPhone?


Scudeast77, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, 13hours ago
MaybeIndia will invest some of that wealth into flushing toilets and a seweragesystem that doesn¿t involve pooing in the Ganges.


fraise, london, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago
Havejust returned from a two month trip in India after a break of six years....asfar as I can see there are no improvements for the better. They have a spaceprogramme but cannot invest in schools to educate their children .They havenuclear weapons but cannot organise a sewage system They have no means of wastecollection or disposal. I love India but the whole country is an absolute cesspit...the people have no regard for each other. Even less regard for animalsand as for the environment ...they are drowning under streets of filth, rubbishand sewage, Shame on the powers that be in India.


PhilDakrakup, Arkham, United States, 13 hoursago
Allof Europe is on the way down. Liberal policies doing what they always do.


welike2moveitmoveit, Christchurch, NewZealand, 13 hours ago
Europe isa great pool of innovation. Always will be.


Fooling no one, Southampton, United Kingdom,18 hours ago
Great, India can start repaying its debt to the English taxpayer.


errol, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1 day ago
Do you mean what the East India Company took from India, you needa course in history


Fooling no one, Southampton, United Kingdom,17 hours ago
Errol, my history is fine thanks, I'm not responsible for theactions or debts, real or imagined, accrued before I was born.


NBM, London, 14 hours ago
Can the Briiths first pay back £3 trillion and return the crownjewels!


Cronos Titan, Croydon, United Kingdom, 18hours ago
the ignorance on post thread is unbelievable. this was always onthe cards. China and India have huge middle class populations - India's aloneis equivalent to the EU size in numbers and China even greater. They will takeover - but they still fall far short of providing national welfare and stateprograms that the West do. This will be the area that dictates how strong theireconomic positions will be.


justbecausejt, Cambs, United Kingdom, 19 hoursago
yes because they are not ham strung by political correctness ,crippling health and safety and pathetic HR policies .


Northern patriot ,Manchester, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago
I'm in India on holiday their work ethic is based on a simplerule.If you don't work you don't eat.Put the scrounging waste of spaces we haveto keep to shame. So they work every hour to live which is why they will overtake us with our work shy ethic


northern lady, York, United Kingdom, 1 day ago
But many still have to go outside to visit the loo?


Brian666, Anywhere but SouthEast England,United Kingdom, 19 hours ago
The ganges is the loo


wolfie, Beverley, 18 hours ago
Who cares.


The Ophiuchi Hotline, Make Judges Elected,United Kingdom, 17 hours ago
Try looking at GDP per capita. They are a century away from paritywith the West.


smileamilewide, tunbridge wells, United Kingdom,1 day ago
Agreed that is the true comparison.


Yankee Nationalist, New England, UnitedStates, 14 hours ago
With 20% of the world's population, of course China is going tohave the largest raw GDP eventually. It would be quite sad if they didn't.


vallygirl1335, Charlotte, United States, 11 hours ago
Didn¿t they say 10 years ago that in 10years China would be the #1 economy?


Burnt, Land of oz, United States, 11 hours ago
They already are the #1 economy


vallygirl1335, Charlotte, United States, 10 hours ago
Wrong. According to the World Bank as of2017 the US economy is #1 and China is #2 with $18trillion and $11trillionrespectively


Ionee, Here-N-There, United States, 16 hours ago
You can't predict the economy so far inadvance, there are too many unknowns. Also, China has a false economy proppedup by the government.


js009, PA, United States, 1 day ago
Also, the US owes a lot of money to China.


wlrey2375, ark, United States, 1 day ago
False economy?


wlrey2375, ark, United States, 15 hours ago
We owe a lot of real money to that falseeconomy


Ionee, Here-N-There, United States, 15 hours ago
Yes, a false economy, it isn't a freemarket economy like ours. They use sl@ve labor, stolen technology and the governmentmanipulates the currency to keep any bubbles from bursting.


sibbear, Man on Isle, Isle Of Man, 9 hours ago
What's so desirable about economic super power?The Scandinavia, Switzerland, are not No. 1, but the life in those countries isso much more enviable than in U.S. or China. Oh India? LOL


FoRealzYo, St. Pete, United States, 9 hours ago
Ask the ladies of Scandinavia who can nolonger walk down the street because they are losing their culture.


clic, middlesbrough, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago
China's economy is largely down to theirexports to the USA. . the trade deficit is astronomical. That could easilychange especially if China doesn't shape up and stop totally trading with NorthKorea!


Dot Dot, Richmond, United States, 9 hours ago
Clean energy and China in one sentence isa joke.


ant, Perth, Australia, 13 hours ago
Lol China, pretty much all inventions comefrom US/Europe and always will be, innovation is in the dna. China's strengthsare imitation


milk_bone, Duluth, 13 hours ago
That's very true. The problem is thatChina knocks off duplicates without any government regulations over there andthen sells in our country.


Barry Trainwreck, Arizona, United States, 6 hours ago
China's labor costs are going up. Themanufacturing is moving to other countries. Look at your clothes. Many itemsare being made in other counties, including Viet Nam.


Chris1776, Miami, 16 hours ago
"Negative effects"??? LOL. Thestock market and economy began roaring the day AFTER the election of Trump.Their forecasts are so biased that they are laughable.


Fit as a fiddle, Wyoming, United States, 13 hours ago
I wonder if this group is one of thosewhich predicted Manhattan and southern Florida would be under water by now.


Perry, Atlanta, United States, 11 hours ago
If we could just ship our leftists over toChina & India...that would slow them down a good bit.


FrycooksTrucking, Louisiana , United States, 20 hours ago
LOL. It sure slowed us way down


Paul118, Belfast, Ireland, 18 hours ago
Lol, China has been predicted to overtakethe USA since George W. Bush's presidency. Nice attempt to smear PresidentTrump (the American economy is at a 10 year high by the way).


Jughead Jones, London, United Kingdom, 18 hours ago
Mateconsidering the U.S is always borrowing and never even gets close to payingback the principal let alone the interest....never balances, is always indeficit and they are predominantly owned by China, I wouldnt be getting tooexcited about their 10 year high.


Buccaneer10, Wales, United Kingdom, 17 hours ago
And yet India contributes a fraction tothe UN budget that the UK did. China less than a third than the USA and stillless than Japan. Time to put their big boy pants on and pay their share andtake responsibility for their pollution and overpopulation too.


Tringal, Miami, United States, 16 hours ago
Perfect sense...yet people criticizedTrump for insisting that everyone contribute their fair share!


Barbieworld2000, Dolphintown, Canada, 12 hours ago
India has 1.4 billion people, so yes, itseconomy should be bigger then France, Germany, or Japans. If it¿s not, thenit¿s grossly undersized


Jeff, USA, 14 hours ago
China could just as easily have it'sentire economy collapse in 15 years.


Marshian, Romney Marsh, 12 hours ago
And thosefigures explain why we must leave the EU and start to trade with China and inparticular India.


I think so, Manchester, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago
Two massive unregulated industrialpolluters of the world who both literally have a slave workforce.


Brian666, Anywhere but SouthEast England, United Kingdom, 19hours ago
I wonder where apple phones are made? Ah,China!!!


David Chadwick, Anywhere, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago
25 years ago it was said that Japan wouldbe the number one economy by now. That didn't quite work out.


Julie, Milan, 6 hours ago
India and China are the most populousnations on the planet so as they modernize it makes sense for them to overtakesmaller countries.


JohhnyRedPill, Nyc, United States, 13 hours ago
All the high paying jobs and industrieshave been going to China the last few decades, so I am not surprised.


welike2moveitmoveit, Christchurch, NewZealand, 1 day ago
If you are truly skilled you can live almost anywhere.......highpaid jobs going to China...really.


shemp, Porpoise spit, Australia, 13 hours ago
Um they compete with cheap wages... Nothigh end jobs


Martinfl6, canterbury, United Kingdom, 18 hours ago
that's whywe need to get ourselves into gear and start selling our excellent goods in thefar east, our infrastructure knowledge is supreme . our good farming is 1strate


JDLee, Cheshire , United Kingdom, 1 day ago
Andexactly what goods will we sell to these far flung destinations ?


JohanD, Sydney, Australia, 1 day ago
Selling what, let me guess..... the tea andbiscuits?


Tringal, Miami, United States, 1 day ago
Sell pics of the royals...remember theygenerate wealth for the people!


Martinfl6, canterbury, United Kingdom, 17 hours ago
how to build bridges , roads . how todesign and build house with plumbing that works . sewage systems


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