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Pakistan is ditching the dollar for tradewith China — 24 hours after Trump denounced the country


• A day after PresidentDonald Trump slammed Pakistan on Twitter, the South Asian nation announced it willreplace the dollar with yuan for bilateral trade with Beijing


• As U.S.-Pakistanrelations grow increasingly strained, China has been pursuing closer links withthe country


Just 24 hours after President Donald Trumptook aim at Pakistan on Twitter, the South Asian nation already appears to becozying up to the world's second-largest economy.


A day after the U.S. leader slammedIslamabad for harboring terrorists in a New Year's Day tweet, Pakistan'scentral bank announced that it will be replacing the dollar with the yuan forbilateral trade and investment with Beijing.


The same day, Chinese Foreign Ministryspokesman Geng Shuang defended Islamabad's counter-terrorism track record,saying the country "made great efforts and sacrifices for combatingterrorism" and urged the international community to "fully recognizethis."


China has been watching closely asU.S.-Pakistan relations become increasingly strained. Trump has long demandedthe frontier economy to do more on counter-terrorism while he simultaneouslygrew closer to its arch-rival, India.

随着美巴关系日益紧张,中国也一直在密切关注这一点。 长期以来,特朗普一直要求巴基斯坦能够在反恐方面投入更多,但是同时又与其竞争对手印度发展愈加紧密。

"Pakistan and the U.S. have had afraught relationship for years, but the big change recently has beenChina," said Simon Baptist, Asia regional director at the EconomistIntelligence Unit. "China has really gone hard in cementing its existingrelationship with Pakistan, it's really the only place that's seen significantinvestment under the Belt and Road initiative and China has been pushing forgeopolitical advantage there."


Islamabad is home to one of Beijing'scentral infrastructure schemes, a near $60 billion collection of land and seaprojects known as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor — a centerpiece of Beltand Road.

伊斯兰堡是北京主要基础设施建设投资项目的所在地,这些项目耗资近600亿美元,被称为“中巴经济走廊”以及陆地和海上 “一带一路”的核心地区。

And with a steady stream of Chinese capitalunder its belt, Pakistan may no longer be receptive to American threats, themost recent of which involves Washington cutting off security assistance.


"Pakistan balks far less at reductionsin American aid, which, as the former points out, has dwindled in recent yearsanyway. China, on the other hand, has promised Pakistan $57 billion ininvestments on infrastructure and energy under its Belt and RoadInitiative," Madiha Afzal, a nonresident fellow at Brookings, said in arecent note. "All this means that America has far less leverage overPakistan."

“面对美国援助的哦减少,巴基斯坦并没有表现出多大的犹豫,主要是因为前面所指出的那样,中国在近几年里已经向巴基斯坦承诺通过‘一带一路’的项目,向他投资总价值近570亿美元的基础设施建设以及能源设施建设。”布鲁金斯公司的Madiha Afzal在最近的一份报告中说道。 “这一切意味着美国对巴基斯坦的影响力在逐渐减少。”

"The history of Pakistan'srelationships with China and the United States also shows that Pakistan'spolicy does not respond to strong-handedness, but to loyalty, and to beingtreated with dignity," she continued.


For Beijing's part, a Monday editorial publishedby Chinese state-run news outlet Global Times said that "China andPakistan enjoy an all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation, Beijingwill without doubt not give up on Islamabad."


Regardless of hardened rhetoric between theWhite House and Islamabad — Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif recently dismissedTrump's outburst as a political stunt — the two nations are expected tocontinue cooperating this year.


Ultimately, Washington needs Pakistanicooperation to address its concerns about Afghanistan and Iran, Baptist said,adding that it remains to be seen if Trump's social media tirade will translateinto real policy change.


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[–]RogueIslesRefugee 1430 points 20 hoursago
Wasn't this already announced as beingplanned at least a month ago? I seem to recall a few headlines suggestingPakistan would be dropping the dollar back in November, or early December.


[–]johnny_mclovin 191 points 14 hours ago*
This is evidence for where I stand... I'mby no means a Trump supporter per se, a lot of things he says/Tweets does scareme from time to time but I also think he doesn't get a fair shake by any meansand hasn't from the start. I want him to succeed because he's running thecountry that I live in. I don't want things to go badly just out of spite justbc I don't like him. If you listen to CNN or similar news outlets, you wouldthink that he is the worst person in the world, but if you listen to Fox News, youwould think he's doing well. Personally I just try to look at things from myown perspective and make my own judgement but I DO think they have lied/misleda lot of people just because they simply do not like him. They also report alot of things out of context, which I also think is not fair, but at the sametime, he has done a few things I've questioned. Personally I do think he needsto get off of Twitter (bc somethings he brings on himself) and to stop lettingthe country know every little thing. As a leader, you need to take care ofthings behind closed doors and not be transparent on everything.
(Sorry for the huge paragraph.. and I'mfully aware that this isn't going to be a popular opinion.)


[–]theganglyone 77 points 13 hours ago
The major political parties and mediacultivate and thrive on "black and white" opinions with no grey area.So hats off to you for resisting them and forming your own opinion.


[–]gprime311 41 points 9 hours ago


[–]I_think_you_are_dumb 11 points 8 hoursago
This gave me a well needed laugh. Thankyou.


[–]Thirdnipple79 61 points 13 hours ago
You know who is one of trumps biggestcritics? Trump.
He's a hypocrite. This is a big reason youhere so much criticism. Why is there so much criticism about his golfing?Because he was so critical of Obama golfing half as much as himself. Google'trump criticizes trump' for an extensive list of examples.
He's in an office where he should be heldto a higher standard and he consistently holds himself to a lower standard thaneveryone else. I don't see why he shouldn't be criticized for the same thingshe's been critical of others for.

他是一个伪君子。 这是你在这里受到如此多批评的一个重要原因。 为什么对他打高尔夫有这么多的批评?因为他说奥巴马的技术只有自己的一半。谷歌一下还有很多例子。他所坐的这个办公室,应该要求他保持更高的标准,但是他却一直坚持自己的标准低于其他人。 我不明白他为什么不批评他自己,明明他也做了同样的事。

[–]turtles_and_frogs 49 points 15 hours ago
I'm pretty sure Saddam did the same thingbefore we invaded. He pegged the price of oil on a basket of currencies,instead of the dollar.


[–]nsadonvisadjco 59 points 14 hours ago*
Correct. Also see this.
Gaddafi was also murdered for moving awayfrom the dollar.
Iran also broke free of the petrodollar.
Same thing for Assad.
China, Russia and Venezuela have also beenmoving away from the dollar.
It's not a coincidence that all thecountries that have been moving away from trading in dollars are also thecountries that are on the USA regime-change-list.
So what's the petrodollar and why does itmatter? The US made a deal with Saudi Arabia during the last century that SaudiArabian oil would be traded in dollars only, hence PetroDollar. Later thesystem expanded and all oil worldwide was traded in dollar.
Because every country needs oil, thepetrodollar system means that every country needs dollars. This ensures anear-infinite demand for dollars.
So imagine that you have the sole authorityto issue a currency, and there's an infinite line of people who want to tradereal-life goods and services for your currency. It's not hard to see how youcan abuse that, right?
Indeed, the USA can print as much money asit wants and trade just-printed dollars for real-life goods and services withother countries (e.g. electronics with China). Normally printing money leads tohyper-inflation, but when the whole planet lines up to buy your dollars nomatter how many you print, you can print them with impunity and get rich in theprocess.
While this scheme makes the US rich, othercountries of course don't like that they buy dollars from the US, and then theUS prints dollars which inflates the dollars they just bought. So they'removing away from the Petrodollar. The US is trying to combat this via regimechange, but the Petrodollar is cracking, and strong inflation in the US in thefuture may be a result.


[–]Spoonshape 33 points 13 hours ago
Some of these are putting the cart beforethe horse. Most of these countries dropped the petrodollar because they had aexisting argument with the USA rather then relations between the USA and thembreaking down because they dropped the dollar.
The principal value of the US Dollar islargely because it was historically the worlds largest (and most stable)economy. US bonds are the principal foreign holding of most other countries.This is also a somewhat circular system - The Dollar remains strong and stablebecause it is seen as strong and stable which is kind of weird but also true.There has been very little impact to the Dollars value when various countrieshave gone off petrodollars. Oil is simply not that significant a part of theworld's economy anymore that moving off petrodollars (except perhaps Saudi)will derail the dollar. Obviously it would have an impact - but a small onewhich the market would adjust for.

美元的主要价值在很大程度上是因为它历史上是世界上最大的(也是最稳定的)经济。 美国债券也是大多数其他国家的主要外资持股。这也是一个循环的系统——美元保持坚挺和稳定,因为它被看作是强大和稳定的货币,这有一点奇怪,但也是真实的。 当各国纷纷放弃石油美元时,对美元影响甚微。 石油已经不再是世界经济的重要组成部分,(也许除沙特阿拉伯除外)。 废除石油美元显然这会产生一定的影响,但市场的自行调整会让这个影响降至最小。

[–]nervyzombie 6 points 12 hours ago
The big change here is that previously allthese countries who wanted to move away from dollar were relatively weak, andcould be easily isolated. Well, with exception of Russia of course, but still,even though Russia is a global power its economy is weak so it has no abilityto develop an alternative to petrodollar on its own. Meanwhile China is a $12trillion economy, still growing, it's impossible to isolate it and even the USitself can't risk a trade war without huge and painful consequences to its owneconomy.
So I think, this time it might work out.

最大的变化就是,以前想要摆脱石油美元的国家都很弱小,而且也很容易被隔离起来。当然,除了俄罗斯,虽然俄罗斯是一个全球性的大国,但是他的经济也很脆弱,所以它没有能力独立发展石油美元的替代品。 与此同时,中国是一个12万亿美元的经济体,并且依然在增长,所以不可能将其孤立起来,即使美国本身也不能冒着贸易战的风险,这会给自己的经济带来巨大而痛苦的后果。

[–]whatisyournamemike 3 points 9 hours ago
What are they going to use? Bitcoin? ....
No, seriously what are they going to use?


[–]Abstraction1 21 points 16 hours ago
There were talks about it as soon as Chinastared developing infrastructure and securing supply lines.
Changing currency is a massive change intrade. It would not be difficult for the US to have woo'd Pakistan to keep thecurrency.


[–]haixin 204 points 22 hours ago
the article states that it's ditching theUS dollar for trade with Beijing to trade in Yuan. The way I see it China hasbeen doing this with a lot of their trading partners, Here, here, and here.China has been making trade deals to circumvent the US dollar for some time nowso this isn't anything new and more than likely was agreed upon well before theaccusation, they just chose to announce it now as a fear tactic. But this alsodoesn't mean that Pakistan will stop using the USD all together, they willcontinue using it for as long as it holds power as others will require it fortrade. However, expect the decline of the USD to accelerate as China musclesit's way in while the US withdraws on trade agreements.

文章已经指出,巴基斯坦放弃了美元转而使用人民币来与北京交易。我看到中国一直在与很多贸易伙伴进行贸易。 中国在贸易时想要绕开美元已经有一段时间了,所以这已经不是什么新鲜事了,并且在特朗普指责之前,他们就很可能已经达成协议,他们现在只是选择在这个时间点宣布而已。 但这也并不意味着巴基斯坦将全部停止使用美元,他们也会继续使用它,因为别的国家会要求用美元来进行贸易。 不过随着中国的崛起,美国退出贸易协定,美元将加速下滑。

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