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Since it is believed that China is actually more capable of threatening the dominance of the US rather than Russia, why is the United States determined to sanction Russia while setting China aside?


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Usama Notkani
It's clear they are in a military conflict with Russia and they can do something about it while China is thrashing them all over the place economically and they are dependent on China more than any other country in the world. The thing is everyone owes China something today and the modern world and life of every nation has something to do with China. All the things we use that we don't even think about from small toothpicks and brushes to all technical equipment like smartphones and computers are made in china. Sanctioning China would result in huge losses for American giants like Google Microsoft and Apple while companies like Samsung will happily take the reigns and prosper. Simply put sanctioning Russia costs them nothing while sanctioning China will hurt them more than it will hurt China. And that is why China is a bigger threat. They literally planned this. While USA and Russia played the arms race, China was playing a different game to conquer and no one noticed until it was too late. Now they have the money to make their army stronger as they please and they are investing everywhere. Hell they are literally building networks of rails and roads linking Asia Africa and Europe and that's just a tip of the iceberg.



Joseph Wang, studied at Ph.D Astronomy UT Austin, Physics MIT
You just answered your own question.
China is integrated into the US-led world trade and economic system. Russia is not. If the US was planning to sanction China, pretty much every American company would lose money, people would lose jobs, and every CEO for every Fortune 500 company would try to lobby on China’s behalf. Russia just doesn’t have that sort of influence on US politics.
It works in both directions. If the Chinese government wanted to do something bad to the US, then they’d have a massive outcry from people who would lose money from that. Part of the reason the US pulled China into the system, was so that they US would have much more influence on China. That’s worked.
Conversely because China is integrated in the world trade system, when people ask “what does China want?” and the answer happens to be “for everyone to get rich?” that makes people much less worried about China than Russia.



Patrick Edwin Moran, lived in Taiwan 7 yrs, studied Chinese & philosophy since 1960, && hist. culture
China hasn’t invaded Viet Nam to take back a chunk of territory that once allegedly belonged to China, nor has China done anything else terribly offensive to its neighbors lately. What would the USA or anybody else sanction China for?



Something should be made clear here why the US couldn't arrogantly sanction China.
While China exports 18% of its whole to the US, those exports employ more than 20 million jobs in the US, especially in the retail sector and its affiliated subinduatries.
While those export items are mostly demand elastic which means that slight price adjustments could be applied for them to be diverted to other countries, the 20 plus million jobs they employ in the US would have to be lost if trade between America and China were to stop.
The US would implode.



Robert Free, lived in China
China is, mostly, playing by international rules. Russia isn't.
The conditions of ordinary people in China is improving. Russia is worsening.



Lance Zimmerman, Medical doctor and mathematician.
Because China will not “attack” America before Russia does. China waits while the master baits :)



Mike Chang, lives in New York City (1971-present)
Russia is a military threat, China is an economic threat. We could wax China with no effort. The Russians on the other hand would cost many lives.



American government consists of people who own higher IQ in America. They know more clear than the public which one is more of a threat
That’s it


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