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South Korea's 2015 deal with Japan to compensate women forced into sex slavery during World War II is 'seriously flawed' President Moon Jae-In has said.


Seoul and Tokyo signed the agreement to settle the hugely emotional and decades-long issue with a Japanese apology and financial compensation to survivors.


Mainstream historians say up to 200000 women mostly from Korea but also other parts of Asia including China were forced to work in Japanese military brothels during World War II.


 President Moon Jae-In (above) says the 'comfort women deal' negotiated by his jailed predecessor will never resolve South Korean resentment over the issue

The issue of women forced into sexual slavery for Japanese troops during World War II is a hugely emotional subject in South Korea and other parts of Asia

The plight of the sex slaves - euphemistically referred to as 'comfort women' - is a hugely emotional issue that has marred ties between the two Asian neighbours for decades. For many South Koreans it epitomises the abuses committed under Japan's 1910-1945 colonization of the Korean peninsula.


President Moon has now ordered officials to re-examine the controversial agreement.


His comments came a day after Seoul's foreign ministry described the deal negotiated by the president's predecessor Park Geun-Hye as faulty because it had 'failed to reflect the victims' views'.


The unpopular agreement was meant to end the decades-long dispute with a Japanese apology and a payment of 1 billion yen ($8.8 million) to survivors.


Korean women were forced by the Japanese to pack their belongings and become sex slaves


But it sparked anger among some survivors seeking an explicit apology from the Japanese government for the wartime abuses.


President Moon ordered a review of the deal after being elected to office this year - a task force published a report on Wednesday which concluded it was rushed and did not do adequately seek out the opinions of the victims.


'Although the 2015 deal was an official agreement endorsed by the leaders of both countries I'd like to make it clear that the deal cannot solve this issue of 'comfort women'' the president said in a statement released on Thursday.


He described the conclusions of the task force is 'regrettable but unavoidable' while ordering officials to 'come up with follow-up measures at the earliest date' without providing any more details.


It is unclear whether Seoul will call for renegotiation with Tokyo or walk away from the deal.


Japan has urged South Korea to abide by the 2015 agreement saying any attempt by Seoul to revise it 'cannot be acceptable whatsoever' and would leave bilateral ties 'unmanageable'.



The row comes as both countries try to present a united front against nuclear missile threats from North Korea whose recent military standoff with the US has raised concerns over another war on the Korean peninsula.


Attempts to reopen the agreement may also damage the South's credibility in the diplomatic community Seoul's top-selling Chosun daily said in an editorial on Thursday.


US and Chinese troops freed thousands of Koreans forced to become 'comfort women' for Japanese soldiers during WWII from 1944 onwards

The horrors suffered by Korean under the Japanese women remains a hugely sensitive issue in South Korea

'The 'comfort women' issue is important. But if we demand renegotiation over the deal made two years ago bilateral ties will be shattered' it said.


'We can't let ourselves trapped in the past at a time like this when North Korea's nuclear threat is growing rapidly.'


The Japanese government denies it is directly responsible for 'comfort women' insisting they were recruited by civilians and that army brothels were commercially operated.


Despite the 2015 agreement ties between the two neighbours have remained strained over the issue especially when statues were placed outside Japanese diplomatic missions by South Korean activists in memory of the victims.


Many of 'comfort women' were liberated from their bondage by the Chinese (above)

【Many of 'comfort women' were liberated from their bondage by the Chinese (above)】


Many women in Korea had the babies of the men who raped them

【Many women in Korea had the babies of the men who raped them】


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oe Biggs Tokyo Japan 12 hours ago
South Korea has been paid two times and now they want a third? If Japan pays again then South Korea will want a fourth. Time to say no more.


Tony Pony Parishville United States 17 hours ago
Yet you keep buying Toyotas..........


Redboatme Augusta United States 15 hours ago
I will buy anything from anyone if I need it and it is well made. There are other ways. We rebuilt them Germany and the UK yet everyone spits and kicks us in the teeth. Better to be defeated by us than to win.


RealityAlwaysBites Denver 16 hours ago
What else could be expected from the lowest country on earth. They still kill whales dolphins etc they are primitive violent cave men... without honor.


sakura Tokyo Japan 8 hours ago
We eat everything we want. No one can force us what to eat or not. But we don't hide it like South Korean do. They took 2350 whales in 2012 although Japan took 654 in 2013. They said they took it ' accident' so official they said 86. Yeah if there are lot of fools like you in your country you cannot change anything but soon you are forbidden to eat pig and cow because someone said you should not eat.


Chill.pill Biffon Bridge United Kingdom 10 hours ago
Hopefully some readers will gain an insight into the hatred in the North for Japan.


Danny smitj15 Manchester United Kingdom 9 hours ago
You should Google Lai Dai Han

你应该用谷歌搜下Lai Dai Han。

(译者注:Lai Dai Ha——越战韩越混血儿,是出生于越战期间,父为韩国人、母为越南人的混血儿。其父亲常是韩国出兵越南时,派到越南的韩国国军士兵或技术工人。这些孩子通常被他们的父亲抛弃。)

Moi Netherlands 10 hours ago
South Korea were not forced to sign this agreement but chose to. You can't change your mind over 2 years later.



pat penna 7 hours ago
This dispute has been going on since I was a kid and these ladies (those still alive!) are well into their late 80s and 90s. Japan knows if they drag it out long enough they will die off.. They are people living in Japan who were taken as slaves over 500 years ago whose descendants STILL don't have full citizenship and Okinawans still are not considered 'Japanese' (then again they don't really want to be.)


aboriginal999 Perth Australia 3 hours ago
Ridiculous. Apologising for something that was done in a different era by people who knew no better is just foolish. Life is beset with incidents the way to get through the bad is to just make changes and live for the future. Handwringing is meaningless as it doesn't change the past.


ExPat2003 Nanaimo Canada 41 minutes ago
And easy to say when you're not one of these horribly abused women. Its like telling a morher of a dead newborn to get over it move on and just have another one. Forget the past right?


sakura Tokyo Japan 5 hours ago
Koreans' confort women were sold by their parents. It was not illegal in their country and they and their parents got enormous money by this business. This is why Korean men didn't try to stop although 90% of policemen in Korea was Koreans. Before Japanese occupation Koreans' life was more miserable than North Koreans' life of these days. Japan teach then how to make rice and Samsung Electronic company was established as the trading company at 1938. Japan lost the war Koreans pretend they were victims of Japan because they beated Chinese so hard during Japan occupied manchuria. ex president of SK Park Chung hee was general of manchuria of Japanese army. Chinese beat them back at Korean War of course. Korean war and Vietnum war South Korean government managed confort woman system. Japan lost the war and there is true victim of japanese army for example Dutch confort women Japan apologized always but for Koreans Japan will never pay 1 yen anymore and begin to beat them back.


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