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What would be the best way for India to invade China?


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Satvik Srivastava, India's my motherland
The best way for India would be to invade China culturally and spiritually. In fact, India dominated China culturally for most of its history.
India Conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border.
-Hu Shih
That's the most that India can do at the present. Using troops wouldn't be great for India as China is far advanced in almost every aspect. Whether it's navy, army or air-force ;Chinese excel in every field. India has no chance of doing it single handedly.
India is not known for using or sending it's military to intervene abroad. Moreover, I don't see a reason why would BRICS partners will attack each other in forseeable future.

对印度来说, 最好的方式是在文化和精神上侵略中国。事实上, 在文化上,印度在其历史的大部分时间里主宰着中国。
印度不费一兵一卒就在文化上征服并统治了中国2000年 ----胡适

Hari Govind, Indian, have read up moderately well on history. 印度人,历史读的略好
I dont think India really has the capacity to mount such an invasion(I would say the same about China vis-a-vis India) What India CAN do is a quick attack on the border similar to what China did back in 62, to make some kind of strategic point. In this case, India definitely has key capabilities and experience in mountain warfare owing to multiple conflicts with Pakistan. So it is not impossible that with precise planning and execution, India could execute a tactical attack on the Chinese border. In any case, such aggression would not be possible without significant support from other players, given that Pakistan is also in the scenario.



Shavan Bhattacharjee, A practical Indian 一个实用主义的印度人
We are living in the 21st century and war is an option only for the illiterate. Saner and intelligent nations don't go to war without an extreme reason. India and China both are the economies of the near future. Both are huge and both are nuclear armed and capable to defend itself to the last man. In such a backdrop, I wonder why would India want to invade China? What would be the motivation for India to do so? Yes, we do have some issues with border demarcation but that does not call for an invasion.

我们生活在21世纪,战争是文盲的选择。理智和智慧的国家都不会在没有极端理由的情况下发动战争。不久的将来印度和中国都是经济大国。两者都是巨大的, 都拥有核武器, 并且都有能力保卫自己直至最后一人。在这样的背景下, 我想知道为什么印度要入侵中国?印度这样做的动机是什么?是的, 我们确实在划界方面存在一些问题, 但这并不需要入侵。

Now let's hypothetically consider your question and analyse what options does India have with itself to invade China.

现在让我们假设性地考虑一下你的问题, 分析一下印度有哪些选择来入侵中国。

1、For an invasion to be carried out, the invader must possess a huge army which should be technologically superior than its enemy. On this front, I think China is slightly ahead. The size of their military is quite massive. The military hardware they possess is two times India's size and technologically they are a few steps ahead. Now if you look at it, India as an invading force losses out on this front.

1、为了进行入侵, 入侵者必须拥有一支庞大的军队, 这支军队在技术上应该优于敌人。在这方面, 我认为中国略微领先。他们的军队规模相当庞大。他们拥有的军事装备是印度的两倍, 在技术上他们领先几步。现在你看看,印度作为一个入侵力量这方面会损失惨重。

2、The invading army must always have a springboard or a launchpad from where they can begin their attack. For that they need friendly allies around the enemy territory. For example, if you look at the 1990 Operation Desert Storm carried out by the US led coalition against Iraq, the US use Saudi territory as the launchpad. Another example is the 1944 Normandy invasion launched by the allied forces. In this case they used British territory to launch their attack. But the problem we have is that our border infrastructure is not the best as compared to China due to the natural barrier of having the Himalayas and years of apathy shown by our government administration in developing the border areas. In contract China had a train service right uptil Tibet and numerous air bases. Also, the sea route is heavily protected and any thrust from their would be heavily defended.

2、入侵的军队必须始终有一个跳板或发射台, 从那里他们可以开始他们的进攻。因此, 他们需要友好的盟友在敌人的领土周围。例如, 如果你看一下1990年由美国领导的反伊拉克联军实施的沙漠风暴行动, 美国将沙特领土作为发射台。另一个例子是1944年盟军发动的诺曼底登陆入侵。在这种情况下, 他们利用英国领土发动攻击。但问题是,与中国相比,我们的边境基础设施并不是最好的,因为喜马拉雅山的自然屏障和我国政府多年来对边境地区的漠不关心。在合同中, 中国有一个直达西藏的火车服务和众多的空军基地。此外, 海上航线受到严密保护, 任何来自它们的推力都会受到严密的防御

【译注:这一段可能读起来会不通顺,因为作者原文就是这样的,比如launchpad,发射台,Normandy invasion 诺曼底入侵,对你没看错他用的就是入侵这个词,还有 In contract 在合同中 train service火车服务 什么的】

3、 Sea based invasion would be a disaster for India. The sea route from India to the Chinese coast is too long and it is well known that the region just beyond the Straits of Malacca, China considers it as their own territory and fiercely patrols that region with ships and submarines. That region is also dotted by many surveillance radars across many smaller islands. All surprise will be lost even before we reach the South China sea and Indian soldiers and navy will be sitting ducks the moment we get close to their shores.

3、对印度来说,海上入侵将是一场灾难。从印度到中国海岸的海上路线太长了,众所周知,马六甲海峡以外的地区,中国视其为自己的领土,用船只和潜艇对该地区进行频繁巡逻。在许多较小的岛屿上, 许多监视雷达也点缀着该地区。在我们到达南中国海之前,所有的惊喜都将消失,而印度士兵和海军在靠近他们海岸的那一刻就会成为瓮中之鳖。

Hence, it is better to fight them covertly and economically rather than thinking of an invasion.

因此, 与其考虑入侵, 不如秘密地,从经济方面打击他们


Banson Chong, Passionate about Dr Suns "Three Principals for the People". 对孙中山先生的三民主义很热衷
The only possible way to achieve the faintest probability of a victorious outcome is the remote likelihood of vanquishing Chinese entertainment through Bollywood, where well endowed Indian lovelies rigorously and rhythmatically shake their generous lungs, accompanied by joyous hordes of twisting and gyrating devil handsome lighter skinned males prancing in sync, derailing the oh so insipid state sponsored tedium repeats of ragged peasants overthrowing armed to the teeth KMT and Jap troops films.
The doped up Chinese audience may just decide to switch channels en mass to watch the trashy but yet more entertaining Indian arts.
How long can you keep selling the same "revolutionary" heroic diatribe ?
Farcical answer ? Yes. But that's the only achievable outcome in the context of the question.

获得胜利的可能性最小,也是唯一可能方法是通过宝莱坞击败中国娱乐产业。在宝莱坞, 富有天赋的印度人会严谨而有节奏地震动他们慷慨的肺部, 伴随着欢乐的扭动和旋转,魔鬼帅气的浅肤色男性同步蹦蹦跳跳,让这个无趣的的国家陷入困境, 发动那些乏味无聊的衣衫褴褛的农民推翻它,在国民党和日本军队的电影中,全副武装。
被麻醉的中国观众可能会决定转换频道, 观看那些垃圾但更有娱乐性的印度艺术。
一个滑稽的答案?当然 。但这是这个问题唯一可以达成的结果。

Milind Dev
India had never did any invasion in past. India will never do any such act in future. The core of Indian thought is based on LIVE AND LET LIVE.
India believes in VASUDAIVA KUTUMBKAM i.e whole world is a family.
China is huge country today. Invasion of China is hardly possible. But as the technology is developing very fast. Anything can be possible. But only when there is the will to do so. And India never believed in invasions.
India will never invade any country small or big. India will be super power in near future still will never invade.
Cultural invasion may take place in both the countries. As both the countries has great , rich , ancient culture.
India has already ( culturally )invaded China centuries ago.

印度过去从未发动过任何入侵。印度将来也绝不会采取这样的行动。印度思想的核心是基于和平共存。【 译注:LIVE AND LET LIVE 待人宽容;和平共存;自己活也让别人活】
印度人信仰 VASUDAIVA, KUTUMBKAM, 整个世界是一个大家庭。【 译注:KUTUMBKAM谷歌说是family,VASUDAIVA不知道】
印度绝不会入侵任何小国或大国。印度在不久的将来会成为超级大国, 但它永远不会侵略别国。
几个世纪前, 印度就已经(从文化上)入侵了中国。

Jia Gao, Artist at Gameloft 国人,
Emm, if anything can lead to the extinction of India's undead... So this is... We have a phrase in China called "no zuo no die" (google it)^_^
Our Spring Festival is approaching... I'll give you a pair of couplets, The left stick"no zuo no die why you try" On the right side of the stick"no try no high give me give"..The top of the door frame can be pasted.—-“Let it go”. It is especially suitable for the door of your government building.

恩, 如果有什么事能灭亡印度的话... 就是这事了(入侵中国)... ... 我们在中国有一句话叫做"no zuo no die" (自己google去) ^_^
我们的春节快到了... ... 送你幅对联,左边写着"no zuo no die why you try" ,右边写上“no try no high give me give ” 横批““Let it go”

【译注:这位老兄的English真是。。惨不忍睹,而且对联还写错了,正确说法是“no zuo no die why you try , no try no high give me five ” let it go! 】

Pham Nito, works at Students
Break all china in india.
Here bypass 10 thousand words.
Here bypass 10 thousand words.
Here bypass 10 thousand words.
Here bypass 10 thousand words.


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