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Cutting-edge £2million solar-panelled highway is targeted by thievesless than two weeks after it opened in China


· Solar panelled highway has been launched along a road inShandong, East China
· It can charge electric cars as they drive over and warmsup to melt snow and ice
· But thieves have stolen section of the stretch, which isaround 1.2miles long
By Alex Matthews For Mailonline PUBLISHED: 15:59 GMT, 7 January 2018 | UPDATED: 17:38 GMT, 7 January 2018


A cutting-edge solar-panelled highway has been targetedby thieves less than two weeks after it launched in China.
The innovative stretch cost £2million to build and is around 1.2 miles long on theJinan City Expressway Shandong, East China.
It is covered with more than 10,000 solarpanels, provides power for the city and comes with coils that can charge upelectric cars when motorists drive over them.


A cutting-edge solar-panelled highway hasbeen targeted by thieves less than two weeks after it launched in Shandong,China


The system can also make conditions on theroads safer by warming up to melt snow and ice.


During an inspection on January 2, a sectionof the highway, around six feet long and six inches wide, was discovered to bemissing.


The piece was removed by a professionalteam, according to Qilu Evening News.


Workers have have since repaired thepanels and the road has reopened to the public.


The highway was built by QiluTransportation Development Group, a state-owned transport infrastructurecompany.
In September, the group completed China'sfirst solar road, also in Jinan, after 10 months of construction.


The innovative stretch is around 1.2 mileslong and has been built on the Jinan City Expressway Shandong, East China.


+The highway is covered with more than 10,000 solarpanels, provides power for the city and comes with coils that can charge upelectric cars when motorists drive over them
The road is fitted with 7,104 sq ft ofphotovoltaic panels and has been connected to the power grid.


Last December, France unveiled the world'sfirst solar panel road in the small Normandy village of Tourouvre-au-Perche.
The 0.6-mile stretch is paved with 2,880photovoltaic panels, covering an area of 9,186 sq ft.
The road is expected to produce 280 MWh ofelectricity a year - enough to power the village's street lights.


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A. Wright-Burke,London Bridge, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
It was one 6ft x6" section, not so much of a big deal...


Lenz Lenz,Londoin, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago
There aresomething we are better at. This Chinese take away would have happened in lessthan two days in Liverpool.


CoramDeo,Lancaster PA, United States, 8 hours ago
Don't communistsown everything collectively. How can there be theft?


DemonicRats,Dallas, United States, 8 hours ago
Hilarious, thisis the flaw of ever tech geek who sees an automated future of robots. Peoplewill always suck and will steal your solar panels and smear feces on yourpatrol robot lol


CoramDeo,Lancaster PA, United States, 8 hours ago
Given that theysolar panels were made, bought, installed, and sold in China, the total cost ofthe theft amounts to roughly $0.00002 dollars.


eddiecurrent2000,Cardiff, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago
It'll never workand along with the other "solar roadways" they don't produce anywherenear the amount of energy to heat up or charge cars, it's utter and completerubbish. Look on YouTube for EEV Blog's Solar Roadways and look for "solarfreakin roadways" by thunderf00t, you'll begin to see howuseless these things are.


americanblood,Duluth, United States, 9 hours ago
Big Time thievesto steal so much of the freeway, solar system after only two weeks of beingopened. must have been a slow night when they removed the panels and no videocameras seen them do it.. 2,30


jenniferlyn, Nof Seattle, United States, 7 hours ago
I just read thatFrance's photovoltaic road cost $5.2 million. For .6 of a mile. It better powerthose village lights for ETERNITY!


SAMSUNG VS. APPLE, Manila, Philippines, 11hours ago
Good thing andbad thing may happen at the same time.


Sargeast 1,Huntsville, United States, 5 hours ago
All of 1.2miles, eh? At that high expense level, they must have let Musk design it.


zoltan,melbourne, Australia, 1 hour ago
NotisNotMe: Sohow many yards are there in 1.2 miles? Can you tell me without using acalculator or looking up a conversion chart? It's a problem isn't it?


k sveintec,Wilmington, United States, 1 hour ago
Idiot, Google it


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