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Faltering Pak-US ties


IS a collapse of Pak-US ties imminent or can a modicum of stability be salvaged? The signals from the US are far from promising.

巴美关系是即将崩溃,还是可以挽回一些稳定局面呢? 来自美国的信号远没有什么前景。

Step by step, US assistance to Pakistan is being withdrawn, the latest being an announcement on Thursday that all security aid to Pakistan has been suspended. While the suspension can be reversed and civilian aid has not yet been frozen, the trajectory becoming apparent is of progressively increasing US pressure on Pakistan.

美国对巴基斯坦的援助正在逐步撤出,这是周四宣布的最新消息,所有对巴基斯坦的安全援助都已中止。 尽管停滞不前,民用援助还没有冻结,但这一轨迹日益明显,美国对巴基斯坦施加的压力也在逐渐加大。

The publicly known demands of the US centre on further action by Pakistan against the Haqqani network and Afghan Taliban elements that may have found sanctuary in Pakistan.


In return, the US has promised unspecified greater cooperation with and assistance for Pakistan.


It ought to be clear why such a deal is unappealing for Pakistan: the already troublesome ‘do more’ mantra has been replaced with a ‘do more or else’ warning.


Even from a transactional perspective that Pak-US ties have slipped towards, a bullying US approach is unnecessary, unwelcome and threatens to achieve the opposite of what the Trump administration claims it is seeking.


A more welcome surprise has been the Pakistani state’s measured response to the US provocations. In the past, anti-American sentiment has been stoked among the public as a buffer against US demands. But that has mostly had the effect of reducing the room for the state to manoeuvre in the necessary but complicated relationship with the US.


Arguably, the withholding of financial assistance for military purposes to Pakistan may eventually prove to be a boon.


Since Pakistan began to cooperate with the US in the fight against Al Qaeda and indirectly assist the US-led war in Afghanistan, the money that Pakistan has received for vital military operations inside Pakistan has been attacked by extremists and militants as a symbol of a vassal state.


The US assistance has also made it more difficult for the state to convince the public that the domestic fight against militancy is Pakistan’s fight for its own interests.


With the financial assistance already having been throttled in recent years, a temporary halt may help the Pakistani state persuade sceptical sections of the public about the necessity of the fight against militancy, terrorism and extremism.


Pakistan’s deeply unfair taxation system can be improved to make up for unexpected budgetary shortfalls.


Yet, as both the political government and the military leadership appear to have recognised, Pakistan must continue to seek ways to cooperate with the US in areas where the two countries’ interests converge and manage tensions in areas where interests diverge.


The US may be undergoing political turmoil and there may be other regional and global centres that Pakistan can seek better relations with, but in an interconnected world built on a post-World War II US-led architecture, the US has the capacity to significantly hurt other countries.


Pakistan must proceed carefully.


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This write up reflects an evolved mindset but will not be entertained by anyone who matters in Pakistan.


Abdullah - Silicon Valley
People of Pakistan are free to make their choice. I stand with the United States.

巴基斯坦人民可以自由选择。 我和美国站在一起。

Very nice analysis.


Surrender, but in your terms.


Pain is always a two-way street, a never-ending circle when the other party also has capabilities. Do not underestimate 220 million people. Iraq and Afghanistan each had just over 20 million at the start of their wars. Pakistan is not a child that can be bullied. Although peace is the only thing we want.


@SYR - Very nice analysis.But where is the conclusion / actionable ?

@SYR - 非常好的分析。但是结论是什么呢?有什么可操作性吗?

Narinder Dogra
@Abdullah - Silicon Valley
Wise choice!

@Abdullah - 硅谷

You have some hopes that Pakistan’s deeply unfair taxation system can be improved to make up for unexpected budgetary shortfalls!


Couldn"t agree more!


Pakistanis' tough attitude deserves appreciation but they know the US cannot do much now.


Trump Et
Fact is, the whole Pakistani nation wants to break free from shackles of a one-sided relation which has given us nothing but dependence, dead bodies, debt and deceit. The future is bright. Please do not try to scare us. Won't work.

实际上,整个巴基斯坦国家都想摆脱这种一边倒的关系的束缚,这种关系什么好处都没有带给我们,只有依赖,死亡,债务和欺骗。 未来是光明的。可别想着要吓唬我们。 没有用的。

Let the aid dry up! It's not making a difference to ordinary Pakistanis, that's for sure.

就让援助滚远点吧! 这对普通的巴基斯坦人来说没有什么两样,这是肯定的。

Basically, the American generals cannot digest that Pak actually took terrorism by the horn and made Pak safer in 3 years. Americans are stuck in Kabul with all their might. Now they want Pak soldiers to die for them.

基本上美国将军们根本无法理解,这三年里巴基斯坦对付恐怖主义实际就是在吹吹喇叭,也让巴基斯坦更安全了。 美国人完全被困在了喀布尔。现在他们是希望巴基斯坦的士兵们真的为他们去死。

Last Word
Pakistan urgently needs to do coarse corrections in its decades old faulty foreign policy which has resulted in spoiling of relations with US along with neighbours.


The US should make the name of individuals, who have plundered the aid, public and proper accountability start against them. But the US should not punish the entire nation for the misdeeds of a handful individuals.


Atif Khan
Khwaja Asif, Abbasi, Maleeha Lodi and the foreign ministry deserve credit on thoughtful but forceful responses given to Trump’s rants on Social Media. Pakistan for the first time got a chance to get its side of the message accross and media outlets like CNN did support that.

Khwaja Asif,Abbasi,Maleeha Lodi以及外交部对于特朗普在社交媒体上的咆哮,都给予了深思熟虑但有力的回应。 巴基斯坦第一次有机会获得媒体的选边支持,像CNN这样的媒体也确实支持这一点。

Our policymakers must never have relied entirely on the manna of aid. Instead, they must have focussed on improving our economy. This is a great opportunity for Pak to introspect and improve. Instead, we now keep rhetorically to our relations with China and greatly look for their 30 Billion on CPEC. When will our people realize that unless we stand on our own legs and reform, we will never be respected around the world?

我们的政策制定者绝不能完全依赖于援助和赏赐。 相反,他们必须集中精力改善我们的经济。 这对巴基斯坦来说,是一个绝佳的机会来进行反思和改进。 反倒是,我们现在要维持与中国的关系,保持鲜明的对话,并全力争取其在中巴经济走廊项目上的300亿美元支持。 我们的人民什么时候才会意识到,除非我们坚定立场,自力更生开展改革,否则我们永远不会受到全世界的尊重?

Khawaja Nasir
Forget these US aids. After CPEC implementation and China as a big brother, we wont need anything.

忘掉美国的这些援助吧。 如果中巴经济走廊项目实施起来,而且有了中国这个老大哥之后,我们就不需要其他任何援助了。

Trump wants to cut ties.


@ga well said sir..the American can't even get out of bagram air base..so much for being a superpower

@ga 你讲得好,先生.... 美国人甚至都不敢走出巴格拉姆空军基地。作为一个超级大国,也就这鸟样。

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