【 Quora 】:为什么美国不接受难民,以缓解欧洲的危机?

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Why isn't the U.S. accepting refugees and helping out with the migrant crisis in Europe?

【 Quora 】:为什么美国不接受难民,以缓解欧洲的危机?

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I think possibly you are the recipient of bad data, or possibly lack the means to properly understand the data you have looked at. 
The United States is the largest aggregate destination for immigrants in the entire world. About 20% of all people with an immigrant status in the world are in the United States, but the United States represents only about 4% of the world's population. That is quite a large gap. Per capita, very few nations (and they are primarily small wealthy nations with large foreign laborer populations) have more immigrants. None of the large nations of Europe accept more people. 
The immigrants to the US are political and economic in nature, as well as refugees from across the world. And unlike many nations, they can become full citizens, and their children are guaranteed full citizenship with all rights at birth. There is no nation on the Earth not represented in the United States immigrant community. Including millions of people of Middle Eastern decent. 
I would be curious to see what data you are accessing that says otherwise. Either it is very inaccurate, or you are unequipped to properly analyze it. Perhaps posting your source could allow others to more accurately explain where you misinterpreted it.



States control immigration by simple economic principles. Welcome are immigrants that are economically exploitable and beneficial for the society. Not welcome are immigrants that add no value but are rather an economic burden. 
While sovereign states have the right to control economically motivated immigration, the situation is different for refugees. By international law, refugees have the right to seek asylum from persecution. Though western democracies, including the US have nailed their flag to the mast of respect for human rights and other high moral grounds, refugees are not welcome. In the short term, an influx of refugees adds no value, is an economic burden, and may results in social tensions. 
If the influx of refugees becomes too strong, states can't control and stop them. Consequently, neighboring states bear the largest burden of a refugee crisis. In March 2015, Turkey holds 1.8 million refugees, Lebanon holds almost 1.2  million, and Jordan has over 630,000. A small country like Jordan with 6 million inhabitants accepted twice as many refugees as the EU with about 500 million inhabitants. The USA only accepted 1500 Syrian refugees since 2011. In contrast, alone the German capital Berlin gave home to more refugees in July 2015 than the USA in 4 years.


The capacities of the neighboring states are more than saturated and their aid  organizations are pushed beyond the limit. As a consequence, Syrians  begin to move further afield in order to find help and safety. Many of them try to reach Europe and risk their life on deadly routes. 
The EU as the USA both follow a policy of closure. In the best case they admit a small amount of alibi refugees. Meanwhile the strict asylum policy of the EU collapsed due to the increasing influx of refugees. Since then we talk about a "refugee crisis", indicating that refugees are the problem and not the inhuman asylum policy of western democracies that aim at protection from refugees rather than protection for refugees.
The superpower USA hides away by regarding the refugee crisis as a European problem. They evade their responsibility by claiming that terrorists will be infiltrated by accepting Syrian refugees.
About 60% of all refugees coming to Europe are from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia. The US played an active role in the policy of these regions. They invaded, bombed, devastated, and helped to create chaos in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia. They support questionable groups to bring about a regime change in Syria and are meanwhile actively involved in the civil war. The majority of the people in these regions do not want "help" by the US.  The US together with its allies is co-producing the masses of refugees in the name of democracy, human rights, and other high moral grounds. 
But when it comes to very simple measures to apply human rights like protecting Syrian refugees, western democracies, in particular the US failed miserably.



Here are the reasons -
Security Issues -
They had their Sep 11. They know the risks in taking Islamic refugees. Forget about thousands of refugees they wont give individual visas also.
ISIS had given statement that it has smuggled its members among refugees.
About Those "4000 ISIS Terrorists Smuggled Into Europe As Refugees" Story...
European countries which take refugees are waiting for another Charlie hebdo incident.
Integration Problems -
Muslims do not integrate into the host country. Many of immigrants want Sharia law instead of constitution in host countries. So countries like Australia, NZ, US do not take refugees to protect their culture.
Sharia Law in Europe
Economic Factors -
Giving welfare to thousands has economic toll.
Saudi Arabia spends billions of dollars to promote Islam yet it is unwilling to take refugees because of the economic toll and security reasons.



Trump’s main reason for not accepting refugees in the United States is because, according to him these refugees are like “trojan horse”. Trump is tapping on to serious anxiety among people regarding the country’s serious security issues and worries about terrorism.
What Trump is ignoring here is that US refugee vetting system is the most rigorous in the western world. The total screening process can take anywhere from 18 months to 2 years and it involves multiple federal intelligence and security agencies who carry out a series of security screenings and checks.
The refugees coming to the US are the most vulnerable in the conflict stricken zones. Many are women, children, religious minorities and victims of violence or torture. What the President needs to realise is that by not accepting the Syrian refugees he is helping the ISIS in establishing their claim that the western world does not want to help the Muslims and that their ultimate salvation does lie in the Islamic Sate.



Because they want to look good. Since destruction of my USSR, I observe how we are taught that victim is one to blame in his/her problems. It is a criminal ideology of the West. West did always destabilize the third world to suck the best human resources and natural resources and keep the third world weak and, thus, stay dominant. At the same time, the West wants to maintain a good image of its crimes. It is therefore better to retarget the anger towards victims (like Saddam or Kaddafi) or next victims, like Russia. But they used to "destabilize" the disobedient world.



what is happening today in the Middle East is the result of the "Arab Spring" which resulted from a domestic instability in Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Egypt. Blaming it all on the 'evil USA' is a an attempt to remove responsibility from the Arab leaders and people.  
Despite all the above, the US put more money into humanitarian aid for this crisis than any other nation, 



Because USA Doesnot Want ANY Country to RISE Above its ECONOMIC VALUE…………..
Germany has Risen up has one of the ECONOMIC SUPERPOWER in Years….
There is No Way to CROSS the BORDERS in AFRICA to EUROPE without USA assistance Because USA has CONTROL OVER THESE AREAS to PROTECT any CARGO Ships from TAKEN OVER by PIRATES………USA is Assisting this to Create a CHAOS in EUROPEAN ECONOMY in ORDER To The Entangle this Situation into its Own ECONOMIC INTEREST………….
USA is Planning to Bring in a CIVIL CHAOS in EUROPE ECONOMY which is Driven By High Paced GERMAN and FRENCH ECONOMY



The Middle East has never been stable. I understand your question but I also think it's important to note the not even the middle eastern governments kept their own country stable. So it's not one country or one things fault nor one countries job to take care of the refugees. This isn't an issue where blame can be put on the shoulders of one countries but instead on the world. 
A lot of people will blame America for the destabilizing but this goes back to the world wars when France and Britain gained that land through war and they separated the countries by their oil. This then slit up tribes and people putting them together with their enemies. And this problem continues to go back even further to the Sunni vs Shi'ite problems. Only rather recently had America gotten involved when we look at all of history. Granted America has helped in some ways but has also not helped with the countries problems.
All I'm saying is that this should be a international issue and that's how it should be looked at. Also blame should


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