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glass-bottomed suspension bridge measuring a whopping 1601 feet long has opened in China.


The transparent footpath is the longest glass bridge in the world and is designed to 'sway a little' when tourists walk on it according to Chinese state media.


It's 191 feet longer than the previous record holder which is also in China.


The 6.5-foot-wide walkway hangs 755 feet above the ground - roughly the height of a 66-storey building - between two cliffs in the Hongyagu Scenic Area in Hebei province.


Don't look down! The 1601-foot-long glass-bottomed bridge opened on December 24 in the Hongyagu Scenic Area in China

Daredevils: Tourists jump on the transparent suspension bridge  which has been designed to sway 755 feet above the ground

The spectacular tourist attraction which opened on December 24 is paved with 1077 glass panels reported People's Daily Online citing China Daily.


Each of the panels is 1.5 inches thick and the whole bridge weighs 70 tonnes.


The most thrilling feature of the bridge could be its 'swaying sensation'.


Hebei Bailu Group the company that built the bridge told local reporters that they hoped the swinging motion could entertain the visitors as they take in the breath-taking scenery on the vertigo-inducing path.



Previously the world's longest glass bridge measured 1410 feet long and is situated in the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in Hunan Province southern China.


Record-breaking: The spectacular footpath is the longest glass bridge in the world breaking the previous record by 191 feet

The Hongyagu bridge could support a maximum of 2000 people. However to ensure safety the management would only allow 500 tourists to stand on it at any one time.


Last year the glass-bottomed bridge in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon was forced to close just 13 days after it opened due to an overwhelming number of tourists. Thousands of people had flocked to stand on the 984-foot-high structure every day causing safety concerns.


In 2015 a group of Chinese tourists were left screaming in terror on the side of a 3540-foot-high cliff in Henan central China after a glass pane on a new transparent walkway suddenly shattered.


Don't look down! Another Chinese scenic spot has built a transparent walkway that boasts dramatic special effects

 Vertigo-inducing: Measuring 1272 feet in length the 'Flying-dragon Glass Bridge' is situated on the lush mountains of Wuhu

Would you cross it? The 124 glass panels of on the bridge in Wuhu would appear to shatter when the tourists step on them

Glass-bottomed bridges are hugely popular in China and have been built all across the country.


Just one day before Hongyagu Scenic Area opened the world's longest glass-bottomed bridge another scenic spot in eastern China unveiled the country's first transparent walkway with special effects.


Situated on the lush mountains of Wuhu Anhui Province the 1272-foot-long glass bridge could appear to shatter when tourists stand on them.


In addition two dragon statues on top of the 590-foot-high bridge could produce smoke which makes the mythological creatures seemingly fly through the clouds.


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Barking OZ Australia 1 day ago
Looks beautiful but from the ground. No way in hell.


Honest Henry Halifax United Kingdom 1 day ago
Anything built by the Chinese is sure to break! You wouldn¿t get me on that!


Kagey3 Yorky at heart United Kingdom 1 day ago
I'd be pretty sure the computer i pad or mobile you're reading this on and commenting is made there


TheLane London United Kingdom 1 day ago
Very much doubt you could afford to visit China. So don't panic.


Bigbird Manchester United Kingdom 1 day ago
I'd not trust anything built in China.


paul littlebury london United Kingdom 1 day ago
Yeah like "Made in Britain" would inspire any more confidence :D


Sarcasm3108 Wilmslow United Kingdom 1 day ago
Not even for billion pounds would you get me on that..


Jonboi London 1 day ago
I'd do it for fifty quid mate!


madjake edinburgh United Kingdom 1 day ago
what about when it¿s rainingwouldn¿t that be like walking on ice?i think I¿d give it a miss anyway.


Jonboi London 1 day ago
Probably close it in inclement weather...


pattherat Costa Rica Costa Rica 1 day ago
No thanks I¿ll take the long route...


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