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What happens if you drop something on the street in Taiwan, China orHong Kong?


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It’s always going to be mixed results regardless if the experimentis done in Taiwan, China, or HK. In every country and in every city, there willbe people who help you and people who don’t help.


Living in Beijing for two years now, am pretty sure you can't findone person who would be willing to help you here, but you will find some whowill make a video of you, so there's that...


When I went up to Beijing for the first time last year and couldn'tfind my hotel (because I was an idiot and relied on google maps), someone Iasked in the street (with a kid as well) insisted on going out of their way by>45 minutes to help me find it


When I first came to Shanghai I went out for a little too much todrink and realised I had no clue where I lived, it was a good hour outside thecity in Baoshan.


Then realised my phone was out of charge and I couldn't get theaddress from it.


Well I went to these guys working on a scooter at 3am and asked ifthey could help me get some charge on my phone. In the end they helped me getcharge, and took the drunken laowai a 45 minute drive home.


I pretty much had to force them to accept 100 kuai for the helpthey'd given.


My experience of Beijing is that most people will go out of theirway if asked to help, but the asking is crucial.


Google maps..... China lmfao


Google maps (at least the .cn site) works in China with no VPN butthe location of many places such as hotels etc are marked incorrectly.


Well I eat my hat.


Exactly, I could repeat this many times and cherrypick the footageto satisfy my rhetoric.


So you really think that when you drop something in Taiwan or HongKong there will be the same percentage of people helping you to pick them up asif you dropped it in China?


This is misleading. The china shot is shot in a notoriousunderground mall in Zhuhai called GongBei. It's a sketchy place with plenty oftheives and zero security presence. I sure as hell wouldn't stop to pick uporanges in gong Bei.
Source: Lived abroad in ZhuHai in highschool and spent a lot of timebumming around gong bei


Gullible as I am I'd still help the guy, then get my wallet stolenapparently. Yet I find Chinese people generally very helpful, sometimes eventoo much, like asking my way and even if the guy have no clue he'll still tryto help me... in the wrong direction. But many times I saw worker on their wayto the office making a detour to bring me to the right address and things likethat.


I've never thought of gongbei underground mall as a sketchy place.
It's just another mall that sells knockoff luggage.
Edit: PROTIP: You can get cheaper knockoff luggage if you go to oneof the sidestreet shops above ground.


My thoughts exactly- lived in Zhuhai and frequently visited Gong Beion the weekends... The place was just always too packed to do much more thanjust glance at the knockoffs and continue walking...


[–]oneLpUnited States 14 points 13 hours ago
Oh yeah, the wretched hive of scum and villiany known as gongbeiunderground. I'm surprised one of the many toddlers in the video didn't knifethe guy and steal his oranges.


Steal his organs. FTFY


I was going to write the same thing. Gongbei is a zoo. I wouldbehave differently depending on where I was. In Taiwan I'd help someone pickstuff up but in Gongbei I'd definitely run in the other direction lest I getswarmed by a bunch of pickpockets or whatever.


How is it misleading? Some people help in Zhuhai and some don't. Andgongbei isn't as bad as you paint it.
Source: been going there since forever, still have my wallet andphone


Makes sense, actually. I noticed that in Zhuhai, the people whorefused to stop were mostly busy with their kids or carrying other bags. (Thelady at 1:30 would have had to place her sleeping child on the ground in orderto help the guy.) The guy wasn't exactly convincing in the way he dropped hisoranges. They may have assumed he wanted to snatch their bags/children.


Those two in the HK underground stopped swinging their kid to help.


No surprise it's Liberty Times. After Taiwan's plane crash theyposted on Tianya cursing Taiwanese to die, fake news.


Too many scammers exposed in China caused netizens to be wary ofhelping people. Heck there are little old grandmas claiming you pushed them ifyou help them up when they fall.


It makes me very sad because the younger generation is actually wellmannered and educated compared to prior generations.


As someone who has conducted multiple social psychology experiments,this was poorly conducted and no reputable journal would publish this on theirFacebook page. In the Taiwan scenario he was dropping the apples beside dudeshanging out and chatting on the sidewalk. They weren't doing anything, so ofcourse they would be more likely to help. In the Zhuhai version, he was at amall and was dropping the apples next to people walking by. The people walkingby were either there to buy something or might have been working. Comparativesocial psychology studies are only valid when all variables are the same exceptfor the behaviour you are trying to measure.
Lastly, the subject dropping the apples looked like an infomercialactor.


you're getting downvoted but you're right, this video is facebookbasic bitch-level shit.


I'm sure had they went to a quieter neighborhood street in anymainland city, found a random sidewalk with a group of men chilling whilechatting, they would have 100 percent helped the hapless fellow.


Hope you stopped doing experiments, since they show at least twomore locations in Taiwan with people walking by and not just standing.


You seem confident, if you're brave enough please go ahead and postit to /r/psychology and ask for their thoughts.


I am only stating that you are not very good at observation.


Post it to /r/psychology and if they agree with you, then I willapologize to you.
And you know exactly what I meant. Your video had no Taiwanese mallscenario, which was the major differentiating factor in people's willingness tohelp.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this video's main purpose was todenigrate Mainland Chinese people and make them look unfriendly in comparisonto others?


So your point is that this is not a scientifically controlledexperiment. Well done Sherlock. Must feel good that your experience ofconducting social experiments has reached this peak where you can provide suchfantastic insights.


Seems like you are bringing a lot of bias to your conclusions.
The title is as neutral as it can be. On the Chinese and HK bitsthere is no commentary on the video. Again, some help, some don't. You areusing the word denigrate on mainland people, why aren't you mentioning HongKong on the same issue?
Taiwan is filmed at night, probably worse than filming on a shoppingmall, where people usually go for leisure.


[–]whole5ome 1 point 1 hour ago
Personally, I wouldn't apply the results of these few experementingto the millions of people living in those regions.


Having lived in Zhuhai, and visited HK and Taiwan more than once,I'll say this: Mainlanders may not actually be more rude, but they sure do seemmore rude, for some reason.
I don't know where this confirmation bias stems from, if that's allit really is. But I found myself nodding all the way through the video.


I find that highly preferable to Taiwanese/Japanese style"Smiles politely but secretly hates your guts"


I'd prefer a polite smile from someone who hates my guts to someoneshouting random insults, personally.


[–]24theory 16 points 17 hours ago
I hope this dude try this in NYC one day. Half of his oranges willsurvive two drops max before them got stomped on by new yorkers.


What’s the point? Nobody yelled “Get the fuck out of my way” like inNYC.
At least show us some peasant squad raid.


I know you’re kidding but actually New Yorkers would help you everytime. UNLESS you’re blocking access to the subway during rush hour.


[–]sygedeUnited States 3 points 11 hours ago
Damn people have to make poorly conduct social experiments to feelbetter about themselves?


happens in canada too


Doesn't matter where you are, you shouldn't go around intentionallydropping your shit.


And....sometimes people will stop and help, sometimes they won’t.Big surprise?


Nobody in any place offered him a decent plastic bag


Taiwan banned free plastic bags. Otherwise we'd all carry extras tohelp wayward strangers. ;)


With the amount of awkward "please help me while my friendlifts your wallet" scams that go on in the mainland I doubt you'll getmany to help you out.


I don't care how cherry picked or inaccurate this video is. I havelived in Mainland China for 7 years and I have very rarely had someone help mewith ANYTHING if I didn't specifically ask them for help. They can be veryfriendly, welcoming and helpful people, especially to foreigners, no doubtabout it.


But what I think this video illustrates perfectly is that people onthe Mainland just don't seem to take as much initiative. They aren't as awareof their surroundings and what "could" or "should" be done.Seems like the phrase "go out of your way to do something" doesn'texist.


I genuinely wonder what the cause of that mentality could be


[–]TryToHelpPeople 3 points 13 hours ago
In shanghai just before Christmas I needed help to buy bandages andI stopped a girl on the street for help. She was very kind and went out of herway to help. My experience of Chinese people (as a foreigner) is overallsignificantly more friendly and willing to help random strangers than people inother countries.


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