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【原题】The Market That Sells Extinct Animals




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Rare Earth,2017年11月11日发布

Obviously, they aren't extinct. We just thought they were! It just turns out that the best way to find them is as meat.


Today's episode is on how scientific discovery is an ongoing process, and there are still plenty of ways to increase the knowledge of this world.


原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:Dextiny 转载请注明出处

2 months ago
the right place to turn veggie


Kunushi Knows
2 months ago
I cant express how much I love your series . Undoubtedly the best info-travel show online . Keep up the good work .

说不出我有多喜欢你的系列视频。毫无疑问是网上最好的旅游信息节目。好好继续干 。

Michael Berthelsen
2 months ago
If this is too squeamish for someone, they just shouldn't eat meat. This is reality, and if you're one of us who eat meat, you have to just accept that.


Ryan Ohlson
2 months ago
Aaaaaaand this series continues to be so damn good. Keep it up, I really love what you guys are doing, very well researched and well presented. It feels really well thought out, but also natural, which is tough to do.


Shugo Takahashi
2 months ago (edited)
That's awesome, I had absolutely no idea that this is how some new species are found. It never even occurred to me that there are places on earth where the locals know about and hunt animals that western science has literally never heard of.


Apiwat Chantawibul
2 months ago
I'm eagerly awaiting for you to come to Thailand, to perhaps tell me what I didn't know about my birth place.


1 week ago
So in theory, a species we consider extinct could exist in undiscovered or undocumented parts of the world


3 weeks ago
No Disrespect but you can't "discover" something that locals have been hunting and eating for years now. You're technically just rediscovering something. Don't do a christopher columbus


2 months ago
Nice snakeheads in a bucket footage there at the end ^^
Yes, food markets in tropical countries are a treasure trove for undiscovered or rare species - even fish in the amazon are constantly being described through specimens originating in meat markets that enthusiasts go out in the rivers to locate following their discoveries.
So yes, it is both a blessing to science, but can be a nightmare of science as well. If the species discovered at a meat market is in a fragile habitat, is being over-hunted, or the like... how do you tell locals not to kill it? ESPECIALLY the SE Asian traditional medicine market plays a major role in this, because it focuses on weird or rare species of plants and animals. It's just horrible...


2 months ago
I god damn love this channel


rupesh sharma
2 months ago
This is why...May be the ancient india. Choose to be vegetarian.. my observation it's not a law.
But be a breatharian.. it's new .


Minhao Lee
2 months ago
Thanks for the warning, didnt watch, but left a like


2 months ago
waht even is that ending, it scared the shit out of me lol


crap doodle
1 month ago
Ah! My home country I didn't know these animals were so 'rare' I just thought they were normal .


Gianmarco Garau
2 months ago
You series it's just amazing! In a world where every country it's getting more xenophobic we need people like you that tells us how interesting and similar to us other humans can be..


2 weeks ago
3:34 That's a smart way of keeping away flies

3:34 这是赶走苍蝇的聪明方法

2 months ago
Thank you very much for the warning at the start. Gave me time to pause and prepare myself for the cruelty. Very interesting video as well!!


2 months ago
Not saying you are wrong, but what you are ignoring, or at least not verbalizing, is that these bushmeat markets aren't only a treasure trove for science, but also a graveyard for species. For every species discovered there, there's probably half a dozen that go unnoticed, only to vanish in the stomach of some hungry person without even leaving the memory of them ever having existed.


Ben Shulman
2 months ago
In your end card you say "Long pigs" please tell me that there wasn't any human meet in the market cause long pork is slang for human meet

在结尾图上,你写了“Long pigs”(长猪),请告诉我市场上没有任何人肉,因为long pork(长猪肉)是人肉的俚语。

gam mal
4 weeks ago
"there were not known to science" how white of you. apparently science is monopolized by westerner. who knew eh? as if other people lack the ability to observe, experiment, test and reason with the world around them.


2 months ago
I love this series! Keep up the good work and thanks.


Rory Reade
1 month ago
u gon eat those noodles boi?


xxy romeo
2 months ago (edited)
Man, what a style! I like this guy


2 months ago (edited)
I was feeling uncomfortable seeing the meat. The subject was really interesting. Keep up the good work :)

看到肉我就感到不舒服。这个话题真的很有意思。好好干 :)

Magnus Bekkengen
2 months ago
This is true on so many levels, The western world that we live (me in Sweden) is not the world altho the western culture is spreading but is meeting resistance, take IS. But it would be ignorant to spread our beliefs and science without taking in the other′s viewpoint, we dont know the awnser to everything but if we all work as one, one day the planet whould look verry diffirent.


2 months ago
So ‘discovered’ = white people claimed to find?


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