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China will stop Indian military action in the Maldives: Global Times

China will stop Indian military action in the Maldives the state-run Global Times has said as there is no “righteous cause” for any armed intervention without UN backing.


The Beijing-based tabloid fired a warning shot at New Delhi which has been entreated several times by the former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed to help resolve a crisis in the honeymoon destination.

在马尔代夫前总统穆罕默德·纳希德(Mohamed Nasheed)为了解决这个蜜月胜地危机而发出的多次请求下,北京的小报向新德里发出了警告。

President Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency following a shock Supreme Court ruling ordering the release of his opponents including Nasheed. Yameen said he declared the state of emergency so he could investigate a plot to overthrow his government.

总统阿卜杜勒·亚米恩(Abdulla Yameen)宣布国家进入紧急状态后,最高法院发布裁决,命令释放其包括纳希德在内的政敌。亚米恩说他之所以发布紧急状态,是为了调查一个意图推翻其政府的阴谋。

On February 6 the day after the state of emergency was declared Nasheed said he wanted India to send an envoy backed by the military.


Beijing has asked the international community to respect the tropical nation’s sovereignty but the Global Times was much more strident in its Monday editorial.


“China will not interfere in the internal affairs of the Maldives but that does not mean that Beijing will sit idly by as New Delhi breaks the principle.


“If India one-sidedly sends troops to the Maldives China will take action to stop New Delhi. India should not underestimate China’s opposition to unilateral military intervention.”


India has said it is disturbed by the state of emergency but has made no formal comment about Nasheed’s requests while Indian media appears divided over the prospect of gunboat diplomacy.


On Sunday RaajjeTV said that 70 percent of people who took part in a poll on the subject opposed Nasheed’s request to India.


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#1 DOOKY R26; February 13 16:30
Bravo China
India is like an empty stomach loin cloth Fakir called himself muscleman
No one wants a war and deaths.
In poverty India many people are dying daily because of hunger disease cast clashes and killings.
Poverty India has lost her reputation in S.E.Asia long ago because of foolish foreign policy to satisfy the imported woman.


#2 Tim R26; February 14 06:20
No thanks China. We don’t want your war with India on our door step. We will manage internally and we will also explain as required between India and ourselves directly. No need to keep blowing up the issue and offering ‘protection’.


#3 MissIndia R26; February 19 23:21
India should not interfere in the squalid politics of Maldives. The current political mess is typical of Muslim countries where nothing seems to works.


India should take military action only if China interferes. The Indian Ocean is not the South China Sea.


With your Chinese mates issuing travel advisories to its citizens expect your tourist industry to hit rock bottom very soon. India and US are likely to issue travel restrictions too. You will soon be as welcome overseas as your Sunni brothers from Pukeistan.


It’s not looking good for you mallus. Best to leave for your jihad while you still have time.


Fuzzytruthseeker R26; February 22 03:15
“Pukestan” Don’t you see how much more repulsively hateful you are than 99.9999 percent of Muslims in the world?


#4 dooky R26; February 20 14:07
the old woman do you think the Maldives is part of poverty India?


First ask your beedi smoking to recapture your land taken by China during war else shut up.


He He He poverty Indians has no money for holidays at high-class resorts in the Maldives they come here to buy lux soap…there are no US tourists in the Maldives most are from Europe Middle East and China.


Indians are dying with an empty stomach and sickness beedi smoking Indian army invade the Maldives yes possible when you dream of your empty stomach.


Poverty Indians are unable to solve the water distribution health and education all are in mess with bribery babies are dying in hospitals without oxygen businessmen are running to west after looting bank .. the military is in a mess what a joke poverty India is trying to solve the Maldives crises this is not your business understand?



#6 MissIndia R26; February 23 15:19
Dooky I don’t think Maldives is part of India and hope it never will be. Which country in the world today would like to incorporate a primitive backwater populated by 350000 radicalised Sunni (Allah created this world only for us) Muslims? Every terrorist in the world today is a Sunni Muslim. What a coincidence!


We have millions of Sunni Muslims in India who live peacefully with other communities. They don’t attack Shias kill Ahmadiyyas or blow themselves up at Sufi shrines……as they regularly do in Sunni majority cesspits like Pukeistan. The hindu majority would never tolerate it. That is the power of Indian secularism.


Maldivians planning to travel to India for higher studies or medical treatment should go elsewhere. Why not do a PhD in Koranic Studies at Kabul University or get treated for Syphillis in King Salman Medical Centre in Jeddah or try the amazing Chinese medicine cures for mental disorders in the Medical University of Shanghai? Just don’t land up at Chennai Tiruvananthapurum Hyderabad or Bengaluru airports and give us a hard time.
We need a break from you Mallus.


DOOKY R26; February 24 14:37
Oh Pathetic old poverty Indian grandma. just Chinese Global Times barked and poverty India shut her mouth ..the whole world know the shit quality of your education .go and tell this to the Indians shit on streets .Among the best 200 universities in the world Singapore in 6th place but Indian universities are out.



Yes you have everything in Million poverty rape ..corruption ..caste related murders ..killing baby girls..babies dying in government hospital without oxygen …


Can poverty India has got one tourist resort like Maldive standard ?..most of the Maldivians are educated in the west ..poverty India is the best place in the world for organ transplanting to day this is why Maldivians come there where poverty Indian men and women sell their body organ for few hundred dollars …want surrogate mothers go to Gujarat where women are in queue to offer their services ..it is possible even for a Maldivian fisherman to buy a PhD from your universities for dollars.China has got world class universities and hospitals and investment facilities also is possible for a girls to walk alone in Shanghai in midnight while even in daytime girls area not safe in the raping capital Delhi …even after 2000 years poverty India can’t reach todays China got it ?


He He He it is common to see advertisements for AIDs in poverty Indian newspapers such amount of illiterate population to fool ..finally for corruption and adulteration the punishment in China is bullet in poverty India Z security or allow to slip through airports to foreign lands…in the west China always get front page news poverty India always n 3rd page few columns ..this is your glory .


MissIndia R26; February 25 14:13
Dooky I did not know that most Maldivians are educated in the West. No kidding! So what happened to you? Judging from your poor English I guess you’ve had a basic education in some back street madrasa.


It is laughable that an unsophisticated mallu like you from one of the most backward and politically unstable countries in South Asia to compare yourselves with Indians. Half the population of Maldives lives in Male probably the most overcrowded capital city in the world overrun with violent gangs and drug addicts.


Instead of building more and more luxury resorts that no Maldivian can afford and which benefit only a handful of politically connected owners your corrupt and chaotic government should build more universities and hospitals. Then you dumb islanders will no longer need to travel to India for higher studies or medical treatment and we Indians will not have to witness a planeload of jihadis turning up regularly at our airports. It will be a win win situation for both sides.
Which part of DON’T COME TO INDIA do you not understand?



DOOKY R26; February 27 00:31
Old woman of poverty India the new generation who run this country are all educated in Australia ..UK ..New Zealand understand ?Poverty India is the No: 1 illiterate country in the world and HIV is 10% higher than China ..most of your so called Panchayat (another poverty India Joke ) can’t even sign 30% of your MPs and M L A s have criminal records .There are countries big in size and also very small ever heard a country called Nauru and her population?but your poverty Indian can’t even dream a luxury resorts like one in Maldives.

来自穷困印度的老女人,马尔代夫的新一代都是在澳大利亚....英国....和新西兰接受的教育,你知道吗? 贫穷印度在世界上文盲率第一,艾滋病患病率比中国高出10%...你们印度所谓的村务委员会(有关贫困印度的另一个笑梗)没什么实权什么也签署不了,而你们30%的国会议员和立法议员都有犯罪记录。世界上有的国家大有的国家小,有没听过瑙鲁这个国家,知道其人口才有多少么?但是你们印度这个所谓的大国做梦都得不到像马尔代夫这样的美丽胜地。

There are 30 Million poverty Indians in Emirates and 20 Million in Saudi Arabia majority of them are cleaning toilets which is reserved only for Dalits in poverty India .Because of these Islamic countries many million of your poverty Indians eat..first call these Dalits back home and and write or shut up OK.If these Muslim countries send back these Indians they and their families will die like street rats in hunger .

在阿联酋有3000万贫穷的印度人,在沙特阿拉伯则有2000万人,其中大多数的印度穷人靠打扫厕所卫生养活自己,而这些打扫厕所的下贱工作只给来自贫困印度的达利特贱民们去做。都是靠这些伊斯兰国家,你们贫困印度的数千万人才吃得上饭....首先让你们这些达利特人滚回家去,学会怎么写字并管好自己的嘴,好吗? 如果这些伊斯兰国家把这些印度穷人赶回国,这些人只能像叫花子一样饿死在街头。

As usual your general knowledge is zero dont expose here. By the way you comment about English he he he all over the world at immigration desk officers laugh when your people your speak INGLISH he he he. Many years ago when Ex-PM Narashima Rao came to Maldives and delivered his speech on Radio the next morning all kids in Maldives laugh about his INGLISH this was a big joke for many months.

通常,你们这些印度人的知识水平基本为零,所以不要在这里秀下限了。还有你说我英语水平的评论,笑死人了,世界各国的移民管理局人员,听到你们印度人说印式英语时,都会呵呵呵,我真是要被逗死了。很多年前,当时你们前首相纳拉辛哈·拉奥(Narashima Rao)到访马尔代夫并通过广播发表演讲,第二天一早,整个马尔代夫的孩子们都在嘲笑他的印式英语,整整持续了数个月的笑柄啊。

G R26; February 26 07:33
Ok Pakistan now we genuinely believe you have nothing productive to contribute.
Peace to Maldives from India.


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