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What does China want from India?


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Vijay Khandekar, Lead Marketer| Growth | IIM Alumnus
Let’s first know ==> “What China does NOT WANT from India??”
==> “Peaceful and cooperative friendship between two equal partners.”
And, the main reason for this is:
Look the GDP growth forecasts for India and China by World Bank.
China understands that India is catching up fast and it is the only nation that has the potential in next 50 years to seriously undermine Chinese order.
This is because of the sheer weight of our numbers.
Just like in the initial stages of WW2, inferior Russian forces were able to halt superior German forces by their huge and almost infinite size of army and land.
It is only India and India alone that has in the future the potential to give Chinese a bloody nose if we get our act together.
Now, coming to the question ==> What does China want from India?
1)China wants to dominate the world (But world’s attempt to equate India with them is haunting them)
As detailed out in the book “The Hundred year Marathon” by Michael Phillsbury, China wants to achieve dominance in the world by replacing USA as the pre-eminent power of 21st Century.
Hence, for them any coupling of India and China is naturally insulting.
The truth is that we are nowhere near China economically, politically or militarily. Our 65 years of corrupt political establishment has hallowed us from within.
China knows this and it resents any attempt to equate India with them.
2) India’s agreement on One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) - “The Silk Road Project”
China is keen on a high-level Indian participation in for its mega One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) connectivity initiative spanning across Europe, Asia and Africa.
India, however, remains wary of the ambitious project, especially because it includes China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor (CPEC) running through PoK.
The other reason is, India perceives the move as Beijing’s attempt to expand its influence in the region but also because it includes CPEC.
3) Tibet
“Tibet remains the core issue in China-India Relations!”
Beijing says Tibet is a core issue for China.
The more important reason is that China is seeking to advance its strategic interests in the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction, which overlooks the narrow neck of land that connects India’s northeast with the rest of the country.
Should the chicken’s neck ever be blocked, the northeast would be cut off from the Indian mainland.
Shela Pass (Tawang Border)
4) A pie in growing Indian economy
From smartphones to PM Modi’s bullet train project to electric vehicles; China wants a pie in the growing Indian economy.
Indian Smartphone Market Revenue (2016) ==> 1.4 lakh crore
India’s Mumbai- Ahmedabad Bullet Train Corridor ==> 1.08 Lakh Crore
Indian EV Market ==> ??
That’s more than 2.5 lakhs crore.




Jay Desai, studied at Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (2019)
China wants following things ;
Profits : The Chinese companies have been investing heavily in India as they want to make profit. Almost every Chinese company is present in India.
Territory : It claims Indian state Arunachal Pradesh as Southern Tibet. It wants Indian territory which rightfully belongs to India.
Economic Surrender : China wants to make India its client state like other countries. It was insisting for India's participation in OBOR due to this motive only.
Contracts : It wants India to give several big contracts to it's companies. It wants to construct the bullet trains in India.
China’s high-speed train maker launches operations in India


Josue Diaz, Ph.D Public Policy, New York University (2018)
Subservience. Note that China’s displeasure is not with India, but a rising India. In relative terms, any country that is doing well will have some share of the pie and therefore is a threat to China. Especially a strong neighbor will be less likely to be bullied for a land grab or unfair trade practices. The Chinese culture does not believe in sharing or contributing, it is all about the self-interest. Hence China would love to see India, or any country that is doing well for itself, in decline.


Gautam Goyal
Chinese imports from India amounted to $16.4 billion or 0.8% of its overall imports, and 4.2% of India's overall exports in 2014. The 10 major commodities exported from India to the China were:
Cotton: $3.2 billion
Gems, precious metals, coins: $2.5 billion
Copper: $2.3 billion
Ores, slag, ash: $1.3 billion
Organic chemicals: $1.1 billion
Salt, sulphur, stone, cement: $958.7 million
Machines, engines, pumps: $639.7lmillion
Plastics: $499.7 million
Electronic equipment: $440 million
Raw hides excluding furskins: $432.7 million
Chinese exports to India amounted to $58.4 billion or 2.3% of its overall exports, and 12.6% of India's overall imports in 2014. The 10 major commodities exported from China to India were:
Electronic equipment: $16 billion
Machines, engines, pumps: $9.8 billion
Organic chemicals: $6.3 billion
Fertilizers: $2.7 billion
Iron and steel: $2.3 billion
Plastics: $1.7 billion
Iron or steel products: $1.4 billion
Gems, precious metals, coins: $1.3 billion
Ships, boats: $1.3 billion
Medical, technical equipment: $1.2 billion
China is third largest investor in the world.
they want profit from whatever source and by whatever means


Charlie Will, former teacher
until today,India still thinks India is powerful than UK,even than China。China has taken back Hong Kong and Macau peacefully。i think its dangerous between China and India for territory dispute。sooner or later,China must take back all territory occupied by India。the problem of territory has hurt China too much。from 1840 to today,some country still want to insult China。it never can be accepted。


Jin Yang, a teller of Chinese culture,a learner of English
Economically,Chinese companies want some support from the Indian government ,Chinese companies want to get more Indian market.Especially the Internet companies,such as Alibab,Xiaomi and so on.
Politically,the China-Idia border conflict is hoped to be resolved reasonably.
China wants India to support Chinese policy,One Belt One Road.Because India is the largest country along the line.
I think these three points are very important,of course,there are other aspects.


Achal Gautam (??? ????), lives in India
China wants the following things from India-
disputed Territories of Arunachal Pradesh (South Tibet)
Official acceptance of Aksai chin as part of China
Domination of Asia and India should be a mute spectator or help to grow Chinese Influence.
India should become part of CPEC
India should not disturb new Chinese satellite sate of Pakistan
India should open its market to China. Some sort of free trade aggrement


Prafull Billore
Interesting question.
China wants India to be silent, because China wants to be the only king of Asia. And India is not letting get it done easily. Because, every one wants to be on the top of everything. Same rule applies here in world's countries. Every single country wants to be known as the powerful country in its continent at least. So does China.



Utkarsh Kumar, learner & probationer
MONEY …the huge trade deficit India has on china
TERRITORY…. the entire northeast of India
SUPERIORITY…. over Indian ocean



Albert Liu, former Retired Engineer
Be a good neighbor and respect each other’s territory. Partner instead of rival. Don’t be “played” by other countries. Stay focused on internal development.


What does China want from India?
Why are Indian friends keep asking such unfriendly questions on Quora? And I guess the most upvoted answer writes exactly what you think, is that right?
Peace, friendship, and development of both countries are what China wants from India. Why are you talking about other things when Chinese only wants to make friends and do business? Or do you think China does not deserve to be a friend of India?


Haiyan Chen, Native Chinese have the most real experience of China
The question now is not what China wants to do to India, but what is India doing to China?
Look at the history of China, China has always been concerned about their own, rather than the surrounding countries. China is now a huge territory, through the national tolerance of each other, rather than aggression.
India has been keen to compare with China for years. Its fundamental is for China's rapid development of jealousy and envy.
Of course, the Indians will never admit it. They will say, well, we have democracy, we do not envy you. So, stop and compare with China?
China really do not want to pay attention to India.

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