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Former MI6 boss Sir Richard Dearlove has warned Chinese telecoms giant Huawei could ‘disrupt national security' in a crisis if it was allowed to help build new, high-speed internet infrastructure.

英国军情六处前局长理查德 迪尔洛夫爵士警告称,如果中国电信巨头华为被允许帮助建设新的高速互联网基础设施,它可能在危机中“扰乱国家安全”。

The ex spy chief also warned against taking mobile phones to China over fears they could be hacked.


In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Sir Richard ? who worked at MI6 for 38 years ? has slammed the Government's decision to allow Huawei to take part in the construction of Britain's new ultra-fast 5G internet network.



Earlier this year, Australia banned Huawei from taking part in the construction of its own 5G network. Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, last week blasted the UK's plans to allow the firm to do so here ? claiming it would allow China to ‘control the internet of the future' and ‘divide Western alliances through bits and bytes'.

今年早些时候,澳大利亚禁止华为参与自己的5G网络建设。美国国务卿迈克 蓬佩奥上周抨击了英国允许该公司在英国这么做的计划,称这将使中国“控制未来的互联网”,并“通过网络分裂西方联盟”。

Sir Richard, who worked across the world as a frontline MI6 officer before rising to lead the organisation, warned Huawei could be ordered by the Chinese state to insert secret chips into 5G infrastructure that could be ‘triggered' to disrupt British technology. He said Huawei's insistence it is independent of the Chinese government was ‘irrelevant'.


He added: ‘It's a significant strategic company in the People's Republic of China and if the Communist leadership of China says to Huawei at some point, “jump”, the response is: “Well, yes, how high do you want us to jump?” It's not: “No.” ' He added that China was ‘very aggressive' in its intelligence gathering and even warned Britons against taking their normal phones on trips there.



‘We will never harm any nation or individual.'


I worked behind the Iron Curtain for a period of almost four years, living under scrutiny and surveillance, with microphones in my house and being followed around all the time.'


These are not words one would usually expect to hear at the AGM of a small listed company. But not many firms can boast a former head of the Secret Intelligence Service as their chairman.


Sir Richard Dearlove is renowned as the man who headed up MI6 during a critical period in the history of this country at the time of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and the commencement of the controversial War On Terror.

理查德 迪尔洛夫爵士因领导军情六处而闻名,当时正值美国历史上一个关键时期,纽约9/11恐怖袭击和有争议的反恐战争开始之际。

After 38 years in the service many of which were spent in frontline positions Dearlove left the organisation in 2004. But rather than slinking away into an anonymous retirement, the 74-year-old has gone on to build his name in the worlds of business and academia.


Today, he is a director of US oil and gas firm Kosmos Energy and chairs insurance firm Ascot Underwriting, the University of London and Crossword Cybersecurity, a start-up that recently listed on the London Stock Exchange. It's his work at Crossword that means Dearlove spent last Thursday hosting investors in the drab offices of a City of London law firm a far cry from operating behind the Iron Curtain in Prague.

如今,他是美国石油和天然气公司Kosmos Energy的常务董事,并担任保险公司Ascot、伦敦大学和最近在伦敦证交所上市的初创公司Crossword网络安全的主席。在Crossword工作,意味着迪尔洛夫上周四在伦敦金融城一家律师事务所单调乏味的办公室接待投资者,这与他在布拉格铁幕后的工作相去甚远。

Crossword remains a minnow valued at around 24 million following a sharp increase in its share price in the months since it moved its listing to the LSE from rival small stock exchange Nex but Dearlove is confident it can exploit a fast-growing market.


The firm, which has 35 employees, acts as an incubator by turning university research into marketable cyber security products for businesses. Its main product is Rizikon, a tool that allows firms to analyse their IT systems and ensure they are sufficiently protected against cyber threats.



Dearlove has written the foreword for a report by the Henry Jackson Society, a think-tank that will warn Huawei's involvement could pose a national security risk.

迪尔洛夫为亨利 杰克逊学会的一份报告撰写了前言。亨利 杰克逊学会是一家智库,其警告称,华为的参与可能构成国家安全风险。

It first emerged last month via a controversial leak that led to the sacking of Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson that the Government had chosen to allow Huawei to supply non-core technology for 5G, which could include antennae and other network components. The new technology is an upgrade to 4G and 3G, which provide internet connections to mobile phones. 5G promises to offer ultra-fast internet, which could enable people to download films, for instance, on their phones within seconds.

上个月,英国国防部长加文 威廉姆森被解职,引发了一场有争议的泄密事件,首次披露了政府允许华为为5G提供非核心技术,其中可能包括天线和其他网络组件。这项新技术是对4G和3G的升级,这两种技术为手机提供互联网连接。5G有望提供超高速互联网,例如,人们可以在几秒钟内在手机上下载电影。

The network could also be used to enable self-driving cars to operate, using live maps and traffic updates, and lead to new, advanced forms of artificial intelligence.


Dearlove is deeply concerned about the potential involvement of Huawei, fearing the company could be forced to do the bidding of its home nation. At best, this could mean intelligence gathering. At worst, it could effectively mean taking control of British technological infrastructure. ‘This is an issue of national security, so it has pretty profound implications,' he says. ‘I'm, in common with a number of others, strongly opposed to allowing Huawei a significant role in the UK's 5G systems.'


Huawei has been present in the UK for 18 years and has 1,600 employees here. But Dearlove insists that ‘controlling Huawei risk at the 4G level is only marginally relevant to controlling Huawei risk at the 5G level'.


He fears, for instance, that Huawei could potentially insert secret chips into infrastructure that could go undetected but be ‘triggered' to disrupt technology at a later date. He says: ‘You lose control of your robots as it were, maybe, to a foreign power. In a crisis, they might be able to disrupt our national security communications.'


In defence of Huawei, supporters point out the firm is independent of the nation's government. But Dearlove dismisses this as ‘irrelevant'.


‘It's a significant strategic company in the People's Republic of China and if the Communist leadership of China says to Huawei at some point, “jump”, the response is: “Well, yes, how high do you want us to jump?” It's not: “No.” '



Such warnings might be written off as mad paranoia if they came from anybody else. But Dearlove, an intelligence veteran, commands respect when it comes to security issues. And it's this same experience that has enabled him to move seamlessly into the business world.


One issue that still exercises Dearlove is the ‘inaccurate' portrayal of the secret services in popular culture. The James Bond series of films, he says, is a prime example. He says the thrillers written by John Le Carré and Alan Judd provide a ‘much more honest picture about what life in MI6 was like'.

一个仍然困扰着迪尔洛夫的问题是,在流行文化中对特勤局的描述“不准确”。他说,詹姆斯邦德系列电影就是一个很好的例子。他说,约翰 勒卡雷和艾伦 贾德所写的惊悚小说提供了一幅“关于军情六处生活的更真实的画面”。

In stark contrast to the womanising 007, Dearlove has been happily married for more than 50 years and dismisses the macho image of MI6 portrayed in the films.


‘It wasn't a chauvinist environment at all. Women have an important role to play in
espionage and security, and always have done.'


So would a female James Bond a proposal that has raised eyebrows among some Bond
fans help redress the balance? ‘If there's a capable person to do it, it doesn't matter
whether a man or a woman, they should get the job.'

那么,让一些邦德迷侧目的女版詹姆斯 邦德的提议会有助于平衡吗?“如果有一个有能力人来做这件事,不管是男人还是女人,他们都应该得到这份工作。”
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Bill Stickers
Not rocket science. Only a deeply flawed person who isolates themselves from the real world listening only to lickspittle advisors. Thank god she isn't in charge of anything important, like the future of this country. If that were the case our political class would have to do something other than submitting expenses claims.


If you trust these people then you must be needing attention, how come she is still in the top position.


Well said Sir! Why does Terrie May NOT listen to Professional Educated People such as you?

说得好先生!为什么特蕾莎 梅不听你这样受过专业教育的人的话?

Unreasonable Kant
His advice to business people is 30 years too late.



I might add that it is a little bit over the top for the DM to write anything about technology when their own website is becoming almost impossible to read. When can we expect to be able to read a story without video codes crashing over the text? The DM can?t operate its own website.


No way should Huawei be given any more of a foot hold in any Western country than it already has. But this so called article is just more promoting of the DM in-crowd. We all need to keep in mind that it is perfectly possible for there to be two bad guys in the game. Huawei And a bought and paid for Dearlove.


Says he and can barely operate his computer.


Heh heh, looks like only Apple products are in danger of being hacked in China.


Is it safe to use a Huawei phone in the UK?


Unreasonable Kant -> Boredcynic69

I always take my Huawei phone to China!


Unreasonable Kant -> Robbie-London
They know.


Security Ha. It's all about the money honey and vested interests.



Like politicians, it's money before anything else.


Will somebody please publish the facts lets see the evidence that Huawei is actually spying !!!!


It is just naivety to suggest you could safely let an untrusted supplier work on 'non-core' components and everything would be OK. If you let someone work on the periphery, you necessarily have to give them information about he next level up that they have to interact with - essentially there is no such thing as 'non-core'. But of course these decisions are made by politicians who probably have to get their PA to switch on their computers for them.


Has May's husband got a hidden financial interest in this deal. Would not surprise anyone.


Was in China recently and my Vodafone was misbehaving'. What was interesting is they ban the BBC and Sky news but the Mail online is available through the great Chinese firewall. I wonder if there is a reason.


Certainly would not have any sensitive Apps(banking etc) on my smart phone if it was Whoarewe.


Is the US trying to make out the next Dr No will be a chinese and the next baddie country will be joining Russia too?


Dubi Yave
There is absolutely no point in Sir Richard telling us about his fears for the cyber security of the British Isles, we little people have no say in the matters discussed. It's all down to secret talks of the National Security Committee in government the mindless May glove puppets who slavishly follow Mrs. May's edicts on everything she chooses as the topic of the day. So whatever our opinions may be we are never going to be consulted on the matters discussed or the decisions made. Has he spoken to the members of the security services, they might carry some weight, though I doubt it in light of Mrs. May's stubborn intransigence and I-know-best attitude.



Never, EVER trust the Chin ese...........!!!!


Horst Wessel
When I get the urge to visit a bloody Commie Country, I'll be sure to leave my phone at home. Might have to stop using it if the Comrade gets in here anyway.


He looks like a right devious tw&t.


The minute you see democratic countries unwilling to deal with huawei should tell you something. When inteligence departments tell you do not trust or use them in infrastructure projects like 5g that should tell you something. But once again theresa may makes the wrong decision. This woman is totally incompetent. My god why didnt these intelligent tories see this before voting her as pm. She wants to not only ruin the conservative party but also our great nation.

当你看到不愿与华为打交道的皿煮国家的那一刻,你应该明白一些事情。当情报部门告诉你不要信任或在5g这样的基础设施项目中使用它们时,这应该会告诉你一些事情。但特蕾莎 梅再一次做出了错误的决定。这个女人完全不称职。我的天啊,为什么这些聪明的保守党人在选举她为首相之前没有意识到这一点呢?她不仅想毁掉保守党,还想毁掉我们伟大的国家。

Grumpy but cool
Pretty obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense.


Dubi Yave -> Grumpy but cool
Common sense and the government's national security council decisions are contradictions in terms. They just don't mix.


Flavius Vespasian
Not could use it to gather information, they WILL


We cannot take the risk nomatter how small. but may is either on the take Or thick


hasleftthebuilding -> Jammyboy123
or both


The Decimator
The real reason for all this anti-Chinese mantra is the fear that is economic tentacles will be too entrenched to disentangle. It's economic war not spy war.


Plea to any important businessmen, please don't throw away your phone after visiting China . . . give them to me, the sort on inane crud I send and receive will confuse the heck out of any spies !


Local Voters
She has put our alliance with 5 eyes at risk.. none will deal with us if we go ahead. She is a nieve fool..!

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