【下】油管网友评论 华为P30 Pro首部竖屏电影《悟空》
2019-06-11 UP机器人 30120
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Huawei releases short film 'WuKong' filmed by Huawei P30 Pro

油管网友评论 华为P30 Pro首部竖屏电影《悟空》
原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:UP机器人 转载请注明出处

michael yan
Trump can slow Huawei like that snake, but he cant stop Huawei using best technology changing the world.


There are a lot of metaphors in it. Do you see that?

其中有很多隐喻。 你看懂了吗?

Kalakarita Sansar
9/10 my birthday! Wow! Huawei OS is coming. Many celebrations!

9 / 10我的生日! 哇! 华为操作系统即将问世。 恭喜

Batam City Tour
Brilliant clips... Simple stories and grassroots yet very dense and universal... Looking forward for more contents like this and Those P30 Pro is indeed amazing...

精彩的剪辑... 简单的草根故事,但非常密集和普遍... 期待更多像这样的内容,那些P30pro效果确实令人惊讶..

Candice Leong

Did that little guy just turned the same snake into his dinner after got bitten by him ? Haha the boy has got bloody guts!! go Huawei technologies

那个小家伙被蛇咬了之后,是不是把同一条蛇变成了他的晚餐? 哈哈,这小子真是胆大包天! 加油,华为科技

William Limarjo
So Huawei gonna launch Ark/HongMeng OS on 2019-09-22

华为将于2019-09-22推出方舟 / 鸿蒙操作系统?

Alvin d
There is time to be a follower...and also a time to rise up to be the leader.


yi owyang
Keep going. Focus on your quality. We are backing you.

继续。 关注你的品质。 我们支持你

Travis Bickle
Filmed vertically. Im out

竖屏拍摄。 我落伍了

Jonathan Bethune
Really impressive. I liked the story to, every kid has that running thru his mind at one point or another;) I sure did.

真是令人印象深刻。 我喜欢这样的故事---- 每个孩子都有这样或那样的想法 ;) 我也是。

This is shot on the huawei p30 pro apparently and the first ever vertical film shot especially for mobile viewing

这是在华为 p30 pro 上拍摄的,也是有史以来第一部适合手机观看的竖屏电影。

yang ji
Fountain pen represents the modernity that people enjoy everyday but the US can banished you from it at will.The journey in the mountains represent the hardships Chinese people endured to gain controls of the destiny i.e. technological self sufficiency. The snake is obviously the US.

钢笔代表着人们每天都在享受的现代化,但是美国可以随心所欲地将你驱逐出去。 这次深山之旅代表了中国人民为了掌握自己的命运,即技术自给自足所经历的艰辛。 这条蛇显然就是美国。

Philip SF

Ray Mak
This is extremely genius!


Bobba Frost


Light body
such a great device, what a shame!.


muddy mudder
This is so good gives warmth to my heart


之南 陇
5:30 小孩拿的电影票上“东局子礼堂”都成“冬橘子影院”了


film that was made in portrait mode? wtf? amazing camera!

用人像模式拍摄的电影? 卧槽?神奇的相机

i am a chinese,i crying,cuz i fight we fight for our dream for who we are.


Christian Tan
Nice story, nice music. Good job!

不错的故事,不错的音乐。 干得好

Andreas Josef
Long path in jungle is USA, and their way to slow down the kid, but in the end the kid arrive in the future. Even though slowed down, Huawei will be in the future, while USA stay on the past

丛林中漫长的道路是美国,以及他们让孩子放慢脚步的方式,但最终孩子仍然到达了未来。 尽管放慢了脚步,但是华为仍然是未来的,而美国仍然停留在过去。

Phayoun Houm
Not better than my Galaxy note 9

比不上我的 Galaxy note 9

Happy Happy Happy
Very well done piece of work from a Huawei P30 Pro. I admire Huawei's both spirit and products and specifically bought myself a Huawei Mate20 Pro (a bang for the current price) knowingly that the global ban on Huawei will take effect a couple of days later. This is not about politics. To be honest, I think Huawei did 'listen' to consumers when they made designs that produced the Mate and P series. I look forward to them having their own OS and continue the innovations made for the people .....UP HUAWEI! A loyal fan sends his regards.

华为 P30 Pro 拍摄的作品非常棒。 我很欣赏华为的精神和产品,明知全球对华为的禁令将在几天后生效,我还特意为自己买了一台华为 Mate20 Pro。 这与政治无关。 老实说,我认为华为在设计 Mate 和 p 系列产品时确实"倾听"了消费者的心声。 我期待着他们拥有自己的操作系统,并继续为人民创新...加油华为! 一位忠实的球迷向你问好。

Lance Asingioro
Bear Grylls! You got company!

贝爷! 你有同伴了!

romeo cruz
Vertical video for a mini movie?nice camera though

竖屏微电影? 不过相机不错。

Im Đannysaur
This small movie is foreshadowing something


Kwok Fai Lam
蛇咬一口蘋果, 蘋果死了, 蛇咬一口我, 我把它吃了

Aiwo God

Rita Amp
Are you sure it was taken by a phone camera? WTF

你确定是手机摄像头拍的吗? 卧槽