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Do you, as a Northern Vietnamese, think you are a Southeast Asian or East Asian?

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Tran Phuong Hung, Know Vietnamese, love home-town Hanoi, my birth place.
Updated Sat
I, a northerner can tell you that the general view of northern Vietnamese is that 99% of Vietnamese consider themselves to be East Asians. But wait…this only means they view themselves similar to the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese as almost all native Vietnamese are not even aware of the term East Asians which seems more prent and has meaning I think only to some Asians in the Western world.


Science rankings (world’s top 20)
01 Singapore
02 Japan
03 Estonia
04 Taiwan
05 Finland
06 China: Macao
07 Canada
08 Vietnam
09 China: Hong Kong
10 China: Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Guangdong
11 South Korea
12 New Zealand
13 Slovenia
14 Australia
15 UK
16 Germany
17 Netherlands
18 Switzerland
19 Ireland
20 Belgium


The promising future of Vietnam is in the hands of these bright and hard-working youngsters.


FIELDS MEDAL : Again Vietnam is rubbing shoulders with other East Asians on the senior levels. On the 2018 list , Vietnam, China, and Japan feature among the only 24 countries in the world which have ever been awarded Fields Medals ( Ngo Bao Chau for Vietnam) in the history of Mathematics awards. They were the only 3 countries in the whole of East Asian and South East Asian regions to have ever received this honour .


Most Vietnamese are not wannabe Chinese, Japanese or Koreans as we sometimes are wrongly accused of . We are in fact a proud people and wannabe nothing but …Vietnamese. However we do look up to them with admiration and are shadowing them to develop our economy and even…. Football. What is more true is that Vietnamese are proud to be associated with east Asian countries particularly china. Hopefully one day we will catch up with our fellow east Asian peers. For now Our Vietnamese sense of identity is extremely strong believe it or not. Just Look at the history to see how the Vietnamese fought china for thousand of years for independence. We are Vietnamese with east Asian/Chinese ancestry.


We think and feel Vietnam is currently being treated with kinship and comradery by all 3 East Asian countries at governmental levels politically and economically. That's not to say there are no conflicts particularly with China but I feel it will never get out of hand like in 1979 or in past history. Both countries need each other and have learned a lesson on how to get along. Vietnam and China relationship very much resembles a difficult marriage perpetually falling in/out of love but never ending in a divorce - Love at the moment so it seems.


Vietnam (north) and Guangdong and a couple of other provinces in south China used to belong to the same country Nam Viet (Nam Yue) before the Viets broke away. See below how the entire north Vietnam up to Ha Tinh province formed part of Nam Viet or Nam-Yue then swallowed up by the Han Dynasty from around 111 BC.


We are warlike people like other east Asians in war times. We strive in peace times with strong emphasis on education and work ethic for prosperity.


A sizable percentage of Korean ancestry came from ancient Vietnamese who migrated into the Korean peninsula a few thousand years ago. Researchers from Korea found evidence of this from DNA and artifacts.


We are an Important trading partner of China Taiwan Japan and south Korea and vice versa. They must have great belief in and a sense of kinship with their east Asian brothers and sisters to invest an obscene amount of dollars in Vietnam.


We are renowned gamblers just like the Chinese .


In conclusion, genetically, culturally and emotionally we consider ourselves East Asians; geographically and also emotionally we are definitely Southeast Asians.



Hilo Bay Ba
Answered Jun 1
Northern and Southern Vietnamese don’t think they are East or Southeast Asians, but Vietnamese.
However Vietnam has the best relationship with both East and South East Asia.
Vietnam has better relationship with all East Asian nations than they do with each other.


China: Vietnam and China have disputes, but China has never used economic warfare on Vietnam as they have done with Korea regarding the THAAD issue. The Chinese and Vietnamese don’t hate each other to the extent of China and Japan. Vietnam is the only country to avoid retaliation from China. For example, the Chinese banned Filipino bananas over South China Sea dispute but spared Vietnamese goods.


Korea: Vietnam has an amicable relationship with both North and South Korea, better than they do with China and Japan. No conflict what so ever between the two. Korea is a big investor and trade partner of Vietnam and increasingly more cultural exchanges between the two counties. Vietnam is the only country with friendly relationship to North Korea in Asia.


Japan: Vietnam does not have historical grudge against Japan like Korea and China. Japanese investment is large and welcomed


Taiwan: Vietnam is the only country that allows Taiwan some kind of display of autonomy and China allows it.


Singapore: Vietnam has really good relationship with Singapore. Singaporean industrial parks are many in Vietnam. Vietnam is the only country with no hostility and jealousy towards Singapore in Southeast Asia. Strong cultural exchanges between Vietnam and Singapore happen everyday.


Thailand: There is rivalry in sports but Vietnamese like Thailand and their food. It is a better relationship than between Laos and Cambodia with Thailand.


Cambodia: They hate Vietnam but their government still depends on Vietnam, even with the wave of Chinese investment.


Laos: They still send students to Vietnam to study and have good relationship with Vietnam


Indonesia and Malaysia: they are far away so not a lot of hostitlity. Vietnam does not have the same rivalry with either of these nations that they have with each other.


Philippines: Vietnam has good relationship with Philippines



So back to the main topic. The answer would be heavily leaning towards East Asian, for


sharing Confucianism: people should have heard of Nh?n, L?, Ngh?a, Trí, Tín (sorry I can’t find a close translation to English) the 5 fundamental qualities for a Junzi (Qu?n t?).


same religions: in the North predominantly are Mahayana Buddhism (Ph?t giáo ??i th?a), and folk religions and virtually no Catholic churches, while churches are very common in the South with a large part of population being Catholic.


similar festivals: this one came up to me very recently while reading comments in this article[1] that only Northern Vietnamese celebrate Cold Food Festival (T?t Hàn Th?c) along with China and South Korea while this is non-existent in the South Vietnam.


similar hard-working work ethic: fun little stereotype, Northerners are known for only spending 1 out of 10 of what they earn, while Southerners would spend 11 if they have 10.



Ngan Dang, studied at Doshisha University (2019)
Answered Apr 29
Be4 I related myself to East Asian more, as now I grow up and learn more, I realize I am both and we are both. Vietnamese has east asian behavior and culture, but we also have a Southeast Asian tendencies in us, the hatred of working too much or too much discipline, we are not that closed and conservative like China, Korea and Japan, also not that open like other SEA nations, abt in the middle. I am proud we have both, thats why we will be flexible in the future.