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Is Travel to China Safe?


Ethereal limestone karst hills, electriccities brimming with opportunity and incredible food and a culture of communityare only a few of the attributes that make China the fascinating and diversecountry that welcomes more than 100 million tourists a year and lays claims tobeing the fourth most popular destination in the world. Its economy has beenbooming for years and its interest to the outside world, heightened by theSummer Olympics of 2008, appears to be increasing as well. While there are, aswith any country, precautions one should take when traveling to and aroundChina, it is generally a safe and breathtaking country to visit.


1. China,one of the largest and most popular tourist destinations around the world, is,by and large, a very safe and welcoming place to travel around. If planning totravel to China, make sure to contact your local Chinese embassy well inadvance to find out exactly what type of visa you will need to enter the countryand what it requires.


Booming Economy


Business Scams


Scams are a huge concern in China, sincethere are countless Chinese businesses that exist to make money illegallythrough counterfeiting and deceit. Know that just about all supposedlybrand-name items for sale in small shops or on the streets are not the realdeal. Also assume that the first price a shop owner throws out is way abovewhat he's willing to sell the item for. Everybody bargains, so be prepared todo so. Take small bills with you when shopping, since having exact amountshelps. If you're worried about not recognizing a scam, shop only in largerstores and malls where everything has a price tag and bargaining isn't allowed.Be wary of people who approach you on the street. Many con artists offer onething, such as a place for tea or a look at an art show, but then try to trickyou out of your money.

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jnj66vw (注:贴主提问)
My husband got a job offer working in Chinain the US Embassy, is it safe over there for an American?
I know nothing about the risks that areinvolved with him going overseas, and how China runs their government, and whatthat means for him..any thoughts? I mean financially, we will be taken care of,he'll be in a 4 star hotel and such...and it is for the US Embassy..they canguarantee safety right? I know nothing is 100%, but..it is the US Embassy... Ijust have no knowledge at all about this matter. What about bird flu? andsars?...the government? It will be located in Beijing, China.


I am an American living in China, have beenhere for 5 years...but you got to be careful....these Chinese will kill you byforcing you to eat and drink and just be so damned nice you won't be able tobear it. There is absolutely no danger here and the police are super nice....Oftenthe life guards at the beach won't let me swim for fear that I might drown...itis serious if an American in injured. I have been in most provinces but preferthe southern ones. There are great supermarkets in BeiJing with all sorts ofgoodies there. Taco Bell, McDonald, KFC, and Wal-Mart. SARS is gone. It was aproblem three years ago and they have a test vaccine now. Chicken Flu is not amajor problem and the government has taken fast action to stop any smalloutbreaks. People at Consulates and Embassies tend to become jaded but if helearns some simple Chinese, he will open the door to wonderful people and agreat country. I would be happy to answer any further questions.


Bostonian In MO
China is pretty safe for the most part. Itravel to Beijing, Shanghai, Kunshan, Taizhou, and Guangzhou on business farilyregularly. I've never had any problems with crime of any sort.
The most dangerous aspect of living ortraveling in China is dealing with the traffic. Cars have only been part of theChinese culture for a very short period of time and it shows. Traffic laws arelargely unenforced. Lane markings and traffic signals are there for decorationonly, or so it would seem. Pedestrian crossings are meaningless and turnsignals are an alien concept.
Embassy compounds are probably the safestplaces anywhere and you'll be surrounded by other Americans andEnglish-speaking staff to it isn't quite the island feeling that businesstravelers and ex-pats sometimes have to deal with. There should also be plentyof opportunities to learn the language. Chinese is learnable though the writingis nearly impossible for westerners to catch on to.
The food is nothing like you find inChinese restaurants in the US and Europe. It will take some getting used to!Western style restaurants are plentiful in the tourist areas though qualityisn't what you're accustomed to. They tend to drown any "steak" inpepper sauce; probably for good reason. Restaurants in the better hotels,especially the western chains, are safe and the food is fairly good. Smaller"mom & pop" operations can be risky. Stick with bottled water orbeer and canned Coke, but make sure that the container is sealed when theybring it to you!

It's really safe. And the embassy districtin Bejing is one of the best neighborhoods in the city. The hotels are reallynice, the restaurants are great (a bit more expensive but much cleaner) andpeople are used to seeing foreigners so there is much less staring. There arealso tons of expats floating around so you have a good chance of making friendswith some really nice folks. don't worry, it will be great! and if he's workingfor the us embassy, they'll definitely take care of him and make sure that he'ssafe. also, the sos clinic is right down the street from the us embassy so ifhe needs to see a doctor, he can see an american doctor. hope this helps. goodluck!