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Can the US prevent China from becoming the world's largest economy within the next 50 years?

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Illie Csorba, B.S. Economics

Why would the US want to do that?


China has a population three times as large as the US. I for one, would be very happy if China would not need to suck dollars from our economy to keep their people employed. Nations have the responsibility to grow their own economies. The traitor duo of Kissinger and Nixon gave China a huge handout to climb from abject poverty to their position today as a great power. Now it's time to cut off the stipend, and let them live on their own.


I Know what the reply will be. "We don't need you, we will do just fine with the rest of the world". So I invite China to penetrate the EU further (good luck with that with many nations looking to exit the EU) or really penetrate the African continent (What are you going to trade your manufactured goods for? Goats?).


Sam Zbib, Proud member of the working class for 30+ years.

This is a two part question:


Why would you want to stop China from having a bigger GDP than the USA? For Chinese people to enjoy the same material standards as USA people do today, their GDP would need to be 4.3 times bigger than of the USA. The economies of all rich nations, not just the USA, will shrink relative to those of developing nations, I reckon that’s good.


There are many countries in the world with smaller GDP’s than the USA but higher living standards and better quality of life.


Keaton Peart
First, we could improve our own economy at the same rate or a faster rate than China. Otherwise, our best bet would be to cut off economic ties with China and convince other nations and their companies to do the same, eliminating the primary and by far the most important factor in China’s economic growth, the involvement of foreign companies in the Chinese market. This would ruin many factories in China which rely on contracts with foreign companies to produce their products for a profit and would also cut off access to many of the products which have, along with the higher income levels, helped to increase China’s standard of living.


Linus Skov, I've been several times. Liked it mostly
Probably not, in the long run, at least if the world economy progresses as it is now.


But why would they? The global economy is not a zero-sum game. It’s not like the US and China have to switch places just because China becomes a major economy. The US will not become “poorer” as long as the American government handles the change correctly.


I tend to view the US sort of like the British Empire at the turn of the century. Being overtaken in terms of production and the size of the economy, doesn’t mean you’re confined to poverty. You can still have a healthy economy without being an economic powerhouse.


Len Gould, I`ve read and studied economics for many years. Particularly interested in economics of energy


The best answer to your question is another question. Can Japan or Germany or etc. prevent the US from being the world’s largest economy?


Last year, foreign exports of goods and services IN TOTAL, not just with the US, comprised only 22.1% of China’s economy, and only 12.6% of the US economy. Seems like not enough leverage there.


C.Michel de Wilde, Know general history of China.

Aryan Malhotra
Yes us can prevent china by stop trade with it a it is the largest consumer of chinese products, it can stop american companies to outsource in china and would invest within american which would create more jobs in us itself and trump is doing this thing.