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By Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs
July 8, 2019
ManyLos Angeles residents thought the ShakealxLA app on their phones should havegiven warning. Officials said the system had worked as designed — butpromised some changes.


LosAngeles residents were not pleased last week when a pair of earthquakes struckand the ShakealxLA app on their phones did just what it was supposed to do:nothing.

上周,当两场地震发生时,洛杉矶居民感到并不开森,他们手机上的ShakealxLA 应用程序没有任何反应。

The app, releasedto the public on New Year’s Eve after more than a year ofdevelopment, is intended to give at least a few precious seconds of noticebefore dangerous shaking from an earthquake. But users didn’t get thenotifications they expected on Thursday and Friday when two powerfulearthquakes struck in the Mojave Desert, and many people assumed that the apphad failed


So, though Dodger Stadium quivered and LosAngeles movie theaters were evacuated because of the tremors,the quakes’ effects did not exceed the system’s minimum threshold in LosAngeles County, the only place where the ShakealxLA app has been implemented.


The system is intended to notice an earthquake of 5.0magnitude or greater, and then predict where in the county the quake is likelyto be felt at an intensity of 4 or more. alxs are sent to users in thoseareas.
At thatintensity, which is measured on a different scale thanmagnitude, cars will rock, dishes will rattle and people will feel theearthquake indoors — and may even be roused from sleep.


The system did notissue alxs because, immediately after the quakes struck, it predicted thatthey would not exceed the intensity threshold anywhere in the county. As itturned out, parts of western Los Angeles felt the second quake more stronglythan predicted — an intensity reading of 4.5 was recorded in one area ofwestern Los Angeles — and downtown just missed the threshold at 3.9. Butthat was not known until after the fact.


“Practicing‘drop, cover and hold on’ is actually a good thing, but there also can be alevel of annoyance, so we need to strike that balance,” Mr. de Groot said. “Wewant to do as much as we can to send messages to people when they are valuable,when they have meaning. And clearly, for these two earthquakes, meaning was, ‘Iwant to know this system works.’”

“练习‘放下东西、掩护、坚持住’实际上是一件好事,但也可能会带来一定程度的烦恼,所以我们需要保持平衡。” deGroot先生说道,“我们希望尽我们所能,在人们有价值、有意义的时候向他们传递信息。显然,对于这两次地震,我的意思是,‘我想知道这个系统是否在工作。’”

What are users saying?
Still, someusers of the app were surprised and disappointed to hear that the system wasworking as intended when it issued no alx last week.


“So the app did nothing during today’s quake and therefore‘performed as designed,’” a Twitter user named Kyle Krupinski wrote. “Seemslike a pretty low bar to achieve.”

一位名叫Kyle Krupinski 的推特用户写道:“所以这款应用在今天的地震中什么也没做,因此‘表现得像设计的一样’。”“这似乎是一个相当低的目标。”

Some peoplesuggested that the app be programmed to provide two kinds of alxs — onefor relatively minor tremors and another for more serious earthquakes — orthat users be allowed to set their own thresholds.


AnotherTwitter user, Sergio Trevino, tagged Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles andsaid he was “waiting for today’s excuse.”

另一位推特用户SergioTrevino给洛杉矶市长Eric Garcetti贴上了标签,说他“正在等待今天的借口”。
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As if theground shaking wasn't enough?


Lol that’s California in anutshell


Stop talking about Los Angelesresidents 200 miles away, how about the San Bernardino residents at epicenter.Same people that called the RESEDA earthquake, the Northridge Earthquake. Awfulgeographic bias.


Next time? That’s helpful


Maybe itwasn't the app.


Lmao andpeople are concerned about AI takeovers...please.

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