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China to send rover to Mars in 2020 to hunt for signs of life


China has made clear its ambitions in space with the announcement that it has completed construction of its first Mars rover, with a mission pencilled in for launch sometime in 2020.


The rover’s primary mission is to hunt for signs of life but the probe will also explore whether the planet can be terraformed, to make it completely habitable for humans.


Throughout its mission, the machine will reportedly take atmospheric, topographic, geological and magnetic readings, as part of a feasibility study about future exploration and perhaps even colonization of the planet.


The launch of the Changzheng 5 (“Long March 5”) rocket carrying the rover is expected to take place in July or August 2020 from the Wenchang cosmodrome in Hainan Province. All going to plan, the probe could send data to Earth as early as 2021.

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Trump to issue a tariff and sanctions on all countries engaged in Mars exploration!


Yeah? ~ Well Grump's just spoke with his lawyer and
he's issued a firm "No Comment" to your allegations...


Then what does it have to do with?


Preserving monetary wealth on the shoulders of taxpayers.

保护纳税人的货币财富。 making this planet a safer and pleasant place to live? Science and tech is killing this one.


Actually the Sun is killing it. And Science and Tech will be the only things that will prolong our existence on this planet.


Think about what you said... what can science do about the nature of the Sun? Nothing. Awareness and a strong sense of our collective responsibility to THIS planet, are all that can save us. And we need neither technology or science.


But how to stop a mass of people, 1.4B strong, running in unison?


No one can stop it now! Western Supremacy much diminished and have to just accept the new reality!


It can be stopped ... Total Nuclear Annihilation ... you know they'll do it.


Why do all of these Countries lie about space? there hasn't been, nor will there be a rover on a Star!


For once I can agree with a tinfoil hatter. No rover or indeed space craft could survive close proximity to a sun let alone the fact suns don't have a surface to be on. Is this really the audience for RT?


It’s a good con in order to get taxpayer money and build up a military in order to invade and kill others for resources.


NASA has a buget of $20 billions and Pentagon has $700 billions. Now please tell me again why would they need NASA as a tax con?


If we're not careful, Earth will become Mars- like and you will be hunting for signs of life right here...


they seem to be more polite. not using military might like other culpable nations. that is why.


Even today nobody wants to admit the 3rd Reich pulled off a successful albeit fatal moon landing attempt back in 1951 of all things "WITHOUT ROCKETS" and it was financed by the looted European gold which the US Fed financed them to loot ~ What a bunch of morons...


en route can it fly past the US moon landing spot.....really need to know if they did land there or was it all a Hollywood movie ?


If you are not going to put up a live cam, no one is going to believe a thing said by any space agency.


They would be better off sending the rover to the houses of Parliament and the houses of Lords to see if there is any life there


And for dust storms, aren't they supposed to be weaker since there is no air.


The major powers in the world should not allow Washington to claim Mars for themselves.

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