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How did China become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council?


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Lin Xey, Keen Interest in Geopolitics
Immediately after WWII in Oct 1945,around fifty nations’ delegates, including a Chinese delegation comprising ofKMT’s T.V.Soong and CPC’s Dong Biwu[1], signed the Charter of the United Nations. [2]China then became one of five permanent members of the UNSC with US support,despite obxtion by the former Soviet unx and Britain. In terms of merit,the Chinese nation did not surrender to Japan and chose to fight alongside withthe Allies, suffering nearly 20–30 million casualties. The US stronglysupported Chiang Kai-Shek’s Republic of China government, hoping it could helpthe US to contain the Soviet unx, and to bring the whole of Asia into USsphere of influence with China as Asia’s representative and US proxy. In returnfor gaining Soviet unx’s agreement to China’s permanent seat, the US agreedto the Soviet unx having three seats in the United Nation(Ukraine, Belorussiaand Soviet unx) , and the US also agreed to support Britain’s suggestion ofhaving France as one of the permannt member. This was how the original UNSCBig 5(WuDaLiuMang) came to be.
Nevertheless Mao’s communist party wonthe Chinese civil war and founded the People’s Republic of China. ChiangKai-Shek retreated to Taiwan in 1949 but continue to occupy China’s seat in theUN with US support. Between 1949 to 1971, the United States continuouslyblocked the lawful representation of 1 billion mainland Chinese in the UnitedNations. However as more and more countries supported the People’s Republic,Mao’s China became officially a permanent member in the UNSC via UN resolution2758 which came into effect on 25 Oct 1971.
From the picture above, 76 countries (ingreen)voted in favour of mainland China to be the sole representative of Chinain the United Nations, while 35 countries (in red)voted against, with 17abstentions. The resolution was adopted after a two-thirds majority voted infavour of mainland China.
The Taiwan representatives of ChiangKai-shek’s Republic of China was subsequently expelled from the United Nationsto make way for Mao’s Beijing representatives of the People’s Republic, andTaiwan ceased to be a country henceforth.
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Lin Xieyi, 对地缘政治有浓厚兴趣



Devkinandan Yadav
So, when did China became permanentmember?


The UNSC membership was first offers toIndia, Nehru said to give it to China, how far it's true?


Z. Shen, studied at University of Life
China was a victor of World War II,aligned itself with the US before communist takeover in 1949, Franklin D.Roosevelt wanted China to fight against the Soviet unx, so he gave China aUNSC permanent seat. The government (the Republic of China, ROC) fled toTaiwan, and kept the seat.
The People's Republic of China (PRC) beatoff the two great world powers in the world, the United States in the KoreanWar, the Soviet unx in the Zhenbao Island Incident. The first of PRC'snuclear weapons tests took place in 1964, and its first hydrogen bomb testoccurred in 1967. PRC was a nuclear power by then.
After the Suez Crisis in 1956, theBritish and French colonies gained independence in the next two decades. Theysupported PRC in the United Nations, eclipsed the United States' support of theRepublic of China(ROC).
Was the United Nations trulyrepresentative of the world as a whole, without the most populous nation with alarge territory? For world peace, it was unwise to rule out a wild card. So, onOct. 25, 1971, the United Nations General Assembly voted to admit the People’sRepublic of China(PRC, mainland China) and to expel the Republic of China(ROC,Taiwan).

Z. Shen, 在人生这所大学学习
如果没有人口最多、领土面积最大的国家,联合国是否真正能代表整个世界?为了世界和平,排除不确定因素是不明智的。因此,1971年10月25日,联合国大会投票通过了承认中华人民共和国(PRC, 中国)和驱逐中华民国(ROC,台湾)的决议。

Shivalik Naik
PRC didn’t beat any but in fact lost theKorean War; Please have clear idea before posting in quora.


Chen Yankai
Lost? lol


Raisal Singh Ven
Ironic that you are saying this. You arean idiot; it was a stalemate


Shivansh Goyal
Original Author ·
Churchill instincts for most part of hislife were disastrous. He lost his positions of authority many a times duringWW1 due to his huge failed plans which caused deaths of 1000s for no or littlegains. He was lucky with one of his position on Nazis which made himunforgivable, although his failures of WW1 were repeated by him again in WW2.So his instincts were not good just he was lucky in few big decisions whichovershadowed his infinite failures during his lifetime.

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