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How did China become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council?

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Singroot Viraat
As the saying goes, you’d rather be luckythan good. I was referring to Roosevelt’s lack of foresight post WW2 in puttingChina on the UNSC despite Churchill’s opposition. Today China votes against theUS every chance it gets. Having studied Chinese history, Churchill was in poleposition to understand Chinese perfidy.
Churchill was instrumental in enlistingRoosevelt’s support in WW2 against Germany, despite congressional opposition.
We’re addressing different perspectives!


Raisal Singh Ven
You are an idiot. China bore the brunt ofthe Japanese war machine, and faced brutality that even made the Eastern Frontlook minor. People like you are the reason every day I get more and moredisappointed with India


Gwydion MadawcWilliams, Read a lot about this
Theoriginal idea was to have a Big Three, who would dominated the new UnitedNations. But then France and China were added, on the assumption thatFrance would remain a major global empire and that China would eventually riseto major status. Note also that there was no intention at that time ofgiving independence to most imperial possessions. The future of Indiaremained uncertain.
I think it was Churchill who insisted onadding France to the USA, USSR and British Empire (as it then was). Itwas definitely the USA that said China must be added.
Note also that the USA refused to recognisethe overthrow of Chiang Kai-Shek, who they regarded as loyal to theirvalues. The exiles in Taiwan kept the UN seat until the USA made peacewith Beijing in the early 1970s, at a time when it looked as if the Sovietunx would win the Cold War.


Edmund Shen
The USA has never back PRC China at allon this. Bad political mistake.


Swapnil Mulay, B.Com from Bhonsala Military College (2020)
When United Nations organization wasformed at that time, China was fighting against Japan. They were getting theirland back from Japanese control. USA, UK, France and Russia were sexted tobecome permanent member of United Nations. But no country from Asia was inUnited nations organisations. China was one of the most populated country atthat time was sexted as fifth and final member of United Nations.
China is a communist country. Having bigpopulation and large landmass under its government. Russia was too a communistcountry. But all other permanant members were of capitalist ideology. Russiaforced United Nations members to make China as permanant member.
USA were know these facts. But theyaccept China in UN. They want to increase the trade with Asia and they thoughtthat China can be the way to achive this goal. China also help the alliedmembers indirectly by fighting against Japan during WW2. UK,France also acceptthe USA’s view and we witness the entry of China. Thank you.

Swapnil Mulay, 位于Bhonsala的 B.Com军事学院(2020)

Nick Young, Cryptocurrency Investor (2015-present)
There are many reasons, here are theeasiest to understand:
For historical reasons related to WW2. (Research if needed, I’m nota baby-sitter, you can do that on your own.)
To counter-weight the West. A potential voice of dissent, since 3countries out of the 5 are Western countries. Seriously, the West needs to stoppretending it is the sole moral authority on planet Earth. Its hypocrisy sincethe Iraq War, we’ve seen enough of it.
Strength plays a factor. If China was the weakling as it was in theearly 1900s, it would be pitiful to claim a permanent seat in the UN securitycouncil. However, that is no longer the case in 2018.
To the several elements in the West that are trying so hard tosabotage the rise of China and day-and-night wishing for its collapse; Chinabeing a permanent member is a good slap-in-the-face factor.
To the West: containment is not going to work well against China. Itmakes the West look weak and low. The actual country that should be containedis the USA; the sh*t it does around the world is ridiculous. The US can evenstart wars from lies, i.e. Iraq War in 2003 and lies about weapons of massdestruction.

Nick Young, 数字货币投资者 (2015至今)
1. 因为与二战有关的历史原因。(如果需要研究,你可以自己做,我不是保姆。)
2. 中国成为常任理事是用来制衡西方的。因为5个国家中有3个是西方国家。严肃地说,西方需要停止假装自己是地球上唯一的道德权威。自从伊拉克战争以来,我们已经看够了它的虚伪。
3. 力量是一个因素。如果中国还是像20世纪初那样软弱,那么在联合国安理会获得常任理事国席位将是令人遗憾的。然而,这种情况如今不复存在。
4. 西方的一些人如此努力地想要破坏中国的崛起,夜以继日地希望中国崩溃;中国成为常任理事国是一个很好的让它们丢脸的因素。
5. 对西方而言:遏制中国不会奏效。这让西方显得软弱。实际应该被遏制的国家是美国; 它在世界各地的所作所为是荒谬的。美国甚至可以战争撒谎,比如2003年的伊拉克战争和关于大规模杀伤性武器的谎言。

Steffen Scheibler, former Business Continuity Manager at United Nations(2002-2008)
Because China was one of the victorpowers of World War 2 and played a key role in establishing the securitycouncil, so it got a permanent seat.
This is also why none of the Axis powersare permanent members (Germany, Japan, Italy, to name a few) and never will be.Before this happens, the permanent seats would be dissolved, which against issomething that would require each permanent member to resign from it… whichthey won’t do. In short, it would likely take a world wide war or some massiveglobal event to change this.

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