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apan made good on its threat to curb technology exports to South Korea on Thursday, a move expected to deal a major blow to South Korean manufacturers amid a diplomatic row over wartime labor.


The new restrictions apply to three materials -- fluorinated polyimide, resist and hydrogen fluoride -- used in the manufacturing of semiconductors and display screens for smartphones and TVs.

新的限制适用于三种材料 - 氟化聚酰亚胺,抗蚀剂和氟化氢 - 用于制造半导体和智能手机和电视的显示屏。

South Korea's trade minister said on Thursday Japanese export limits on high-tech materials bound for Seoul would pose a "huge threat" to the global economy and disrupt the global supply chain.


South Korea's Trade Minister called for the withdrawal of Japan's latest measures and bilateral talks to discuss the broader issue of export controls, the trade ministry said in a statement.

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The beginnings of an export embargo, all through the political ineptitude of President Moon Jae-in.
President Moon Jae-in government failure to respect a Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea signed June 22, 1965, the consequences of which will soon be realised when or if a import embargo follows, along with punitive currency economic financial restrictions
There is no circumventing international treaty law by political use of ones countries domestic judiciary.
There is full recourse contained within the 1965 treaty dispute tribunal procedure.
Trade Minister Yoo Myung-hee best question the tactics and logic behind the political agenda adopted by President Moon Jae-in privately, before the relationship deteriorates into strategic diplomatic business protection which would lead to asset seizures and worse.

政府未能遵守1965年6月22日签署的日本与大韩民国基本关系条约的政府总统文在寅 ,其后果将很快实现,或者如果进口禁运,以及惩罚性的货币经济金融限制

First off, Abe is using economic blackmail against a legal decision. This is immoral, likely a violation of International law and plain stupid.
"The new restrictions apply to three materials -- fluorinated polyimide, resist and hydrogen fluoride -- used in the manufacturing of semiconductors and display screens for smartphones and TVs," we are told. Japan does not have a monopoly on these materials. South Korea can no doubt get them elsewhere. Meanwhile, Abe is damaging a lucrative market for Japan.
The money involved in the law suit that prompted this ipso facto boycott involves relatively small money. Abe's restrictions involve big money. This the big money Japan will lose.
if Japan manages to damage South Korea's economy, the U.S. will likely bail it out. The U.S. cannot afford a weaken strategic partner like South Korea.

“新的限制适用于三种材料 - 氟化聚酰亚胺,抗蚀剂和氟化氢 - 用于制造半导体和智能手机和电视的显示屏,”我们被告知。日本没有垄断这些材料。韩国无疑可以把它们带到其他地方。与此同时,安倍正在破坏日本利润丰厚的市场。

South Korea, honestly, I don't care! I already buy only Chinese brands, because they became better than your Samsung crap. Don't act like if the consumers don't have alternatives, and don't act like if the whole world has been hurt by this fact. It's not even an export ban, plus you already said you can make the same material, so which is the problem? Take it easy! Such a drama Queen for nothing! China is so BETTER as a partner in Asia for Japan, seriously.


Actually, this move by Japan is nothing new.
30 years ago, large Japanese electronics firm made many of Japams domestic supply of household batteries. They were typical batteries at typical price.
On a visit to another Asian country, I noticed the same companies batteries, were cheap and of extremely poor quality. When I remarked on this, the answer I got was, that they were made locally. I was suprised.
Well, not suprised really, the more I thought about it. The Japanese company was juat not willing to share the technology.
But I have noticed for a long time. Japan liles to take, and copy, but not share.


It's only a threat to the South Korean economy. Not the global economy. Pathetic country.


Blah, blah. S Korea says this, S Korea says that. Somebody remind me what was that agreement they signed with Japan about compensation for the war? And the one about apologies?

Blah, blah。韩国说这个,韩国说那个。有人能告诉我他们和日本签订的关于战争赔偿的协议是什么吗?那个关于道歉的呢?

S Korea seems to panic too much about these hi tech materials. S Korea just make them by themselves. Most of kinda hi tech materials/goods are made by unknown smaller industries in Japan.

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