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Kevin Spaceyarriving at the courthouse in Nantucket, Mass., earlier this year. He had beenaccused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old in 2016, but prosecutors droppedthe charge on Wednesday.CreditCreditSteven Senne/Associated Press
By Julia JacobsJuly 17,2019

记者:Julia Jacobs 2019年7月17日

Prosecutors in Massachusetts on Wednesdaydropped a sexual assault charge against the actor Kevin Spacey, bringing anabrupt close to one of the few criminal cases of the #MeToo era.


Mr. O’Keefe’s office elaborated in a newsrelease that the accuser and his family had met with prosecutors on Sunday todetermine his willingness to cooperate through the rest of the case.


“The complaining witness was informed thatif he chose to continue to invoke his Fifth Amendment right,” the districtattorney’s office wrote, “the case would not be able to go forward.”


Once the accuser decided to keep invokinghis right against self-incrimination, the office wrote, the only way tocontinue prosecuting Mr. Spacey would be to grant the accuser immunity fromprosecution and force his testimony. But that would have ramifications,including damaging the accuser’s credibility.


“A grant of immunity compromises thewitness to a degree which, in a case where the credibility of the witness isparamount, makes the further prosecution untenable,” the office wrote.


Mitchell Garabedian, the accuser’s lawyer,said in a statement on Wednesday that the man and his family “have shown anenormous amount of courage under difficult circumstances.” He declined tocomment further.


The Nantucket case was one of a series of sexualmisconduct allegations against Mr. Spacey that came to light in the early daysof the #MeToo movement, which followed revelations about the behavior of theHollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Numerous powerful men have lost their jobsafter people they harassed or assaulted felt emboldened to speak out; Mr.Spacey’s acting career came to a sudden halt, with “House of Cards” cutting himout of the final season and the film “All the Money in the World” replacing himwith Christopher Plummer in the role of J. Paul Getty.

楠塔基特案是针对史派西的一系列不当性行为指控之一,这些指控是在“我也是”运动的早期曝光的。此前,好莱坞制片人Harvey Weinstein的行为也被曝光。许多有权势的人在被他们骚扰或攻击的人鼓起勇气说出自己的遭遇后失去了工作; 史派西的演艺生涯突然中断,《纸牌屋》将他排除在最后一季之外,而《世界上所有的钱》(All the Money in the World)用演员Christopher Plummer替换其饰演的J. Paul Getty。

When Mr. Spacey went to the bathroom, theyoung man told a woman at the bar that he thought Mr. Spacey was trying to rapehim, and when she advised him to leave, he ran home, according to his accountto the police.


Mr. Spacey was charged in December 2018with one count of indecent assault and battery in the case. He pleaded notguilty, and his lawyer, Alan Jackson, argued that the encounter with Mr. Spaceywas “consensual flirtation.” Mr. Jackson wrote in a court filing that theaccuser “concocted and exaggerated elements of a story to impress his friends.”Mr. Jackson did not respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

2018年12月,史派西被控一项猥亵和殴打罪名。他不认罪,他的律师Alan Jackson辩称,与史派西的会面是“双方自愿的调情”。 AlanJackson在一份法庭文件中写道,原告“为了给朋友留下深刻印象,编造和夸大了一个故事的元素”。 Alan Jackson周三没有回应置评请求。

During the criminal court proceedings, thedefense focused its efforts on obtaining the smartphone that the young man usedthe night of the incident. Throughout the night, he had been texting hisgirlfriend upxes on what he said was happening. At one point, according tocourt documents, he texted her that Mr. Spacey had grabbed his penis “likeeight times.”

Alan Jackson说,有关那次短信交谈的记录似乎不完整,这表明原告删除了可能证明史派西无罪的信息。Alan Jackson在提交给法庭的文件中写道,原告和几位朋友的群组聊天似乎也不完整,而且经过了编辑。

A Nantucket District Court judge grantedthe defense’s request to obtain the accuser’s physical smartphone so it couldbe examined. But shortly before the phone was supposed to be produced, the accuser’slawyer said it was missing.
At the hearing about the missing phonelast week, the young man and his parents denied that they had manipulatedscreenshots of text messages from the night of the incident before handing themover to police. But when Mr. Jackson told the accuser that he could be chargedwith a felony if he had dexed evidence, the young man invoked the FifthAmendment.

但当Alan Jackson告诉原告,如果他删除了证据,就可能被控重罪时,这位年轻人援引了宪法第五修正案。

Around the same time as the Nantucketaccusation was made public, the Old Vic theater in London said that 20 peoplehad come forward with allegations of inappropriate behavior by Mr. Spacey frombefore and during his 11-year stint as the theater’s artistic director.

楠塔基特指控公布的同时,伦敦的Old Vic剧院表示,有20人对史派西的不当行为提出了指控,这些指控来自他担任该剧院艺术总监的11年之前和期间。
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Career ruined byfalse allegations. #metoomovement is out of control...


Headline should be:"Rich white man gets off scot-free once again". SMH.


So who's nextWeinstein, Epstein, or R. Kelly? Lets take a wild guess whoain't getting off.

那么下一个Weinstein、Epstein或R. Kelly是谁呢?让我们猜猜下一个会是谁。

He's still an actorI no longer have any respect for.


Not having therespect of someone who doesn't know what is actually respect worthy isn't aloss at all. But hey good on you for thinking you matter.


Totally vindicated.No obstruction, no collusion!


its all about themoney guys


You couldn't pay meenough money to put a target on my back to being a male victim at 18-years-old.


Friends in highplaces , one law for the rich and one for the rest ,some things will neverchange


Money talks, Justicewalks. This country has become a mockery of itself.


So wait... all accusers aren’t always telling the fulltruth? And false accusations like this can destroy lives? Hmmm.... Good thing Istill have all my texts. Maybe it’s time to finally share some... soon


Their was no proof. It’s all he said he said.However, Hollywood knew about Spacey “treatment” of young men. Just because hedidn’t want to testify doesn’t mean he is lying.


You say “Hollywood” like it’s a bunch ofpeople who meet regularly to discuss world domination. Like “the patriarchy”,or “the Illuminati”


Crazy case from thebeginning; would never have seen the light day but for kid/man’s mother being alocal celebrity...and...she dexed incriminating videos from phone.
@KevinSpaceyshould sue to recover lost income.


It pays to be aceleb with money.


I always thought #kevinspacey was innocent. Whatever happened to beinginnocent until proven guiltyme bollocks.


I love when a rich and powerfulperson beats a case and fanboys come out proclaiming “innocence.” Yeah... it’snot as if MANY men have come out and accused the man of being a sexual predatorand in response he decided to come out as gay.
you can have him...


Lemme translate this into the honest way ofwriting it. "I hate it when someone who has fingers pointed at them isdeemed innocent. It just makes me so mad that my fabricated opinions and factsaren't worth anything. So let me double down with an air of indifference."


What a surprise. Turns out he's innocent. Isomewhat always thought that from the begining. Now let's remake the finalesaison of House of Cards, shall we? When we say half of MeToo is full ofbullshit, your called names and all... But that's kinda the truth.


Money money money money


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The greatest trick the devil ever pulled wasconvincing the world he didnt exist