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What's it like to be a Japanese living in China?


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Nicholas Devenport, works at International Language Programs
I taught English to Chinese kids in Ningbo and the bullies would pick on them by calling them"Japanese Dogs". Ningbo was bombed with the Bubonic plague during world war 2 by the Japanese.. I think that past conflicts, affect a countries racism towards others, however with the influence of the internet many people are becoming open-minded.
As a white person in China, I can tell you that people either love you or they hate you. I've had bus drivers pass me by and discriminate against me. I've also had people stop me almost everywhere I went and take pictures, just because I was white. So I guess it depends on the person.


It's runningin there's countries but basically effected done on japanese people they are living in China.and chinese they are living in japan.
Japan is a country that never strays far from China’s mind. This time, Chinese people are asking how it is possible that Japan has won so many more Nobel Prizes than China.


Japanese biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine this year. The prize was won by Chinese pharmacologist Tu Youyou in 2015. But Japan has now won 25 Nobel Prizes since 1949, and China only three—including the Peace Prize to human rights activist in 2010, which sparked an ongoing diplomatic freeze between Norway and China. Japan has won the second-most science Nobel prizes after the US.


So it's not effect on living people in countries.but people things on mind what important for us .
depend on thing for every people hod they are live theres countres with her behaviour.


Yunxue Chen, studied at Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (2007)
Most Japanese in China are sent by mother company to branch office to be the leader in big cities.
Thus, they earn much more than in Japan, get extra allowance for living abroad, extra reimbursement for family expense & children education for international school.
Besides, they can find all kinds of things in big cities. Japanese food, raw materials, supermaket. Life is quite convenient in big cities in China. What’s more, they can enjoy a much more relax society enviroment than in Japan.


William Corleone, lived in China (1999-2017)
As a Chinese, I will remember the history and treat Japanese equally.
However, the old generation don't think that way. People like my grandmother and grandfather who suffered from world war 2 hate Japanese for real. I mean they really hate Japanese and can't be reason with. As their child, I understand their feeling but can't agree with them cuz is nothing to do with Japanese now. The Japanese should avoid talk with the most old generation…


Rainy Yui Chang
You mean working, traveling or living?
For Japanese, it may be easier to adapt to live in China, compared with westerners, since Japanese and Chinese are partly similiar.
I guess you are wondering whether we exclude Japanese. It sometimes happen. I saw something like that a few years ago. But most of Chinese are rational.
Two tips:
Show your kindness.
Avoid talking about politics.