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Huawei likely to replace Google’s Android with own mobile operating system this year


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U know what ? Even if Huawei OS is not as sophisticated as Google android , I will still choose Huawei.
I will not be supporting a country who , by any means, readily use its power to single-handedly destroy any country refusing to bow down, create war and chaos in the world, place a puppet government in other countries to exhaust all its natural resources for its own hegemony and dominance. This is called TYRANT.....just like NAZI.
Every country has dignity, and has the right to protect its sovereignity without having to be compromised under threat.
This is called JUSTICE.


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Stop using YouTube


@xinyiquan666 - You're an idiot. No phones makers have tested the OS in China. That is a flat out lie. You are one of the dumbest person I ever heard.


janice proffitt
ZPH so you think no one around the POTUS knows or understands the Chinese agenda, subterfuge, aggression, cyberwarfare, unfair trade practices and bad faith commentary ? Stupid, unworldly, naive and not qualified to be on the Global Stage? Myopic and uneducated view of one of the most successfully run economies in the past 50 years wouldn't you say?


5 Eyes versus 5G

五眼联盟vs . 5G技术

jane jane
5g can do much more than 5 eyes!


Kabu G
Only US AU and JP so far.


I support China.


Philip Yap
Huawei OS is more efficient, 60% faster than Android, its cryptography technology will make them the safest OS in the markets. This is the OS of the future, Android and Apple need to catch up.


@Philip Yap - The OS of the future that nobody is developing application for. So another words, a useless OS.


Philip Yap
@Maplenerd22 No worry, developers will flock to HongMeng to gain a share of the new plateform. Just like all multi-national corporations flock to China years ago.
Huawei never fail in whatever they pursuit, Huawei is a very agressive great company, even US declare national emergency, mobilized national resources failed to crush her. There are measures lined up we just wait and see.
HongMeng will prevail, Cheerio.


@Philip Yap - No one will flock to the OS when the rest of the world is using Android or iOS. There are simply not enough resources to develop for 3 Operating systems. Microsoft tried it and failed. Countless of companies tried to create a 3rd desktop operating system and failed. At the end of the day, there are two main operating systems for desktop and mobile. The 3rd operating will get scraps from developers, much like Windows Mobile, Blackberry, WebOS, SailfishOS etc.....

当世界其他地方都在使用安卓或iOS系统时,没有人会涌向这款操作系统。没有足够的人力资源来同时发展3个操作系统。微软尝试过,但失败了。无数的公司试图创建第三个桌面操作系统,但都失败了。说到底,只需要有两种主要的操作系统,一种是桌面操作系统,另一种是移动端的操作系统。第三个操作系统只能从开发者那里得到一些残羹剩余物,就像Windows Mobile、黑莓(Blackberry)、WebOS、SailfishOS等前车之鉴一样。

Cool Cool
@Maplenerd22 Huawei has the ability to develop its own mobile operating system, but will continue to use Android. Just as Huawei has built its own mobile phone chip, it still purchases some US chips, because Huawei does not want to lose long-term partners, and maintains this cooperation on both sides. This is also a strategy, which is intended to make the cooperation between the two parties more stable.


Cool Cool
@Maplenerd22 Huawei's new operating system is higher in level and can be backward compatible with existing Android software.


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Huawei without Android OS is dead


China has 1.3 billion to test the new OS.


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1.3 billion people won't be forced to buy Huawei phones..There are other Chinese brands, Korean brands,European brands , Japanese brands and American brands..If China patronizes only Huawei, other Mobile phone industries will move out of China to neighboring countries where their products are wanted..
You know the implications - loss of jobs for Chinese population


David Hynes
We will see August 19 how good Huawei OS is.


Cob 702
Amerikkkan Android Is Done Son !!! Hahaha


Huawei please develop your own versatile OS. Decouple and go your own way. I think the business trust is permanently broken. You have the capability and capacity to do this. Time to "mature" and stand alone on the world stage.


blacksheep shepherd
This is old news already, Huawei had clarified Hong meng OS is typically for IOT


Google is going to hurt himself long term for sure whether or not it cut off the support to Huawei from this point on. US handed free pass to Huawei to issue their system without pay any fine or termination the relationship with Google. A Free and Independent road wide open for Huawei now.


Akash J Dutta
Huawei we r waiting for 5g


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Chines pepole are very clever


Austin Lee
Trump can't destroy someone company for No reason. You asked Canada to kill or kidnapped someone's daughter which was still in the hostage by Canadian. Trump imagine someone destroyed your own company??? How do you feel?? Stays away from Huawei company, the company is innocent.


I can’t wait for it. Bring it on!


Tunis Saadia
I think the Chinese in the comments should shut up and let huawei make their own announcement. The comments are all hearsay and not confirmed by anyone anyway


Vladimir Cmero
Sure they can bring their operating system into the phone and they can test it, develop it with the lower end phones. The truth is that they can't replace it right now or anytime soon on high-end phones and costumer will not wait a year maybe even longer till the Huawei operating system will be ready for the Huawei phone flagship.


@Cool Cool no, they are testing on all high end smartphone, it started 5 years ago, american media is dumb, this is like years old news,


Heli City
If you piece together credible sources you will see Huawei actually has two operating systems developed.
Hongmeng OS is for devices with real-time requirements per indicated by CEO Zhengfei. It is proprietary and not compatible with Android apps.
The Harmony OS as described in trademark registration in EU is for smartphone, tablets, desktop computers. It is based on open-source Android core (EMUI) with a great deal of add-on refinements. It runs its own apps but can also run Android apps after a quick compile. This OS require a rich apps and services ecosystem which Huawei will develop but which will take time.
Harmony for mobile and desktop computers. Compute intensive, sophisticated apps, multi-tasking, secured.
Hongmeng for IoT, AI, industrial control, smart vehicles. AI intensive, real-time latency, resistant to crash, highly secured.

欧盟商标注册中描述的Harmony操作系统适用于智能手机、平板电脑和台式电脑。它基于开源的Android core (EMUI),添加了大量的改进研发而成。它可以运行自己的应用程序,但也可以在快速编译后运行安卓应用程序。这个操作系统需要一个丰富的应用程序和服务生态系统,华为未来会开发这个生态系统,但这需要时间。
Harmony 操作系统适用于移动手机和台式电脑。适用于密集型计算,复杂的应用程序,多任务处理,普通安全度。

In the 1970s a young entrepreneur by the name of Bill Gates questioned authority at IBM and founded Microsoft because he felt he could create a better product than the multibillion-dollar company.
He defied the odds and created the MOS. As every inventor had done before him, from Alexander Graham Bell to Thomas Edison to the Wright brothers anyone who has ever invented something QUESTIONED AUTHORITY at some pivotal point.


This is why I believe China under its current Authoritarianism system can never match the innovations created by the West. Because in order to innovate you must QUESTION AUTHORITY, you must question the "norm". Something that the CPC fiercely cracks down on.
That's the reason the CPC feels it must steal intellectual property from countries with Freedom and civil liberties like the West and Japan, because although China can manage the technology well, and reverse-engineer it, China CAN ONLY duplicated, NOT invent it one of it's own.


Richard Wynh
China is giggling with joy right now; they wanted their own OS for years but needed to find a reason to "force" 800 Million user to switch eluded them. Then Trump give them a gift that they could not refuse, ban from using Android. OMG this was a dream come true. NO more worrying about spyware from the West, NO more royalty fees, NO more useless upxes.