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There's no evidence to back up Trump's claim that video games cause mass shootings


Daniel Howley, Technology Editor, Yahoo Finance•August 6, 2019
President Donald Trump addressed the nation on Monday following two mass shootings over the weekend that killed more than 30 people to lay the blame for the attacks at the feet of a culture that glorifies violence. And the biggest culprit of all? Why video games, of course.


“As we shared at the White House video game meeting in March 2018, numerous scientific studies have established that there is no causal connection between video games and violence," a spokesperson for the Entertainment Software Association, an industry trade group, told Yahoo Finance.


"More than 165 million Americans enjoy video games, and billions of people play video games worldwide. Yet other societies, where video games are played as avidly, do not contend with the tragic levels of violence that occur in the U.S."


Stetson University Professor Christopher Ferguson, who attended a meeting on violent crimes and mass homicides with the Trump administration explained that at the time of the meeting, administration officials came to the conclusion that games weren’t to blame.


“Even the Trump administration’s own review of this didn’t support this narrative of lixing violent video games to mass shootings,” Ferguson said.


“While we're exhausting the oxygen in the room talking about this, we're not talking about other issues whether gun control, or income inequality, or mental health, or [topics] that might be more productive in reducing the amount of crime in society,” Ferguson added.


School shooters in particular flout the typical stereotype of obsessively playing video games.


According to Markey, about 13% to 20% of school shooters play games. Compare that to the 70% of adolescent males who play games. Markey says the difference likely comes down to the fact that school shooters exhibit abnormal social behavior. And since gaming is a common, normal behavior for most teens with healthy social lives, shooters are less likely than the average teen to play video games.


Since the emergence of violence in video games, speculation has emerged about the effect that brutality has had on gamers. Games like "Mortal Kombat" have been derided for what was then considered to be photo-realistic depiction of extreme violence. And as technology has improved over time, so too have the graphical capabilities of console and PC games, leading to even more realistic scenes of violence.


What's more, the gaming industry has gone through an extended period of explosive growth. Millions of people around the world play games on a daily basis ranging from building-style titles like "Minecraft" to competitive online shooters like "Fortnite" and "Call of Duty."


Still, experts have yet to find a connection between games and criminal violence.


"Violent video game play is lixed to increased aggression in players, but insufficient evidence exists about whether the lix extends to criminal violence or delinquency," reads a 2015 American Psychological Association report on video games and violence.


But a key point often left out of the discussion is that many perpetrators of mass shootings are young men. And many young men also happen to play video games. That, however, doesn't necessarily result in a lix between video games and violence.


What's more, video games are a global form of entertainment. Canada, China, England, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and other countries around the world play videos games, but none experience mass shootings with such frequency as the U.S.

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Maybe it's not video games, but there is no doubt that these acts are being committed by mostly young men. What would bring a young man who hasn't had enough life experience to hate so much to bring themselves to do such horrible things? Where does the lack of empathy come from? Why did we not see this 20, 30, or 50 years ago when people had just as much access to firearms (maybe more since many states have already cracked down on guns)? Answer: the Internet, big Pharma, and 24/7 "news" coverage of non-stop negativity. Mix weak minds with drugs and social media, and here you go. Trump's mouth doesn't help, nor does easy access to a gun, but you can't just blame them. If you take away the guns, they will use a pressure cooker with nails like the Boston boomer. It's a systemic problem and there is no easy fix, so outlawing guns completely (which will never happen) is not the answer. You have to address all of these potential causes.


Gary A
Once again Trump changes the story, to point anywhere but at him, when he knows the Truth, is he is part of the cause. Not the whole cause, but his Rhetoric is not helping.


What was that thing Millennials like again?
Oh yeah!! Video games!!
Let's ban video games!! That's sure to get me reelected!!

噢,是的! !电子游戏! !

You know who plays the most video games on this planet? Japanese kids, but you don't have any shooting in Japan because it's next to impossible for someone to own a gun in Japan.


There's a reason why he's called the orange Pinocchio. LOL


No, Fox "News" causes it


I see. When O'Bama calls out video games, that's good. When Trump says it, oh well that's different.


I've played video violent video games before. I loved it. I loved watching violent and gore movies as well. Never once have I thought of going out and harm another human being let alone kill them. And I know many people like myself who've played video games and watching movies, and they too never think about harming other person.
However, if I watch cable news (especially Fox News or right wing media) or listen to radio talk show like Alex Jones and such for even a minute I am fill with rage. If anything we should place the blame on those cowards hiding behind their 1st Amendment Right and encourage their fans to view those who don't share their views as the enemy that need to be destroy. Those people have blood on their hands. They should bear the brunt of the blame for all the mass shooting we are dealing with as society.



You caused it. but you don't take the blame for anything you've caused


The maestro of hate blames video games. Trump is the epitome of hatred. The internet also allowed Putin to elect Trump.


what does studies show about the lix between guns and terrorist killings??? lets experiment..take away all guns..and lets see what happens..


I have yet to hear of any shooter in one of the many mass killing sprees to be a video game addict like fortnite, Grand theft auto, call of duty (all games that have been popular over the many years). Incredibly lame to blame video games with absolutely no evidence but that is the Trump/GOP modus operandi


Yup, this "lix" was disproved after Columbine in the 90s, if not sooner. Ridiculous to see it gaining traction with no evidence.


Blaming video games for mass shootings is like blaming Taco Bell for immigration problems. Watch his next move be a ban on quesadillas.


I think Trump has been playing to many video games !


pretty sure if video games caused mass violence, it would be toward the video game companies, not random people..


I am 54 and they had video arcades. In the arcades they had games where you killed other people and the best one was being a race car driver. When we got our drivers license, very few of us drove down the highway cutting people off left and right


How many of these people pointing fingers at video game know how to play video game?


There is not only no evidence for 99% of the things trump says but a large percentage of it is actually contrary to what actual evidence and proven facts show.


Anthony Fantano and others, you cannot totally dismiss the video game association. Media and other visual stimuli do have an affect on our thoughts, deeds and opinions. While the majority of individuals can play violent games and have no outwardly visibile impacts, to the one closest to the gamers, you will notice a difference in behaviours.


Please, attack video games more. Attack one of the fastest growing industries in the world. I'm sure that will go over well next election. The demographics for people playing video games is growing at break neck pace.


A person who does not understand the connection between cause and effect, like Donald Trump, will certainly never understand the connection between a conclusion and evidence. Trump mostly just says stuff that he has heard other people say. He has never had one original thought in his entire life, so he's not about to start now.


You Can Do it
Dear Leader signed an EO today requiring insurance to play video games.......such Leadership from the "man".....so proud so bigly proud.....


If you don't think violent video games don't desensitize and in turn normalize the idea of death and carnage in young minds, you are the problem. I hope you don't have kids.


certain unbalanced individuals can be triggered by overuse of violent video games. that just seems like common sense.


The ?? media ?? Blasting this across the country non stop are a major part of the problem.... They promote this activity, and give a lot of people standing on the ledge crazy ideas.........................


Trump wants to clear internet of hate - he should start with his tweets.