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India’s historic attempt to complete a lunar landing appeared to fail on Friday, with the country’s space agency losing contact with the rover moments before it was supposed to land.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked the scientists who joined the effort after the news, saying Saturday that “we came very close” but adding that “we will need to cover more ground in the time to come,” NBC News reported.

据美国全国广播公司报道,印度总理莫迪感谢在这个消息发布后参与这项工作的科学家们,称“我们已经非常接近了” ,但他补充说,“在未来的时间里,我们需要覆盖更多的领域”。

"Vikram lander descent was as planned and normal performance was observed till the altitude of 2.1 km. Subsequently the communication from the lander to ground station was lost. The data is being analyzed," said K. Sivan, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation, the country's equivalent of NASA, CNN reported.

”着陆器下降按计划进行,在2.1公里高度之前观察到正常运行。 随后,从着陆器到地面站的通信中断。 数据正在被分析,”印度空间研究组织主席 k. Sivan 说,印度空间研究组织相当于美国宇航局,CNN 报道。
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It really is incredible that in 1969 we put men on the moon
The technology they had was start of the art then, but little more than stone age compared to what we have now
The American astronauts were unbelievably brave to do what they did - Like:24


Windmill Trumps brain damage
These right wing retards would never blame real problem, they blame single mom , lack of creationist teachings, mental illness for gun violence, but never blamed freely available guns.
Retards listen, Nation used to give 5% of budget to Nasa during Apollo program and right now its just 0.5%. We were able to afford 5% because we had high tax rate of 90% but since Reagan destroyed the government with his tax cuts we now only depend on private corporations to carry out big project, we are not even making new roads or bridges. - Like:9

弱智听着,在阿波罗计划期间,国家曾将5%的预算拨给美国宇航局,而现在只有0.5% 。 我们之所以能够负担得起5% ,是因为我们的税率高达90% ,但自从里根用减税摧毁了政府以后,我们现在只能依靠私营企业来实施大项目,我们甚至都没有修建新的道路或桥梁。

Happiness Noel
Sorry India, good try and next time success! A friend spoke of how it took them a month to do what we do with Saturn rockets in 3 days. They get close and then use the moon's orbit to pull the craft in. - Like:0

对不起印度,很好的尝试,下次争取成功! 一个朋友谈到他们花了一个月的时间才完成我们用土星火箭在3天内完成的工作。 他们靠近并利用月球的轨道把飞船拉进来。

Happiness Noel
If India had succeeded they would have the first to land on the moon's lunar south pole. - Like:0


Happiness Noel
"Space is hard. We commend Isro’s attempt to land their Chandrayaan-2 mission on the Moon’s South Pole," Nasa tweeted. India is the 7th largest country in the world, their Indian Space Research Organisation scientists were visibly distraught when the landing appeared to fail. - Like:0

“太空是艰难的。 我们赞扬印度空间研究组织试图将他们的“月船2号”降落在月球南极。 印度是世界上第七大国家,当这次着陆失败时,印度空间研究组织的科学家们明显心烦意乱。

Chief Wannabe
India excels at sending spam telephone calls around the world via their credit card processing department, but now the moon too? -lol - Like:1

印度擅长通过他们的信用卡处理部门向全世界拨打垃圾电话,但是现在月球也一样吗? 哈哈

NOBODY has ever been to the moon. Space is fake. The proof is that both combustion and thrust don't exist in a vacuum. - Like:0

从来没有人去过月球。 太空是假的。 证据是,燃烧和推力在真空中都不存在。

If you have a fuel and an oxidizer it can be burnt anywhere, including vacuum.
I hoped you would pick that up with sodium and water example.
What an idiot? smh... - Like:0


Zack Parsons
Like installing toilets. - Like:2


You are living in the past. Since 2014, India has built more than 96 million toilets and 1.3 million toilets in just 2019. Open defecation is a thing of past in most of India. You check the stats at https://sbm.gov.in/sbmRepor... - Like:0

你活在过去吧。自2014年以来,印度修建了9600多万个厕所,仅2019年就修建了130万个。 在印度的大部分地区,露天排便已经成为过去。 你可以查看官方的统计数据...

Why is India sending anyone to the moon? Nearly half their population still defecates outdoors. - Like:7

为什么印度要把人送上月球? 印度近一半的人口仍然在户外排便。

As does half of San Francisco. - Like:9


Space exploration is mostly a way to create jobs, science, and technology. It's also a way to instill national pride, and to show off to other nations. All countries have problems, and the choice between solving those problems and going to space is a false dichotomy. - Like:2

太空探索主要是一种创造就业、科学和技术的方式。 这也是一种灌输民族自豪感和向其他国家炫耀的方式。 所有国家都有问题,在解决这些问题和上太空之间做出选择是一种错误的二分法。

India has been launching their satellites since the 80's. If they wanted to develop an ICBM, it should be a piece of cake for them, dont you think? They could've done it 30 years ago... Afterall this is the country that holds the record for the highest number of satellites launched in one mission. The country to have developed and deployed the fastest (hypersonic) cruise missile in the world over a decade ago.
They had their first nuke test in the early 70's. Did they go nuking around? They have some of the largest deposits of Uranium and Thorium (for fast breeder reactors). They have a very advanced chemical and pharma industry. To the point that 50% of all pharma drugs in the world come from India, either in bulk form (to be finished into tablets elsewhere) or just finished generisc. This also means they have the technology to make any chemical weapons in mass. They have one of the largest biotech industries - making over half of the world's vaccines. Also means they can make any bio-weapon.
Did they around destroying the world?
Seriously, dude - watching Faux news does not equal education.
And, half their country defecates outdoors. But not due to poverty or lack of access alone. It is also partly cultural. Toilets attached to houses are/were considered unclean - a cultural thing that is changing fast. - Like:0

印度从80年代就开始发射卫星了。 如果他们想发展洲际弹道导弹,那对他们来说应该是小菜一碟,你不这么认为吗? 他们在30年前就可以做到... ... 毕竟,这个国家保持着一次任务发射卫星数量最多的记录。 十多年前,这个国家开发并部署了世界上最快的(高超音速)巡航导弹。
他们在70年代早期进行了第一次核试验。 他们有攻击了吗? 他们拥有一些最大的铀和钍矿床。 他们拥有非常先进的化学和制药工业。 世界上50% 的药品来自印度,要么是批量生产(在其他地方制成药片) ,要么是刚刚生产出来。 这也意味着他们拥有制造大规模化学武器的技术。 他们拥有最大的生物技术产业之一,生产了世界上一半以上的疫苗。 也就是说他们可以制造任何生化武器。
虽然他们国家一半人口在户外排便。 但这并不仅仅是因为贫穷或缺乏机会,这在某种程度上也是一种文化。 房子内的厕所被认为是不干净的——这是一种正在迅速变化的文化现象。

You keep pretending that there's no difference between a missile and a lunar rocket. Apparently reality is inconvenient to your point. - Like:0

你一直认为导弹和月球火箭没有区别。 显然,现实与你的观点不符。

this is a pakistani guy spreading BS about India with ridiculous and non existent stats. - Like:0


Mankind needs more exploration towards the heavens and the ocean depths. I am glad India is joining in the adventure. - Like:4

人类需要对太空和深海进行更多的探索。 我很高兴印度也加入了这次冒险。

They aren't saying it was aliens, but , IT WAS ALIENS. - Like:3


Gunny Mc Gunface
lol. Indian manufacturing sucks. - Like:3


Sunni LaBeoufsky
It proved again the populous nation stole its way, mostly through internet era software cheap labors, to where they are. When it came down to real tech capabilities, they are resoundingly inadequate. - Like:3

这再一次证明,这个人口众多的国家,主要通过互联网时代的软件廉价劳动力,才走到了今天。 当涉及到真正的技术能力时,他们是远远不够的。

Yes, and the really productive people with initiative and ambition emigrate to America. Which is why, when I was caregiver for my late mom and she was sent to a cardiologist, I was really really happy to hear his name was Patel. - Like:0

是的,那些真正富有成效、有进取心和抱负的人移民到了美国。 这就是为什么,以前我照顾已故母亲,她被送去看心脏病专家的时候,我真的很高兴听到他的名字是帕特尔。

Remember this is the country where most of silicon valley hires from. - Like:3


India must have been using the tech guys who man the Dell customer service phones. - Like:3


The Glorified Janitor
Why do scientists have to to us about everything?
Humans cannot survive the Van Allen Radiation belt. NASA faked the moon landings in a Hollywood studio and took our tax money. You scientists lie to us about Radiation exposure and climate to make a buck of peddeling fake science for your Oligarch bosses who fund you.
Your climate change story is all Bull sh*t. - Like:0

人类无法在范艾伦辐射带中生存。 NASA在好莱坞的一个工作室制造了登月的假象,然后拿走了我们的税款。 你们这些科学家在辐射暴露和气候问题上对我们撒谎,为资助你们的寡头老板兜售假科学赚钱。

Shareef Don't Like It
Life is not merely Star Trek, it’s a bit more than that. - Like:0

生活不仅仅是《星际迷航》 ,还有更多。

The Glorified Janitor
The Indians should have just made a movie. That is what the US did when they faked it back in the 60's and 70's and all the morons buy it like it's real. - Like:1

印度人应该拍一部电影就好。 毕竟这就是美国在60年代和70年代伪造的,所有的傻瓜都相信这是真的。

Somehow this will be Trump's fault. - Like:2


Did it land on the moon or Pakistan? - Like:2


The Glorified Janitor
The probes on the Indian spacecraft detected chicken curry and exploded. - Like:0


Most people here think that India has failed in something that USA and Soviet achieved in 1960s. But the truth of the matter is - India tried to land at the south pole of the moon - which no county has done so far. - Like:2

这里的大多数人认为印度已经失败了,觉得美国和苏联在20世纪60年代已经成功。 但事情的真相是——印度试图在月球的南极登陆——到目前为止还没有一个国家做到这一点。

My recollection is that Armstrong, in his formal declaration, said something like: 'on behalf of the United States, we claim the Moon for all mankind.'
Edit: I've checked and actually what transpired was that a plaque was left behind saying they came in peace for all mankind, with their signatures and that of the U.S. president himself, and to top it off, map of the entire Earth, with no prominence to any nation. It would appear that the Moon has been declared to be nobody's property. - Like:0

我记得阿姆斯特朗在他的正式声明中说过这样的话: 我们代表美国,表示全人类都拥有月球
注:我查过了,实际上发现的是,他们留下了一块牌匾,上面写着他们是为了全人类的和平而来,有他们的签名,还有美国总统本人的签名,最重要的是,这是一张世界地图,上面没有任何国家的名字。 似乎月球已经被宣布为不属于任何人的财产。

Windmill Trumps brain damage
China had already claimed moon with their lander.:-) - Like:0


The Thin Man
Oh c'mon, it's true he's dumber than a rock, but that's precisely why India would NOT have put him in charge of their moon project. Hello! - Like:0


And somehow the USA put men on the moon with an 8Khz CPU and 32K of RAM. Keep in mind the hardware was aided by American Heroes - Like:2

不知怎么的,美国把人类送上了月球,那时有8Khz 的 CPU 和32K 的内存。

liso esplayo
all that work just to add indian trash to the moon, lol - Like:2


This was quite an accomplishment for our good friend and ally India. I am sorry that they did not quite succeed and hope they will try again soon. - Like:2

这对我们的好朋友和盟友印度来说是一项了不起的成就。 我对他们没有完全成功感到遗憾,希望他们不久将再次尝试。

They'll get there eventually. We had our share of screw-ups along the way, too. - Like:2

他们最终会到达那里的。 一路走来,我们也遇到了一些麻烦。

Yep we did; it is not easy, but a worthwhile adventure in science. - Like:2

是的,我们做到了; 这并不容易,但在科学上是一次值得的冒险。

India has some of the world's best engineers and they are right in your backyard -- Silicon Valley. - Like:0


House Oversight Rules
That is debatable. India has he world's cheapest engineers. - Like:2


I hope you aren't referring to the people who did the 737 Max software on the cheap? - Like:0

我希望你指的不是那些低价买了波音737max 软件的人?

“Hello, IT, have you tried turning it off and on again?... OK well are you sure that it’s plugged in?”https://m.youtube.com/watch... - Like:2

“喂,IT,你有没有试过重启?... 好吧,那你确定插上电源了吗? ”

redsky77 ( GO BILLS!!!)
Nice try though - Like:2


At least they could launch a rocket
Iran can't even do that - Like:2


Iran isn't even a real place. It's real name is Southern Kurdistan. - Like:0


They never need to meet any standards
The Paris accords are non binding and rely on the countries to self report - Like:0


I bet Trump had something to do with it, right libs? - Like:2