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Is living in China a pleasure or a torment?


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Chris Ebbert, Innovation Advisor
I lived in Shanghai for three years and worked at a university. I lived in an average apartment, in an average area of town, and took the metro to work.
I would say it was a pleasure.
Life in Shanghai is inspiring, friendly, and rewarding. I also regularly visited Beijing and Wuxi, which had a lot to offer, as well. What makes China a pleasure, in my opinion, is the following:
amazing food, and it is everywhere, and you will have the time to eat it;
the Chinese are great fun; energetic, witty, resourceful, and quick to share a laugh or a smile; I’ve had a blast with the people there! Even ended up taking one home with me, first to England, then on to Sweden.
interesting expats everywhere; you will meet much more interesting people in China than you could ever hope to meet at home; westerners who come to China are usually highly qualified people with unusual views, and it is great to hang out with them, and they will want to;
the cities are mindblowing; huge, glitzy, full of opportunity and strange things that will entertain you endlessly;
you can actually be someone in China; everything grows so fast, before you know it, you are the managing director of something, with your own team; China “made me,” I can say that for certain, because I was given opportunities there I never would have had at home.
I have lived in nine countries, and came to China from New Zealand. I had no expectations at the time, but was pleasantly surprised just the same.
Here some images from my very normal, Shanghai life that is quite attainable also by the Chinese, not just by westerners posted there on a contract (my apartment could have been rented by a normal, Chinese family, too).



Chris Ebbert
Hi Ted! You might be surprised - there is one lovely and very authentic Chinese restaurant in Stockholm, fully approved by my Chinese wife, and we often eat there: Formosa. :)


Ted Dub
Thanks for the tip, Chris. I’ve never visited Formosa. They seem to have good reviews, 9 out of 10 in rankings.


Ted Garza
You are completely wrong! Thank God India is a democracy. You should hear the real stories about living in China. Not the propaganda bs it is spread in Quora. And remember, India in a bit more than 10 years will be the 3rd economy power in the world! That's being said by most economists. And India is achieving this through democracy. It maybe slow, it may have its flaws, but it is much better than achieving growth through a totalitarian government. Much better. You have no rights in China, you have no basic freedoms in China
Watch that video below and see if you really like to live in China. You may have a thousand of complains about the democracy in India but I assure you, it is the right way of doing things. As Arum Jaitely, India's finance minister, used to say, our frxwork is a democracy, India is a country with a rule of law and a Supreme Court. Thanks to it we have made major achievements towards progress.
I personally heard him saying that. I am not Indian. But I am glad that India is a democracy and within that frxwork India is guaranteed to succeed. Believe me, you don't want India to be a totalitarian country.

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