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As a traveler who''s been to at least 50 countries, could you choose 3 that you think you would never tire of no matter how many times you visited?


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Nicos Hadjicostis, Author and World-Traveler who explored over 100 countries
This is a good and tricky question.
It does not ask “which three countries did you like most?” We are to deal with the important issue of “never tire of, irrespective of how many times you visit.” So we are searching for three countries whose gifts are so inexhaustible, that a human lifetime does not suffice to capture.
So size is important. Extraordinary and full of wonders Japan and New Zealand though they may be (two countries that come up on many lists), they are in the end small countries. And even though the magnificent Japanese culture may be inexhaustible, and can never be completely captured with multiple visits, the natural beauty and extent of the country can, because it is small.
Natural and cultural diversity is also important. The widest the range of different landscapes, and the wealthier the history and culture(s) of a country, the more time, effort and energy is required to unveil its hidden treasures.
Having in mind the above, here’s my list of the three most inexhaustible countries in order of inexhaustibility:


3. USA
While the USA is not as culturally diverse as Indonesia and China, neither does it claim their centuries-old rich history, it still has something unique: the widest range of landscapes and natural wonders concentrated in a single country. From the tropical regions of Florida to the forested mountains of Vermont, from the bayous of Louisiana to the prairies of Iowa, from the Mediterranean climate of California to the red rock otherworldly landscapes of Utah, the USA has the most wide-ranging natural diversity on the planet. But that’s not even the most important aspect of these landscapes: Many of the wonders of the US to be found in these diverse regions, such as the famous Grand Canyon, the Arches, or Yellowstone, are part of the most extended and extremely well-organized system of state and national parks in the world – almost 11,000 in total.
Even if you visit twenty such parks a year, you will need over 500 years to visit all of them! Add to all these, the unique multi-cultural bustling cities of the country, such as New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, whose immigrant enclaves literally bring the entire world within their city limits, and you quickly realize that the USA is an interlixed set of many infinite microcosms that are scattered throughout the country. Moreover, the indigenous Indian cultures, such as the Hopi and Navajo, still retain traces of their rich ingenious cultures. While many of these traditions are quickly fading, monuments, such as the Anasazi ruins are still to be marveled at by travelers. For these reasons and more, no one visit could ever be enough to capture the breadth and depth of the USA, and you could spend a lifetime exploring it.

Nicos Hadjicostis
I agree, Stewart. Not easy to pick the top 3, but surely India is up there in the top too. The only issue with India is that it is not a travel destination for everybody, and multiple visits may be demanding for many.


Michael Meraner, Travelled to over 100 countries
So far, I have been to 103 countries. Many amazing places, some disappointing places. But here are the three countries I always want to go back to and the reason why:
Everything is different in Japan. You can buy hot food, drinks and even underwear from vending machines. You can’t smoke cigarettes in the open but it’s allowed inside of bars and restaurants. It is so developed and modern and yet so deeply rooted in culture. It is just amazing! And don’t even get me started on the food. And the friendly people.
Life happens on the beach in Brazil - especially in Rio de Janeiro. And life is good. In the morning, you can just walk down to the beach, do some excercises and enjoy the perfect temperatures. When lunchtime approaches, there are plenty of food options everywhere. And after lunch it is time for the first Caipirinha. And then later you can maybe have two or three more before you head off to a Samba party.
Good weather, good food and a good fiesta. Spain has got it all. You can spend your days outside, eating tapas and drinking a good glass of wine. Later in the day, you can head to a flamenco bar to watch the locals dance. Life just feels a little easier here than elsewhere.
Check out my guide about Sevilla, an amazing city in the south of Spain or my list of the top 10 countries on the planet.

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