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''''It is time for independence'''': Nicola Sturgeon says she will demand Scottish vote to leave the UK next year


-Nicola Sturgeon has vowed in her closing speech at the Scottish National Party''''s annual conference in Aberdeen to rejoin the EU as an independent country after the UK leaves.
-The Scottish government is preparing to demand a Scottish independence referendum ''''within weeks.''''
-She also used the speech to attack Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Donald Trump as ''''so-called strongmen’



First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon on stage during the SNP autumn conference in Aberdeen, Scotland, Britain October 13, 2019. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne


ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND — Nicola Sturgeon has announced she plans to request an independence referendum to take place next year, in order to remove Scotland from "the politics of Johnson and Trump."


"Be in no doubt, we are winning the case for independence," the Scottish first minister told the Scottish National Party conference in Aberdeen.


"Scotland is rich enough, strong enough and big enough to take our place among the proud, independent nations of the world," she said.


She said that Edinburgh will formally request a section 30 order of the Scotland Act 1998, which would pave the way for another independence referendum next year, citing a poll on Sunday which put support for independence at 50%.


"I can confirm today that before the end of this year, I will demand the transfer of power that puts the legality of a referendum beyond any doubt," she said.


"And when I do, the question should not be to the SNP – what will we do if Westminster refuses?


"Across the Atlantic, the current incumbent of the White House has casually allowed a war in the Middle East to re-erupt."


"What leaders like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have in common is this: a belief that nothing should be allowed to stand in the way of their own self-interest.


"Not contrary opinions that might challenge the notion that they – and only they – speak for the people. Not facts or evidence. Not the rule of law. Not even democracy. In some cases, not even basic human rights."


She added: "Crude populism tramples on the rights of minorities and tears at the very fabric of our democracy. It is not for us. That is not who we are."


Sturgeon has previously described some of Trump''''s views as "deeply abhorrent," and said she was "not prepared to be a politician that maintains a diplomatic silence in the face of racism, misogyny or hatred of any kind."

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I hope the dumb fucks who voted for Brexit are ready to literally lose half their country, cause that''''s exactly what''''s gonna happen now. Scotland will go, and Northern Ireland won''''t be too far behind. Congrats! You''''ve done Putin''''s job for him better than he ever could have imagined. The United Kingdom will now cease to exist because of your ignorance and gullibility.


The generation that destroyed the United Kingdom.
Even hitler couldnt do it!


The Boomers’ great accomplishment!


Every generation since Queen Victoria has seen the British realms diminish.


The empire grew considerably after WW1?


So this is all Elizabeth’s fault


Excuse, the queen is too busy trying to avoid tripping over her corgis to keep an empire together.


The queen doesn’t have any corgis


It''''s not like the current configuration of the UK has been around for that long. There''''s still people alive who were born in parts that were previously part of it and aren''''t now. And that configuration was only around for 121 years. UK is only 218 year old.


It''''s not destroying, its giving birth to a new country.


There was some polling done within the Tory party recently that suggested the majority of them don''''t give a shit what happens to the unx so long as Brexit is delivered.
So yeah, they are.


Tories are trying to turn England into a tax haven for the transnational rich. They don''''t give a shit about the greater good.


As long as Wales stays in, won''''t it still be called the United Kingdom though?


It''''s the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland because the unx of England and Scotland created the kingdom of Great Britain, and the UK part became part of the official title after the addition of Ireland.
Wales is technically speaking fully a part of the Kingdom of England.


Well, a lot of people call the United Kingdom just England, now they''''ll be right finally (apart from Wales).


It would still be a united kingdom though, right? They’d have the same monarch still?


Better Together campaign claimed that staying in the UK was the only way to safeguard membership of the EU, claiming that Scotland wouldn''''t receive automatic membership. They also argued that Spain in particular would veto Scotland''''s membership of the EU because it could inspire the Catalonian independence movement. UKIP were also gaining speed around this time, but stayed far behind in the polls in Scotland and the better together campaign assumed that any UK independence from EU referendum would keep the UK in the EU.
The Yes campaign argued that Spain''''s problem with the Catalonian independence movement was that Spain did not (and still hasn''''t to this day) allow Catalonia to have a legal referendum on independence. Given that Scotland was having a legal one, permitted by UK government, Spain shouldn''''t have a problem with it. Individual Spanish politicians also publicly stated that they wouldn''''t veto Scottish EU membership, though this was hardly conclusive. Yes campaign also argued that the UK independence party (UKIP) had a much bigger presence south of the border, and argued that voting to stay in the UK puts membership of the EU in the hands of an increasingly isolationist England.
In short, both sides claimed that voting for their side meant Scotland would stay in the EU.


majority of scotland and N ireland voted to remain, its only england that wanted brexit. so how are they the same demograhpic?


From the BBC
Leave was an old vs young issue. Old people wanted out, Young people wanted in.
Scottish independence was largely the same with an odd split among the youngest. Also from the BBC
Old people want out the EU, but they also want Scotland in the UK.
That''''s why a referendum after a Brexit isn''''t as popular as people think it is, there''''s a bunch of really odd overlap there.
Don''''t ask me to explain it, I just noticed it exists is all.


Scotlands GDP is around 250 billion. Whereas the UK as a whole is around 3 trillion.
Apparently a lot of Scottish people are employed to work in England or with English customers.
I read something the other day, which was quick glance so I may be mis-remember a few points. But if Scotland left the United Kingdom, they wouldn''''t have enough money, their income from tax and other sources pales in comparison to their spending and that is before you take into account the fact that a bunch Scottish people will now be unemployed or the fact that a similar thing will happen that happened/is happening with Brexit with companies moving their offices away from Scotlands Capital.
If Scotland did in fact leave the United Kingdom after Brexit and then somehow get into the EU they would be the worst performing Western European Country in the EU.


Do you forget Greece is in the EU? Scotland is no Greece, even if we pretended Scotland has no oil Scotland welcomes foreign investments, Greece are less willing.


To try and paint Brexit as a bad thing for the UK. The United Kingdom had a majority vote to leave the EU and somehow it''''s been spun by socialists that the majority shouldn''''t be heard anymore. We''''re living in a society where socialists want to defy democracy.


yes everyone opposed to Brexit is a card carrying commie :/
Brexit is a bad thing for the UK as has been shown by every single fucking metric including those published by these authoritarian corporate bootlickers that masquerade as the Conservative party.
Keep cheering while our PM says things like "longer prison sentences mean less crime" and reinstates enhanced stop and search.
Cheer him on while he trumpets about how his bringing Police numbers up
At this stage Brexit is just a distraction while our country slips into a draconian nightmare - But hey sure, just Project Fear right??


If we carry on like this in 50 years time each of our houses will be an independent country. You''''ll need a passport to go to fucking ALDI.


In 50 years time half a billion refugees will be pounding on our door. I''''m gonna fuck off to Canada.


If Scotland decides to leave the UK, I''''d blame the Scottish voters who voted for for independence, not the Brexit voters. The UK must stand united now more than ever, because only through unity will they survive the following years (assuming Brexit does happen, which I still doubt).


Are you defining half the country by population, landmass, or GDP? Caus Scotland is less than 10% of UK population.


Strictly speaking, Scotland isn''''t half the country. It''''s about 30% of the landmass and about 7% of the population. That said, it''''s still a fucking stupid situation caused by utter cretins.


Scotland is no where near ''''half the country''''.


UK is 4 countries, so NI and Scotland are half the UK.


On paper sure, but in reality England is more than three quarters of the UK''''s population. More people live in the city of London alone than in all of Scotland.


Land gets more votes than people do in the US, so that''''s a poor example.


Because the US has the electoral college. Any system where someone''''s vote is worth more because of where in the country they happen to live isn''''t truly democratic, by the way.
Look at how huge Greenland is compared to Singapore! I guess that means Greenland must be more important to the world''''s economy.


You realise they won’t be able to get it because the British government only legally obligated to give a vote every 20 years, and there was one a short time ago. Unless the person in charge wants Scottish independence, this isn’t happening.


Scotland and NI are barely 10% of the country. And if people voting for Brexit are dumb fucks, why not the people voting for Scottish independence?


Large countries splitting into smaller countries is actually a good thing. Large nations are like political monopolies. The larger countries get, the harder it is for people to leave. We need more countries, not less.


Brexit aside, on the Scotland front, Sturgeon wanted another vote immediately after losing the first. She won''''t stop until they vote ''''correctly'''' and give her the independence that SHE wants.


Piss off. Northern Ireland becoming part of Ireland is a good thing. Scottish independence is a good thing. The British empire is a dead idea.


But its not Scottish voters fault for voting to leave ?


We didn''''t vote to leave. (The EU).


Every council area in Scotland had Remain as a majority and voted 62/38 in favour of staying in the EU, so its hardly on Scotland


I could respect Scottish nationalists if what they wanted was an independent Scotland, but it isn''''t. The SNP is pro-EU, meaning they want to leave one unx and join another where they have even less say. But I suppose no one ever accused them of being smart.
Scottish nationalists would have been Brexiteers if they had been born south of Hadrian''''s wall, but at least Brexit is an actual independence movement.

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