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What do Russians think of China and Chinese people?


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Pavel Wolkow
My supervisor professor of economy studied at Moscow University when Mao sent his students to Moscow. At that time, in the main university paid a very large stipend of one thousand rubles. These students asked to send 600 rubles to their homeland in China, and currently left only 400 to them. After couple of months they once again asked to reduce the stipend to 200 rubles, but rector refused this request. Their patriotism, their hard work amazed everybody. Soviet people trust their government( though they had no choice) but they trusted. The Soviet government decided to sell the country, receive the Nobel Prize and become a billionaire in Europe. So In the 90th public and private "russian" media ridiculed China for what it does not want to comply with the requirements of the West. For example the Chinese government has refused to give the independence to Tibet or Xinjiang. At that time in Russia any revolt against thieves, traitors and foreigners suppressed publicly to show every citizen and the whole world. Although Yeltsin and Gorbachev destroyed the country and the common people were very, very poor, but the media and the government still think that only if you are fulfilling the requirements of the West, you can become rich. From one point of view they were right those who work in government or friends of Yeltsin or his family were stealing state property and became billionaires in 1-2 years to live in luxury in England, Israel or France, while the Chinese devoteded to hard work. And we looked at China, and prayed for the Chinese people. It sounds funny but it''s true. I am very glad that China has not stopped, it is moving forward, Chinese are getting richer. Long life for China! P.S. What a pity that we did not have our Deng Xiaoping. When I think about it I am almost crying.

当年中国把他的学生们送到莫斯科时,我的导师在莫斯科大学经济系当教授。当时,在主要的大学里,这些中国学生的津贴达到1000卢布之巨。这些学生要求寄600卢布回国,而自己只用剩下的400卢布。几个月后,他们再次要求将助学金减少到200卢布(寄800卢布回家),但校长拒绝了这个要求。 他们的爱国心,他们的辛勤工作使每个人都感到震惊。 苏联人民信任自己的政府,虽然他们别无选择,可他们就是信任。但苏联政府决定卖掉这个国家,靠这个获得了诺贝尔奖,成为欧洲的亿万富翁。 因此,在90年代,无论公共还是私营的“俄罗斯”媒体,都嘲笑中国不愿意遵守西方的要求。 当时在俄罗斯,任何针对小偷、叛徒和外国人的反抗都被公开镇压,在每个公民和全世界面前展示。 虽然叶利钦和戈尔巴乔夫摧毁了这个国家,老百姓非常非常穷,但是媒体和政府仍然认为只有满足了西方的要求,才能致富。从某种角度来看,他们是对的,那些在政府工作的人,或者叶利钦的家人朋友,偷窃了国家财产,在一两年内就成为亿万富翁,在英国、以色列或法国过着奢华的生活,而此时中国人还在艰苦奋斗。 我们看着中国,为中国人民祈祷。听起来很有意思,但这是真的。 我很高兴中国没有停步,中国在前进,中国人越来越富有。 中国万岁! 附注:可惜我们没有邓公。一想到这件事,我就几乎要哭了。

Paul Denlinger(回复Pavel Wolkow)
The Russians and the Chinese are both very tough people, but they are tough in different ways.

(回复Pavel Wolkow) 俄罗斯人和中国人都是非常硬的人,但硬的方式不同。

Matthew Roust, lives in Russia
In my early years, we were laughing of Chinese people. China was associated with those cheap faux leather shoes, with 100%-unnatural fabric clothes, with brands like Pawasonic and Nitacni, with funny and bright, not overly sophisticated plastic toys. You know, all that 90s atmosphere in Russia has a strong tie in my memory with that type of goods. It was a poor man’s Fate to buy Chinese-made products, so that’s why we, with the rise of our incomes, had immediately switched to Italian, French and American goods. Considering their population, I thought of China being populated with mostly village people with their own village mindset (ie: overly simplistic and not aware) without any idea of what contraception is. And rice. Rice everywhere and on a daily basis. Seeing China now, I greatly admire their achievements. Huge high-speed train network, new cities, immense growth of personal incomes etc. The government did a great job in creating infrastructure for its people. Their economy growth resulted in a lot of spare money going to investments into foreign countries - I know about Pakistan roads projects, Africa’s development and infrastructure projects, and even the new Panama channel. Have you heard of something about Russia’s companies investments somewhere beyond CIS? I’m not talking about sponsorships of bicycle teams and putting small Aeroflot logo down the Manchester United website. All of Russian spare money are in offshores, and only to maintain one’s families level of consumption, the high living standard of the 1st lover, of the 2nd lover, a kid from the 1st lover, a kid from housekeeper, gardener, their in-laws… You got it. Considering Chinese people, the ones I met during my journeys, kept to themselves, but tried to blend into other societies (EU, UAE, the States). I never had any incident with some rude Chinese at all. They are pretty different culturally to what I used to think, but overall they are fine. Chinese rise is mind-boggling! In 20 years the country became an economical trend setter. Everyone wants to deal with Chinese businesses. The country we were making fun and feeling superior surpassed us. In 2016, average Chinese salary was higher than Russian. Thanks to our lovely government!.. The next country which will bypass Russia in people happiness, human capital and incomes must be India. Again, the country we were making fun of back in 90s.

在我早年时期,我们嘲笑中国人。中国总与那些廉价的人造皮鞋联系在一起,还有那种100%非自然纤维的衣服。你知道,在我的记忆中,俄罗斯90年代的氛围与那种商品是有着紧密联系的。穷人注定要购买中国制造的产品,所以随着收入的增加,我们立即转向购买意大利、法国和美国的产品。 说到他们的人口,我认为中国的人口主要是农村人,他们有自己的农村思维模式(即过于简单和一无所知),没有任何避孕的概念。还有米饭,每天都是大米。 看到现在的中国,我非常钦佩他们的成就。巨大的高铁网络、新城市、个人收入增长等等。政府在为其人民创建基础设施方面做得很好。他们的经济增长导致大量闲钱投资到外国——我知道的有巴基斯坦的公路项目,非洲的发展和基础设施项目,甚至新的巴拿马运河。你听说过俄罗斯公司在独联体以外的地方投资吗?我说的不是对自行车队的赞助,也不是在曼联的网站上贴那种Aeroflot的小logo。俄罗斯所有的闲钱都在海外,只为了维持一个人的家庭消费水平,第一个情人的高生活水平,第二个情人的高生活水平,第一个情人的孩子,管家的孩子,园丁的孩子,他们的姻亲等等……你懂的。 说到中国人,我在旅途中遇到的那些中国人,他们保持自我的同时也试图融入其他社会(欧盟、阿联酋、美国)。我从来没有和粗鲁的中国人发生过任何冲突。他们在文化上和我以前想的很不一样,但总的来说他们很好。 中国的崛起令人难以置信!在20年的时间里,这个国家成为了经济趋势的引领者。每个人都想和中国企业打交道。我们曾经所取笑的那个国家比我们优越。2016年,中国人的平均工资就超过俄罗斯人了。感谢我们可爱的政府! 下一个在人民幸福感、人力资本和收入方面超过俄罗斯的国家肯定是印度。也是我们在90年代嘲笑过的国家。

Edward Kenway, M.S. Economics & Mathematics, Queen Mary, University of London (2014)
I’m a Chinese and living in Warsaw. I’ve been to russia for many times for travel, and believe or not, Russian people really don’t like chinese civilians. among all the 40 countries I’ve been, Russia is one of the two most racism countries towards Chinese (the other one is Iran) so if you are Chinese and would like to travel to Russia, or Ukraine and Perussia, you should be really careful. I got several attacked experiences in SPG and Moscow. People got drunk and threw bottles to me shouted “ого, Китаец, иди на хуй” and lots of people stared with hostile at me when I’m in the subway the ticket box didn’t sell tickets to me. you think they are racism towards all the foreigners? Of course not! Westerners are warmly welcome, and even Japanese and Koreans are welcome everywhere. so when I was in Russia, I only made friends with Tajik, Uzbek, Kazakh and Caucasians. The Russians don’t even wanna look me in the eye, so I don’t like to talk to them neither. Respect should be equal. not only Russians, Ukrainians, perussia, Yugoslavia countries, or should we say almost the whole Eastern Europe is filled with anti- China atmosphere except Poland. So when I went back to Poland from Russia, I suddenly feel like I return to heaven from the hell. We Chinese people have already got used to being under racism nowadays. Among all the countries I’ve been, the only countries who are really friendly towards Chinese are Israel and Arabic countries. PS: Russians and Iranians are not friends of China!!! Not now and will not be in the future!!! Chinese media always announces that these two countries are our allies, which is the biggest joke in the world

Konstantin Riumin,
Russian student Domestic russian here. I think Chinese people are numerous (every russian knows there are lots of them, we even have jokes about it), cunning/wise (in “eastern way”) and hard-working. They are also resilient (russians admire this trait), and they managed to pull their country from a hellhole while we plunged our country in it (i know life inChina in 1950 was far worse than in Russia in 1990-ies). China has hard-working people and (relatively) wise, even-minded government, and that is great. China’s ideal of harmony is also admirable (compare to the US ideal of world domination). China doesn’t use guns and planes and brute force like Russia or US love to do, but that doesn’t mean it is weak or indecisive. There is also some sort of “old father” feeling. Modern China is like a mighty and successful son of now-frail Russia (USSR). When China was in poverty and devastation, we helped them with engineers and teachers and machines despite also being devastated (“Russian and Chinese are brothers forever” - USSR slogan from 1949). Chinese were wiser, and they didn’t let their country collapse. China is now powerful, and we Russians see a bit of our legacy in it (while main reason was of course Chinese people and government). Now Russia turns to China once again. While there are fears of crippling annexation of the Far East, i think they are ungrounded. If China is allowed to have a buisness there, why would they do something stupid like invasion? Their mentality differs from American and to some extent Russian, Chinese people don’t value brute military force as Russia and US. And if i were to choose whom i want to see as world leader, i would pick China. Just because millennia-old civilisation is wiser that 300 years old nation of gung-ho adventurers. (I admit there is a charm in American mentality, but they are too aggressive and power-hungry to rule the world, Chinese are more balanced) Also Chinese and Russians prefer tea to coffee, and Russia got its tea-drinking culture from China. Tea is great.

本土俄罗斯人在此。 我认为中国人很多(每个俄罗斯人都知道他们人口很多,我们甚至有关于他们人口的笑话),狡猾/聪明(以“东方的方式”)和勤奋。他们也很有韧性(俄罗斯人很欣赏这一点),他们成功地把他们的国家从地狱般的深渊中拉了出来,而我们却让我们的国家深陷其中(我知道1950年中国的生活水平远比1990年代的俄罗斯糟糕)。中国有勤劳的人民和(相对)明智、公正的政府,这是很伟大的。中国的和谐理想也令人钦佩(与美国统治世界的理想相比)。中国不像俄罗斯和美国那样使用枪支、飞机和蛮力,但这并不意味着它就软弱或优柔寡断。 还有一种“老爹”的感觉。现代中国就像现在虚弱的俄罗斯(苏联)的一个强大而成功的儿子。当中国处于贫困和残破之中的时候,我们用工程师、教师和机器帮助他们,尽管也黄了(“俄罗斯和中国永远是兄弟”——苏联1949年的口号)。中国人更聪明,他们没有让国家崩溃。中国现在很强大,我们俄罗斯人看到了一点我们的遗产(而主要原因当然是中国人民和政府)。 现在,俄罗斯再次转向中国。虽然有人担心他们对远东地区的吞并会造成严重后果,但我认为这种担心是没有根据的。如果允许中国在那里建厂,他们为什么要做入侵这样愚蠢的事情?中国人的心态不同于美国人,在某种程度上也不同于俄罗斯人。 如果让我选择谁来当世界领袖,我会选中国。只是因为千年文明比300年历史的冒险家更聪明。 (我承认美国人的心态有魅力,但他们太咄咄逼人,太渴望权力,无法统治世界,中国人更平衡) 中国人和俄罗斯人更喜欢茶而不是咖啡,俄罗斯的饮茶文化来自中国。茶是伟大的。

Not Russian but lived there for long time. Chinese people are fine like any other people there pros and cons. China is great country that developing so fast and Russians are jealous. At the same time China is the biggest enemy of Russia due to it location, population and demographic factors.

不是俄罗斯人,但在那里住了很长时间。 中国人和其他国家的人一样好,有优点也有缺点。 中国是一个发展如此迅速的伟大国家,俄罗斯人嫉妒了。 同时,由于地理位置、和人口因素,中国是俄罗斯最大的敌人。

Juri Mirlander, studied at Karolinska Institute An ancient civilisation built upon Confucian philosofy and buddism. Can coexist peacefully. Cultural, technological, historical center of the far eastern region. The major trade partner. We look positively on China, but we are concerned about overpopulation. Why so many people? What will they all do when robots will take over the production?


Daniil Ishchenko, Russian business owner and conservative.

China was never ''an enemy''. Not even during tense relationships between the countries. Today China is viewed as a partner. Reliable and good partner. Perhaps not as an ally in all sense, but as a close neighbour that one likes.

中国从来不是“敌人”。即使是在两国关系紧张的时候。 如今,中国被视为合作伙伴。可靠的好伙伴。也许不是作为一个真正意义上的盟友,而是作为一个人们喜欢的亲密邻居。

I think that Russians are of a good opinion of the Chinese and China. They think that the Chinese are hard working and intelligent people with a rich culture and long-standing traditions. I have not heard of Chinese organized crime in Russia. Maybe, there is some, but they talk mostly about other ethnic criminal groups who are more widespread and dangerous. I remember getting in a crossfire right in the middle of Manhattan in broad daylight about ten years ago. According to the NYPD, those were two competing Chinese mafia groups who got themselves into that shootout. I wasn''t hit, happily, but the sound of bullets buzzing over my head was not a pleasant one. These things can be ruled out in Russia with regard to the Chinese, fortunately. Also, Russians do favor the development of cooperation with China, though some may be a bit cautious thinking that China is too big in terms of the size of its population and economy to make a good and scrupulous partner. But these are mostly philistine notions of those who don''t understand much about economics.

我认为俄罗斯人对中国和中国人的看法很好。他们认为中国人是勤劳聪明的民族,有着丰富的文化和悠久的传统。我没有听说过中国在俄罗斯有组织的犯罪。也许有一些,但他们主要谈论的是其他更广泛和危险的种族犯罪集团。我记得大约十年前,在光天化日之下,我在曼哈顿中心遭遇了一场交火。据纽约警察局称,这是两个相互竞争的中国黑手党组织卷入了枪战。幸运的是,我并没有被击中,但是子弹在我头上飞过的声音并不令人愉快。幸运的是,在俄罗斯没有关于中国的这种事。 此外,俄罗斯人确实支持发展与中国的合作,虽然有些人可能会有点谨慎地认为,中国的人口和经济规模太大,不能成为一个审慎的合作伙伴。但对于那些不太懂经济学的人来说,这些都是很俗的概念。

Well, most of the answers so far were about China, so let me try my luck describing a Russian perception of Chinese people: Positives: + Very hard-working + Extremely goal-oriented + No bullshit, always talk business, get straight to the point + Very loyal to their country and to their extended family + Very curious about everything + Most Chinese I have dealt with were very smart + Man, can they cook! Negatives: - Rude and uncultured. Will cut to the front of any queue she/he sees, will make a loud scene if ejected. - Very pushy - Not trustworthy. Not one bit. Most Chinese I knew will walk away from any deal the second they think it would not bring the expected profit - Very short-term business thinking. Would do everything for a bit of extra profit right now. - No empathy. Zero respect for other people''s feelings - Not compassionate to people or animals Most Russians are in awe of what the Chinese have accomplished, and many admire Chinese work habits and perseverance. But in personal contacts, Russians value trust, empathy and manners a lot. The Chinese, on the other hand, often see Russians as lazy, inept, snobbish and stupid (they are so easy to fool, they must be stupid!) Because of that clash of perceptions, it''s difficult for a Russian to do business with the Chinese.

到目前为止,大多数答案都是关于中国的,所以让我来试着描述一下俄罗斯人对中国人的看法: 优点: +非常勤奋 +极有目标 +不扯淡,谈正事,开门见山 +非常忠诚于他们的国家和他们的大家庭 +对一切都很好奇 +和我打过交道的大多数中国人都很聪明 +天啊,他们会做饭! 缺点: -粗鲁和没文化。会插队到她/他看到的任何队列的前面,如果被驱逐会发出很大的声音。 -非常固执己见 -不值得信赖。不是一点点而已。我认识的大多数中国人在他们认为不会带来预期利润的时候,就会放弃任何交易 -非常短视的商业思维。现在为了一点额外的利润什么都愿意做。 -没有同情心。不尊重别人的感受 -对人或动物没有同情心 大多数俄罗斯人对中国人的成就感到敬畏,许多人钦佩中国人的工作习惯和毅力。但在个人交往中,俄罗斯人非常看重信任、同理心和礼貌。而中国人则常常认为俄罗斯人懒惰、无能、势利和愚蠢(俄罗斯人很容易被愚弄,他们一定很愚蠢!)由于这种观念上的冲突,俄罗斯人很难与中国人做生意。

Aaliyah Lynne
On the surface, the Russians and the Chinese are friendly. Forty percent of Russians are enthusiastic about the Chinese. Have good and bad views After all, China is vigorously developing the economy, t the Chinese eyes only money feeling. So it''s more about cooperation in interests In the eyes of the Russians, especially earlier, the Chinese were very smart. And some older Chinese in Russia do not abide by the rules, do not queue up, a lot of Russians hate. But China also has some good young people who deserve the respect of the world. We cann''t judge anything with one swallow does not make a summer. Because every country has good people and bad people.

从表面上看,俄国人和中国人是友好的。40%的俄罗斯人对中国人很感兴趣。 有好的也有坏的看法 毕竟,中国正在大力发展经济,中国人眼里只有钱的感觉。 所以更多的是利益上的合作。 在俄国人的眼里,特别是在早期,中国人是非常聪明的。 还有一些在俄罗斯的老中国人不遵守规则,不排队,很多俄罗斯人讨厌。 但中国也有一些值得世界尊重的优秀青年。一燕不成夏,不能妄下结论。因为每个国家都有好人和坏人。

ra Nizova, lives in Russia
We admire to chinese economical success. Earlier everyone was afraid that chinese people will migrate to Siberia massively and as a result they will take it away. But now standard of living in Siberia and China is the same and heat-loving chineses prefer to emigrate in California. Chinese make chinaphones for us and grow tasty tea. They have ancient and original culture. Our history is similar. We badly affected by WWII, have ambiguous communistic past, we can not build democracy, the West is constantly worried about human rights in our countries. Russian people are creative and chinese people are industrious, together we are a strong bundle. There are many chinese tourists in St. Peterburg

我们钦佩中国经济的成功。早些时候,每个人都担心中国人会大规模迁移到西伯利亚,他们会把西伯利亚带走。但是现在西伯利亚和中国的生活水平是一样的,喜欢温暖气候的中国人更愿意移民到加利福尼亚。 中国人为我们制作瓷器,种植美味的茶叶。他们有古老而原始的文化。 我们的历史很相似。我们深受二战影响,有模糊的GC主义过去,我们不能建立民主,西方一直担心我们两国的人权。俄罗斯人民富有创造力,中国人民勤劳,我们是一个强大的整体。 圣彼得堡有许多中国游客。

I am russian working in Canada for 20 years as a programmer, worked with lots of Chinese from both Mainland and Hong-Kong, they are different, many Hong-Kong people are completely westernized while mainland Chinese are much more patriotic and many don’t like Canada at all except for money and clean environment. Very stupid and lazy programmers when there is no profit. Pretty smart and hardworking when it comes to getting good profit or their own business. In fact, Russia model looks more like Chinese lately: yes, we don’t have Communist Party anymore but it looks like it is getting replaced by people who are mostly from former KGB and military - and they care about future of Russia and people more than about extra dollar or two. Russian and Chinese systems converge: CCP drifts from socialism to state capitalism and Russia drifts from wild capitalism to the same state capitalism. “State capitalism”, I mean something like German or Canadian system with lots of socialism and pretty big taxes, annoying (for business) regulations - but not to the point when any business is impossible. West (I mean mostly US, Britain and satellites like Canada/Australia) is the main enemy of both Chinese and Russian people. It has nothing to do with political system, democracy, human rights etc. It’s just they want to control everything and benefit from cheap chinese labor and abundant russian natural resources. Stupid Hitler proclaimed this lovely english idea about uber-nations and unter-nations openly and failed, anglo-saxon elite still thinks it is clever enough to rule the World. It’s just they don’t buy slaves in Africa and bring them to work in America anymore, but they still think that they are Masters of Universe. Chinese are getting more and more pragmatic - but dollar is still controlled by US and therefore they can control rich and powerful chinese, some would betray China rather than sacrifice their wealth. I think it could be much safer to develop trade with Russia using RMB and rubles, Russia can provide all kinds of natural resources and help with defense if necessary, China produces all kinds of goods already and not so reliant on western technology anymore. I see some progress with that, for example chinese unxPay system works in Russia (including Crimea), the Central Bank of Russia has included the Chinese yuan in its reserve currency basket… but all that looks like baby steps, very slow, I guess because both Russian and Chinese banks are afraid of western sanctions. Both China and Russia are too pragmatic and calculative - and still like american dollars too much, we should accelerate integration and insure that both countries can resist together if necessary. Right now America can do a lot of damage to both our economies. Well, they started from Russia but Chinese trade is also mostly in dollars… China may become their next target.

Isolation of any big country is impossible but such block could reduce dependency on dollar.


Robert Walker
Interesting comments for Russian perspective. They seem a little inconsistent with you not be in Russia trying to improve its development rather than in Canada, however. That mantra some keep repeating that the United States wants to control the control the world has grown somewhat tiresome to hear. I think there is much the US would like to see others take responsibility for to help improve the world.


Not exactly. We don’t have problems with investors and know-hows as long as they don’t try to control our mass-media, opposition and generally recognize us as equals, including our right to follow our traditions like absence of.homo parades. Russians will never accept America as superior force sent by God, we have enough nuclear warheads to disprove such concept :)


Hope True

Can’t agree more about the descxtion of the rich level of China.


Jiarui Zhang
Most extremely mainland rich people are actually controlled by governments(because of the law, we can’t control the Hong Kong market). It is extremely hard for them to transfer their property and business to western. The main problem is not those rich people, but the middle class and some external investors in China. The middle class family in China have some money, when they feel that the economy will collapse, they will try their best to transfer their money to the western, so recently, every civilians in China only allowed to exchange very limited foreign currency per year, and also the government limited the external investors in China , so everything is under control

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