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Best Movies of 2020
The screening rooms were closed. The festivals were virtual. The blockbusters were in storage. Even so, our critics found abundant and inspiring signs of cinematic life in the pandemic.


Every so often, someone asks what I think will happen to movies. I haven’t a clue, beyond my conviction that good, bad and indifferent ones will continue to be produced, distributed and exhibited. How and what we watch, though, is much less certain. What we do know is that the American movie industry has weathered — and profited from — a succession of cataclysmic crises from its monopolistic foundation to the coming of sound, the end of the old studio system and the introduction of television and of home video. The advent of streaming has added another chapter in a history that will continue to morph and outlive any one company or crisis. Time will tell, and so will we.


1. ‘Martin Eden’ (Pietro Marcello)
In this brilliant take on the Jack London novel of the same title, Luca Marinelli plays an autodidact who abandons the working class to embrace a soul-and-world-destroying bootstraps ideology. (Watch on Kino Marquee.)

1.《马丁·伊登》(Martin Eden)——皮耶特罗·马切罗(Pietro Marcello)执导
在这部改编自杰克·伦敦(Jack London)同名小说的精彩影片中,卢卡·马里内利(Luca Marinelli)饰演一个自学成才者(译注:出身水手的作家),他努力挣脱(自己所属的)体力劳动阶级,转而拥抱了一种毁灭灵魂和世界的自命不凡的意识形态。(译注:他,为爱读书,为爱写作,似乎找到了爱情和功名,却在颓废中迷失了自我,结局是,红日、大海…还是不剧透吧)(可在Kino Marquee上观看。)

2. ‘City Hall’ (Frederick Wiseman)
Frederick Wiseman, one of America’s greatest, most generous chroniclers, brings you into Boston’s City Hall, where men and women help make a city — and democracy — work. (Watch through virtual cinemas.)

2. 《波士顿市政厅》(City Hall)——弗雷德里克·怀斯曼(Frederick Wiseman)编导
弗雷德里克·怀斯曼(Frederick Wiseman)是美国最伟大,最富产的纪录片大师之一,他带您进入波士顿的市政厅,呈现在那里为城市和“民主”的运转而工作的男男女女们。(可通过“虚拟电影院”观看。)

3. ‘Gunda’ (Victor Kossakovsky)
A sow gives birth to a charmingly rambunctious litter and a one-legged chicken roams blissfully free in this intimate, exquisitely beautiful look at animal life from the ground up. (Watch through virtual cinemas starting Dec. 11.)

3. 《贡达》(Gunda)——维克多·科萨科夫斯基 (Victor Kossakovsky)执导

4. ‘David Byrne’s American Utopia’ (Spike Lee)
Given how great it looks, how superbly it moves, how glorious it sounds and how high it sends me, it should be titled “Spike and David Are Here to Take You Away from 2020.” (Watch on HBO Max.)

4. 《大卫·伯恩的美国乌托邦》(David Byrne’s American Utopia)——斯派克·李(Spike Lee)执导
鉴于这部片子的视觉效果之棒、声音效果之可圈可点、动作之出色、给人感受的境界之高,它应该被命名为《斯派克和大卫带你摆脱郁闷的2020年》。(可在HBO Max观看。)

5. ‘Bacurau’ (Juliano Dornelles and Kleber Mendonça Filho)
This exhilarating genre-buster mixes high and low to upend the classic story of the town forced to battle outside evil. Funny, weird, bloody and deeply political. (Watch on streaming platforms.)

5. 《巴克劳》(Bacurau)——儒利亚诺·多赫内利斯和小克莱伯·门多萨联合执导

6. ‘First Cow’ (Kelly Reichardt)
A tender story of male friendship and a rebuke to rugged individualism, Kelly Reichardt’s drama offers an alternative to the triumphalism of most frontier stories. And the cow is lovely. (Watch on streaming platforms.)

6. 《第一头牛》(First Cow)——凯莉·莱卡特(Kelly Reichardt)执导
这是一个关于男性友谊的温情故事,一反(类似西部片题材)粗犷的的风格,凯莉·莱卡特(Kelly Reichardt)的影片,为大多数西部片中的张扬和暴力的老套,提供了一种另类的风格。顺便提一下,片中的奶牛很可爱。(可在“流媒体平台”观看。)

7. ‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’ (Eliza Hittman)
You can feel the rage wafting off the screen in this drama about a teenager’s difficult quest to obtain an abortion. Scene by scene, you can also see the terrific filmmaking. (Watch on streaming platforms.)

7. 《从不,很少,有时,总是》(Never Rarely Sometimes Always)——伊丽莎·希特曼(Eliza Hittman)执导

8. ‘Collective’ (Alexander Nanau)
This gripping, at times shocking documentary tracks the aftermath of a catastrophic fire in Bucharest that killed scores of people, brought down the government and inspired heroic journalism. (Watch on streaming platforms.)

8. 《科莱采夫》(Collective,或名《集体》)——亚历山大·纳诺(Alexander Nanau)执导

9. ‘The Forty-Year-Old Version’ (Radha Blank)
There’s Woody Allen’s New York, Spike Lee’s and now Radha Blank’s. As a floundering playwright in the midst of a crisis, Blank stakes a claim on the romance of artistic struggle, making it her own with wit, rap, an open heart and a burst of glorious color. (Watch on Netflix.)

9. 《40冲一波》(The Forty-Year-Old Version,又名《女人40玩说唱》)——拉达·布兰克(Radha Blank)执导
已经有了伍迪·艾伦(Woody Allen)拍的纽约、斯派克·李(Spike Lee)拍的纽约,现在又有了拉达·布兰克(Radha Blank)拍的纽约。作为一个在危机中挣扎的剧作家,布兰克凭借其敏捷的才思、说唱艺术、开放的心态和一种值得称道的特色,发出追求艺术的浪漫主义宣言。(可在Netflix上观看。)

10. ‘Beanpole’ (Kantemir Balagov)
This tragic, painful, dazzlingly directed drama takes place in the Soviet unx right after the Second World War. Balagov is a heartbreaker, and a major talent. (Watch on streaming platforms.)

10. 《豆杆儿》(Beanpole,或译《瘦高个》)——坎特米尔·巴拉戈夫(Kantemir Balagov)执导

Garrett Bradley’s “Time” would be in my top 10, but it was a coproduction of The New York Times, so I can’t include it because it’s a conflict of interest. But you should watch it. Here are some other movies I’m grateful for: “76 Days,” “Alex Wheatle,” “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” “Buoyancy,” “Circumstantial Pleasures,” “Coded Bias,” “Crip Camp,” “Da 5 Bloods,” “Dick Johnson Is Dead,” “Emma,” “Fireball: Visitors From Darker Worlds,” “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey,” “House of Hummingbird,” “I Wish I Knew,” “The Invisible Man,” “Lost Girls,” “Minari,” “Miss Juneteenth,” “Nomadland,”“The Old Guard,” “On the Record,” “On the Rocks,” “One Night in Miami,” “The Photograph,” “Tesla,” “The Traitor,” “The Wild Goose Lake,” “Sorry We Missed You,” “Soul,” “The Truffle Hunters,” “The Truth.”
Reasons to look forward to 2021 (other than vaccines): “The Boy From Medellín,” “MLK/FBI” and “The Woman Who Ran.”
And I hope that someone picks these up for American distribution: “The Disciple,” “The Monopoly of Violence” and “Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time.”

加雷特·布莱德利(Garrett Bradley)的《时间》应该在我的前十之列,但它是与《纽约时报》合拍的,有利益冲突,所以我不能把它列进来。但是你应该关注它。还有其他一些让我心怀感激的电影:《76天》、《亚历克斯·惠特尔》、《波拉特2》、《浮力》、《环境愉悦》、《编码歧视》、《残疾营地》、《誓血五人组》、《迪克·约翰逊的去世》、《爱玛》、《火球:来自黑暗世界的访客》、《哈莉·奎茵:猛禽小队》、《蜂鸟之家》、《海上传奇》、《隐形人》、《进击的巨人》、《米纳里》、《朱尼滕小姐》、《无依之地》、《永生守卫》、《纪录在案》、《触礁》、《迈阿密的一夜》、《爱之情照》、《特斯拉》、《叛徒》、《南方车站的聚会》、《对不起,我们错过了你》、《心灵奇旅》、《松露猎人》、《真相》。

Moviefilms for Make Benefit a Weary and Anxious World
It’s been a year of deprivation and abundance. The press screenings and catch-up trips to local theaters that have punctuated my weeks for more than two decades vanished, and my internet connection turned into a 24-hour cinémathèque. I missed going to the movies a lot, but I didn’t much miss the Hollywood fare that has dominated screens in the past few years. The ascendance of streaming makes me uneasy — because of the passivity it engenders in the audience and the aesthetic compromises it renders all but irresistible — but for now I’m grateful to have seen so many good films. I’ve needed them more than ever.


1. ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ (Jason Woliner)
Would I call this the best movie of 2020, from the standpoint of cinematic art? Look, I don’t know. It’s been a weird year. But I would insist that this sequel to a cringey, pranky, 14-year-old classic is undeniably the most 2020 movie of all time. This is partly because Sacha Baron Cohen and his collaborators — including Maria Bakalova, the phenomenal Bulgarian actress who plays Borat’s daughter, Tutar — worked through the first months of the pandemic and the start of the presidential campaign, giving their antics a present-tense flavor that went beyond mere relevance.

1. 《波拉特2》(Borat Subsequent Moviefilm)——杰森·威奈勒(Jason Woliner)执导
从电影艺术的角度看,我能称之为2020年的最佳影片吗?我也不知道。这是不同寻常的一年。但我坚持认为,这部十四年前怪诞不经、恶作剧的经典之作的续集,无疑是最适合2020年的电影。部分原因是萨夏·巴伦·科恩(Sacha Baron Cohen)和他的合作者们——包括扮演波拉特之女图塔(Tutar)的、出色的保加利亚女演员玛丽亚·巴卡洛娃(Maria Bakalova)——通过在疫情以及总统竞选开始时的头几个月里不懈地投入,使他们的滑稽表演超越了单纯的意义,有了一种现在进行时的意味。

But this new Borat adventure also captured the feeling of its moment with dismaying accuracy. Once again, Cohen’s friendly, idiotic alter ego arrived on our shores from Kazakhstan to show Americans as we really are. Which is appallingly bigoted, ignorant and paranoid, but also disarmingly polite and kind to strangers. There is something touching about the part of the movie in which Borat quarantines with a pair of QAnon believers who later help him find Tutar at an anti-mask MAGA rally. And a welcome dose of noncomedic humanity arrives in the person of Jeanise Jones, who patiently tries to free Tutar’s mind from its patriarchal prison.

但波拉特(Borat)的这次新冒险,也以令人惊愕的准确性捕捉到了今日美国的感觉。科恩(Cohen)那友好又白痴的另一个自我(波拉特),从哈萨克斯坦来到了我们的海岸,再次让美国的真实面貌暴露无遗。(这些面貌)是令人震惊的盲从,无知和偏执,但也对陌生人表现出没有敌意的礼貌和友好。片中有一段感人的情节,是波拉特与两个QAnon信徒(译注:指阴谋论组织“匿名者Q”的信徒)在一起隔离,这两人后来在一场“让美国再次伟大”(MAGA)的反口罩集会上,帮他找到了图塔(Tutar)。当珍妮丝·琼斯(Jeanise Jones)试图耐心地将图塔的思想从父权的禁锢中解放出来时,影片不再单纯搞笑地被赋予人性,令人欣慰。

Not that “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” offers much in the way of comfort. When satire and documentary converge, it’s a sign that both have reached a dead end. The truth won’t necessarily set you free. Laughter might not be any medicine at all. There is admirable rigor both in the ways Cohen constructs his gags and in his understanding of their limits. The movie is extremely funny, but it won’t cheer you up. Reality, in any case, went beyond even Cohen’s scabrous imagination. He and Bakalova might have contrived to embarrass President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, in a New York hotel room, but Cohen can only envy whatever comic deity organized that postelection press event in a Philadelphia parking lot, next door to a sex shop and across the street from a crematory. Not even Borat would go there.

这不是说《波拉特2》能给人带来多少慰籍。当讽刺与纪录片元素结合,就意味着两者都陷入了僵局。真相不一定让你自在。笑声或许根本不是良药。无论是科恩制造噱头的方式,还是他对其界限的理解,都带着值得称道的严谨。这部电影非常有趣,但它不会让你感觉鼓舞人心。不管怎样,现实都比科恩荒诞不经的想象更加不堪。他和巴卡洛娃是可以让特朗普总统的私人律师鲁道夫·W·朱利安尼(Rudolph W. Giuliani),在纽约一家酒店的房间里颜面尽失。但相比那个在费城一处紧邻性用品商店且对街就是火葬场的停车场里,开大选后的新闻发布会的天才的喜剧大神,就算是科恩(的想象力),也只得甘拜下风。就连波拉特(Borat)都想不到去那种地方。(译注:此处吐槽特朗普团队本来想预订四季酒店开新闻发布会,但却订成了在成人用品店和火葬场之间的“四季园艺景观”所在的停车场举行。上一句指的是该片女演员伪装女记者在酒店采访特朗普律师,令其在隐蔽摄像头前色心大动行为不端;而这种在现实世界中,偷拍恶搞真实人物,并制作进影片的方式,正是本片的重要特色。《波拉特:为了近期式微的哈萨克斯坦的利益送给副总统迈克儿·彭斯的色情猴子礼物》为本片全名)。

Borat’s ultimate embrace of I’m-the-father-of-a-daughter feminism is sweet, and it tempers the bitterness of the film’s ending. This moviefilm, like the first episode, is the tale of two countries, a fantasy Kazakhstan and an actual “U.S. and A.” At the end of this chapter, one of those countries stands as an example to the world, a place of progress, enlightenment, responsible journalism and respect for science. The other, once glorious, has descended into brutishness and superstition. I won’t spoil it by telling you which is which. (Watch on Amazon.)


2. ‘City Hall’ (Frederick Wiseman)/‘Collective’ (Alexander Nanau)
Hatred of government and contempt for journalism are staples of the modern anti-democratic mind-set, and these documentaries offer powerful counterarguments. Frederick Wiseman’s long, contemplative look at the workings of Boston’s municipal administration becomes a symphony of process, a demonstration of how democracy abides in the absence of drama. Alexander Nanau’s hair-raising chronicle of lethal official corruption in Romania is, by contrast, intensely dramatic — an exposé of horrific governmental dysfunction and heroic efforts to combat it that will make your heart race and your blood boil. Together, these films suggest that patience and rage are vital and complementary civic virtues. (Watch “City Hall” through virtual cinemas; watch “Collective” on streaming platforms.)

2. 《波士顿市政厅》——弗雷德里克·怀斯曼执导

3. ‘First Cow’ (Kelly Reichardt)
Kelly Reichardt’s latest quasi-western is a quiet study of friendship and a biting critique of global capitalism — as manifested in 19th-century Oregon Territory. Orion Lee and John Magaro are wonderful as a pair of misfits whose snack-cake start-up falls afoul of supply-chain problems, questionable business practices and ruthless human greed. (Watch on streaming platforms.)

3. 《第一头牛》(First Cow)——凯莉·莱卡特(Kelly Reichardt)执导
凯莉·莱卡特最新的这部准西部片,是对友情平静的研讨,以及对全球资本主义的尖锐批判——正如在十九世纪俄勒冈州的土地上所呈现的那样。奥利恩·李(Orion Lee)和约翰·马加洛(John Magaro)精彩演绎了两个不合群的人物,他们创业的点心-蛋糕店,陷入了供应链问题、有问题的商业行为和无情的人类贪婪等麻烦中。(可在“流媒体平台”观看)

4. ‘Martin Eden’ (Pietro Marcello)
Jack London’s autobiographical novel, published in 1909, has long been more popular in Europe than in the land of London’s birth, and Pietro Marcello’s wild screen version is both an earnest love letter and a brazen act of cultural and imaginative appropriation. Martin (the insanely hot Luca Marinelli) has been transplanted to Naples and given pretty much the whole 20th century as the backdrop for his ardor and ambition. Literature, politics, class struggle, sex — it’s all here in a seething, perpetually surprising epic that obliterates the distinction between realism and fantasy. (Watch on Kino Marquee.)

4. 《马丁·伊登》(Martin Eden)——皮耶特罗·马切罗(Pietro Marcello)执导
杰克·伦敦出版于1909年的自传体小说《马丁·伊登》,长期以来在欧洲比在其诞生地(美国)更受欢迎,皮耶特罗·马切罗的这个狂野的电影版既是一封热忱的情书,也是一次明目张胆的文化和想象力的克隆。马丁(由红得发紫的卢卡·马里内利出演)被移植到那不勒斯,几乎整个20世纪都被当作他激情和野心的背景。文学、政治、阶级斗争、性爱——抹去现实和理想的界限,这一切尽在这部沸腾的、异乎寻常的史诗中不断涌现。(可在Kino Marquee观看)

5. ‘The Forty-Year-Old Version’ (Radha Blank)
Radha Blank is a wonderful character — insecure, funny, decent, vain. Radha Blank, who plays her, is a terrific performer, supplying compassion and also the unflinching candor that is a necessary ingredient in any kind of memoir. Best of all, Radha Blank, making her feature debut, is a brilliant filmmaker, with an eye for the absurdities of New York theater and for the glorious theater of the city itself. (Watch on Netflix.)

5. 《40冲一波》(The Forty-Year-Old Version,又名《女人40玩说唱》)——拉达·布兰克(Radha Blank)执导

6. ‘Palm Springs’ (Max Barbakow)
Cristin Milioti and Andy Samberg meet not-very-cute at the start of this variation on the themes of “Groundhog Day,” and search for love and meaning in a world of diminished expectation and endless repetition. The filmmakers (Max Barbakow directed; Andy Siara wrote the screenplay) didn’t set out to make a quarantine love story, but something about the way the central pair does battle with boredom, anxiety and the temptations of cynicism made this a balm and a bright spot in a dreadful, seemingly interminable year. (Watch on Hulu.)

6. 《棕榈泉》(Palm Springs)——麦克斯·巴巴科夫(Max Barbakow)执导
在这部类似《土拨鼠之日》(Groundhog Day)的(时光轮回主题的)影片中,克里斯汀·米里奥蒂(Cristin Milioti)和安迪·萨姆伯格(Andy Samberg)的相遇并不浪漫,他们在一个期待值越来越低、没完没了时光轮回的世界里,寻找着爱和生命的意义。电影制作人(麦克斯·巴巴科夫Max Barbakow执导;安迪·西亚拉Andy Siara编剧)本就不打算拍一部隔离期间的爱情故事片,而是着墨于两位主人公(在不断轮回的生活中)与无聊、焦虑和玩世不恭的诱惑做斗争,这让本片成为这仿佛没有尽头的糟糕的一年中,应景的一丝抚慰和亮点。(可在Hulu观看)

7. ‘Bacurau’ (Juliano Dornelles and Kleber Mendonça Filho)
Udo Kier and Sônia Braga! Science fiction and western! “Bacurau,” named for a fictional town in the Brazilian backlands, is a rollicking, violent adventure whose defiance of genre and narrative convention stands for a more general — and more pointed — form of defiance: against the arrogance of power; against the legacies of colonial cruelty and slavery that still afflict modern Brazil; against the authoritarian impulse to erase history, suppress joy and ignore urgent messages from the future. Which is what this movie, above all, seems to be. (Watch on streaming platforms.)

7. 《巴克劳》(Bacurau)——儒利亚诺·多赫内利斯和小克莱伯·门多萨联合执导
乌多·基尔(Udo Kier)和索尼娅·布拉加(Sônia Braga)搭档!科幻片和西部片混搭!《巴克劳》取名来自一个虚构的巴西边远地区的小镇之名,这部喧闹、暴力的惊险故事片蔑视电影流派和叙事常规,而构建了一种更加宽泛——也更尖锐——的叛逆形式:反抗权力的傲慢;反抗至今仍困扰当代巴西的殖民暴行和奴隶制的历史遗存;反抗威权主义试图抹杀历史、压抑(追求)欢乐、无视来自未来的危机讯息。这些,似乎才是这部电影最想要承载的。(可在“流媒体平台”观看)

8. ‘David Byrne’s American Utopia’ (Spike Lee)/‘Lovers Rock’ (Steve McQueen)
What do you miss more, live performances or house parties? These films, driven by music and the movement of bodies in enclosed space, are full of joy and desire even as they recognize how hard life can be. “Lovers Rock,” the shortest, sweetest chapter in Steve McQueen’s “Small Axe” anthology, unfolds in a single night in London in the early 1980s. “American Utopia,” directed by Spike Lee, captures a performance of David Byrne’s omnibus 2019 show at the Hudson Theater in New York. In both cases, the medium is the message and the pleasure is the politics. (Watch “American Utopia” on HBO Max; watch “Lovers Rock” on Amazon.)

8. 《大卫·伯恩的美国乌托邦》——斯派克·李(Spike Lee)执导
/《恋人摇滚》(Lovers Rock)——史蒂夫·麦奎恩 (Steve McQueen)执导
现场演出和家中的聚会,你更怀念哪个?,即使他们清楚生活是何其艰难,这类由音乐和身体的舞动在封闭空间内构建的电影,仍然充满欢愉与欲望。《恋人摇滚》是史蒂夫·麦奎恩的《小斧头》(Small Axe)选集中最短、最甜美的一章,讲述了二十世纪八十年代初伦敦一个夜晚的故事。
斯派克·李执导的《美国乌托邦》,记录了大卫·伯恩2019年在纽约哈德逊剧场的一场综合性演出。在两部影片中,媒介即信息,快乐即政治。(可在HBO Max观看《大卫·伯恩的美国乌托邦》;在Amazon观看《恋人摇滚》)

9. ‘Dick Johnson Is Dead’ (Kirsten Johnson)
Kirsten Johnson’s movie is a documentary that walks up to the very edge of knowable reality, contemplating the mysteries of death, memory and human consciousness. It’s also an imaginative collaboration between the filmmaker and her father, a retired psychiatrist with dementia, who together act out scenarios of paternal demise. The result is funny and shocking, ghoulish and surpassingly humane. (Watch on Netflix.)

9. 《迪克·约翰逊的去世》——克斯汀·约翰逊(Kirsten Johnson)执导

10. ‘Soul’ (Pete Docter)
The message of the latest Pixar feature — a lyrical, metaphysical tale of a jazz pianist’s adventures in the afterlife — is that it’s good to be alive. The movie was originally slated for release in the spring, so the filmmakers could not have imagined just how timely, and how welcome, that message would feel. (Watch on Disney+ starting Dec. 25.)

10. 《心灵奇旅》(Soul)——彼特·道格特(Pete Docter)编导

Da 5 bloods. Is probably the worst movie I have ever watched.

《誓血五人组》(Da 5 Bloods)。这可能是我看过的最糟糕的电影。

I appreciate these columns.
I particularly appreciate the film critics at NYT who provide the capsule recommendations on what to watch on Netflix and Amazon.
"Moonlight", "The Vast of Night", and other small films that we might have missed. Their capsule recommendations broadened the films we saw this year.

《月光男孩》(Moonlight),《浩瀚的夜晚》(The Vast of Night》》,以及我们可能会错过的其他小电影。他们的推荐简介扩大了我们今年看电影的范围。



Someone is greatful for "On The Rocks"?
A movie with all the nuanced character development and plot twists we used to expect from "The Brady Bunch".
Some things, sadly, are beyond even Bill Murray's particular alchemic talents.


I recommend to the people of the New York Times: Baby-teeth
Best Australian film in the last 30 years by a long way.


I don't think they tend to show the most current movies, but if you are looking for interesting and literate and entertaining movies and you like the idea of FREE FREE FREE, you might consider the kanopy app which runs on multiple platforms. In my case entry was available via my public library. The app is on my phone, my laptop, my desktop, and my Roku TV.
Not all libraries are kanopy subscribers however

我不认为它们倾向于推荐最新的电影,但是如果你正在寻找有趣、文化素养和娱乐性的电影,并且喜欢“免费、白Piao、不花钱 ”的想法,则可以考虑在多个平台上运行的kanopy应用程序。就我而言,可以通过“我的公共资料库”获得条目。该应用程序在我的手机,笔记本电脑,台式机和Roku电视上。不过,并非所有资料库都对kanopy订阅者开放。

@Peretz David Kanopy does not run on Firestick, but the modest cost of a Roku device is well worth it just to be able to access Kanopy.

@Peretz David 虽然Kanopy不能在Firestick上运行,但Roku设备划算的价格非常值得,只相当于购买Kanopy的访问权限。

My recommendation for a fantastic movie worth checking out is SOUND OF METAL.

对于一部值得一看的精彩电影,我的推荐是《金属之声》。18 RecommendShareFlag

I do not get "First Cow." but I get Beanpole. Like to add The Hunt directed by Craig Zobel.


Dargis and Scott now compete to see who can be the most witty, most obscure in their reviews. Do people even follow their reviews or even listen to what they have to say anymore? I think the Times needs to invest in new blood. I’m hopeful movies don’t return to the germ infested, dirty, noisy, cell phone ringing, floor sticking, cough ridden theaters again. I’ll take a quiet at home in front of an 85” TV any day of the week. As far best pictures of the year, who knows...most have been either delayed or pushed back. I think it’s the last thing on people’s mind. For those that are looking for the real movies: here are the best pictures of 2020:


1. House of Hummingbird
2. First Cow
3. Nomadland
4. Mank
5. Sound of Metal
6. Bad Education
7. Da 5 Bloods
8. Kajillionaire
9. If Anything Happens, I Love You
10. Tigertail

3.《游牧国》;4. 《曼克》;
7. 《誓血五人组》;8. 《亿万富翁》;

I have seen exactly zero new films this year... still wading through Netflix (very slowly b/c QuaranTime while working & with a child in zoom school is incompatible with binge watching). But I came here to say that the introductory essay to this list is one of the most moving things I’ve read about living in these times. Beautiful work outlining your interior life & meaning in moviegoing.


This is, for once, a good list from NYT arts editors. It focuses on films that are art and not on ones (necessarily) that people see because they are marketed widely. Well done


"First Cow" should have been titled "First Hipster".


Time for new movie critics.


I really enjoyed Forty Year Old Version. Glad to see it make their lists.
Why do people that critique these lists, complain about the movies that they admit to never seeing?


I really miss the days when the Times had movie reviewers instead of film critics. As literate as Dargis and Scott are, their audience is pretty much each other.


I wish that your critics would include a few films that I, and the general public, had actually SEEN.
Most of these are art films that won't play our multiplex, even if there were no COVID.
(Liking mainstream films is not a sign of a lack of intelligence.)
Thanks for reading this far.