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Chinese access to Gmail cut, regulators blamed译文来源:龙腾网 HTTP://WWW.LTAAA.COM


BEIJING (AP) — Chinese access to Google Inc.'s email service has been blocked amid government efforts to limit or possibly ban access to the U.S. company's services, which are popular among Chinese seeking to avoid government monitoring.


Data from Google's Transparency Report show online traffic from China to Gmail fell precipitously on Friday and dropped to nearly zero on Saturday, although there was a tiny pickup on Monday.

谷歌数据显示,中国在Gmail的在线流量在周五急剧下降,周六几乎降为零,虽然在周一曾有一个小幅提升。译文来源:龙腾网 HTTP://WWW.LTAAA.COM
Taj Meadows, a spokesman for Google Asia Pacific, said Google has checked its email service and "there's nothing technically wrong on our end."


In a Tuesday editorial, the Chinese Communist Party-run Global Times newspaper raised the possibility, without confirmation, that the government had cut access to Gmail.


"If the China side indeed blocked Gmail, the decision must have been prompted by newly emerged security reasons," the editorial read. "If that is the case, Gmail users need to accept the reality of Gmail being suspended in China. But we hope it is not the case."


Earl Zmijewski, vice president of data analytics at U.S.-based Internet analysis firm Dyn Research, said his tests showed that China's government had blocked Google IP addresses in Hong Kong used by people on the mainland to access Gmail services.


Calls to the government regulator, the China Internet Information Office, were unanswered Monday. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said she did not know about any blockage.


U.S. State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said in a statement that the development was troubling.


"We continue to be concerned by efforts in China to undermine freedom of expression, including on the Internet, and we believe Chinese authorities' censorship of the media and of certain Web sites is incompatible with China's aspirations to build a modern information-based economy and society," he said.
Google closed its mainland China search engine in 2009, saying it would no longer cooperate with the country's censors. That followed hacking attacks traced to China aimed at stealing the company's operating code and breaking into email accounts.


Since then, access to Google services has been periodically limited or blocked, possibly in an effort to pressure Chinese users into abandoning Google products and shifting to services from domestic companies willing to cooperate with the government.


The Global Times editorial pointed a finger at Google, saying "China welcomes the company to do business on the prerequisite that it obeys Chinese law; however, Google values more its reluctance to be restricted by Chinese law, resulting in conflict."


Google products are popular among Chinese young people and activists who do not want their email communications to be monitored or intercepted by the Chinese government.


Web access in China to Gmail has been blocked since June, according to Greatfire.org, a China-based advocacy group for Internet freedom, but users had been able to access the mail service through mobile apps or third-party email software such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail until the current block.
It was not immediately clear what prompted the complete ban at this time.



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Bert 1 hour ago 1 3 译文来源:龙腾网 HTTP://WWW.LTAAA.COM
Think it is time to close our borders economically to china! Then we'd see a huge increase in domestic manufacturing. We'd need to hire Americans for new jobs by the millions.


Time to take back what we've lost to china. We don't need them , they need us.
We're doing this to Iran, we've done it to Cuba, so why not china?


We have plenty of domestic oil, we don't need to be slaves to third world countries for our economic growth.
Screw them as they have screwed us.
china wants to keep her citizen dumb stupid, while the elite kids of the CCP are getting themselves rich and their kids goes to western top universities. 


xi dickpings just getting rid of all obstacle to proclaim himself as the CHINA EMPEROR OF THE 21st century.


Will this interfere with the 900 million spam emails I was about to send the Chinese?


the corrupt Chinese comrades have destroyed everything as air, water, farmlands for hoarding money for themselves.


Chinese censors, Google privacy intruders, nowhere to go.


A few years ago, almost every article on yahoo about China had a security camera picture. Well, surveillance camera is ubiquitous in US.


Ah, the Masters in Beijing have given us another Christmas present. More repression and more propaganda tools polluting the ether with this idiocy in the coming year. Praise be to Mao and his little propaganda wangs, I mean tools.


The Chinese government must have been hacking computers of all mainland Chinese using Google and wondered what if Alibaba gets all those accounts? OR did the hackers find that strikes to Western or outside porno sites were much more popular than anything else!!! Sex craze has no limit, even more so in China!!!


It's communism. No one should be surprised when communists suppress the rights of the citizens. Communism is all about perpetuating communism, and the way you do that is to control the people and the flow of information.
China is still communist filled with greedy power-hungry communists.


google is monopolized the whole internet. is the world most loathe and evil internet company which wants to control on all aspect of internet business. it is so intrusive and abusive when comes to data privacy on its users. it's empire is grown just too powerful and too big, all internet users are being exploited by google.


Obi Wan 
That is what Communism gets you.


The Great Firewall of China helps keep the population in the dark.


Funny that Google is one of the big companies that give our government our information. I suppose the Chinese are special to them?

Where do these China people get the idea that Google will protect you from government monitoring? If they are familiar with the NSA's PRISM project, they should expect that similar things are happening in China.


Want another Great Depression and another Stock Market Crash ? George W. Bush tried, now it's time to give his Brother a try at it. !


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